Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chapter 1290 - Giant Sword As The Tablet, Are You Guys Ready For It?

Chapter 1290: Giant Sword As The Tablet, Are You Guys Ready For It?

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The appearance of the Sword Immortal’s Tomb at Heavenly Celeste Star attracted countless sky-prides and Heavenly Champions, all for a chance for more Opportunities of Fortune.

The Sword Demon from the Demonic Dao Sect, Buddha’s Sword from the Buddhist world, all the top-tier sky-prides, and even Prodigy sky-prides were present.

Meanwhile, on a nameless ancient planet within the Interstellar Arena, a powerful energy fluctuation shot up to the sky from a certain mountain peak, and Yin Yang intent erupted into the stratosphere.

A man in glamorous robes emerged from the mountain peak. The man had heterochromia eyes of black and white, and the energy presence he emanated shook heaven and earth.

“I did it! I did it! I finally did it! So this is the power of Duality Rites Immortal Physique! It’s really something else! With this power, I can do it! Just you wait, Chu Kuangren!”

The man with the newly acquired power was none other than Zhuo Donglai from Eastern King School.

He had successfully refined his physique into the Duality Rites Immortal Physique using the Blooded Heart Melting Technique.

Now, he had mastered the power of both Yin and Yang through the Duality Rites Immortal Physique and was many times more powerful than before.

Zhuo Donglai mobilized his Immortal Consciousness to gather information from his surroundings.

Soon, he found out about the opening of the Sword Immortal’s Tomb.

“The Sword Immortal’s Tomb at Heavenly Celeste Star? That’s going to be a great training ground. It’s also a good place to test my Duality Rites Immortal Physique. Besides, Chu Kuangren wouldn’t miss this great Opportunity of Fortune as well. If I run into him, it would be a great chance for me to take revenge,” Zhuo Donglai said coldly.

His figure then flashed and flew toward Heavenly Celeste Star’s direction.

A lot was happening at Heavenly Celeste Star.

A warship arrived outside the planet, and a man in white robes was on the deck. His fluttering robes made him look like a true Immortal descending on the planet.

The cultivators in the area were astonished by his arrival.

“He’s finally here.”

“I knew he’d never miss this great opportunity.”

The person was Chu Kuangren. He and his company finally arrived after more than ten days of traveling.

Cao Yun, Wang Chentian, and the others were awestruck by the immense sword qi from the planet and the countless Daoist patterns surrounding it.

“What a terrifying ancient planet. It’s like facing countless tremendously powerful Sword Immortals than looking at a planet,” Cao Yun exclaimed.

“Let’s go.”

Chu Kuangren looked at the planet with anticipation shining in his eyes.

Then, they entered Heavenly Celeste Star, or more precisely, the Sword Immortal’s Tomb!

Heavenly Celeste Star was a planet of swords, so countless giant swords were plunged onto the planet’s surface as though they were tombstones.

Daoist patterns dazzled around the giant swords, revealing the names of the ancient.

“Lin Zhuo, cultivates Flame Sword Dao and uses the Fire Kirin Sword to reign over the universe. He has been through seven thousand eight hundred sixty battles…”

“He Yun, cultivates Ice Sword Dao and rose to fame with a single slash at Kebing Ancient Planet. He is a Gilded Immortal and has been through six thousand nine hundred battles…”

“Feng Jue, cultivates Wind Sword Dao. He’s known for his fast sword qi that could perforate thousands of kilometers with a slash…”

Names of the deceased sword cultivators and their respective achievements appeared on the giant swords.

On top of that, the swirling Daoist patterns even contained the Sword Dao that the sword cultivators cultivated. They were open for all to read.

Chu Kuangren glanced at all the Daoist patterns on the giant swords.

It was not difficult for him to decipher the Daoist patterns. He could understand all of it if he was willing to spend some time.

However, most of the sword cultivator’s Sword Dao was at Gilded Immortal Realm. Even if he gained insights into all of it, he would not gain much from it.

“There should be quite several peerless Arch Gilded Sword Immortals in this Sword Immortal’s Tomb. Only their inheritances are useful to me,” Chu Kuangren murmured.

Further away, a powerful sword fluctuation erupted and swept across the planet.

The energy fluctuation contained an Arch Gilded intent, and even though it was just a bit, Chu Kuangren could sense it.

“Arch Gilded intent. Does it mean an Arch Gilded Sword Immortal’s inheritance has appeared? Let’s go have a look,” Chu Kuangren said.

He then led the group closer to the sword fluctuation.

When they arrived in front of a giant golden sword, many sword cultivators were already around it as they were attracted by the Daoist patterns.

Several figures, surrounded by sword qi, were shuttling around the Daoist patterns of the giant sword. They seemed to be clashing with each other over a ball of golden light.

At a closer look, the ball of golden light looked like a mini sword.

The sword was the inheritance of an Arch Gilded Immortal.

“Hmph! Demonic cultivators are after this inheritance? Dream on!”

“If we can’t get it, the Langya Sword Sect won’t either! We’d rather destroy it than hand it over!”

Several figures were in a furious battle and threatening each other.

“It’s the Demonic Dao Sect and Langya Sword Sect.”

“They’re from the Ten Demonic Dao Sects’ Sword Demon Tribe. I heard Linghu Zun of the Sword Demon Tribe is almost a Prodigy. Langya Sword Sect is also a powerful force in the Immortal World. Their Heavenly Champion is no weaker than Linghu Zun. I wonder which side would win this battle?”

“Too bad Linghu Zun and Gentleman Langya aren’t here.”

Linghu Zun and Gentleman Langya were well-known sword cultivators among the younger generation, and they were here at the Sword Immortal’s Tomb for Opportunities of Fortune as well.

The Opportunities of Fortune they sought must be outstanding.

At the moment, they might be going through certain trials.


The demonic cultivators from Sword Demon Tribe and the sword cultivators from Langya Sword Sect continued to clash furiously, unleashing powerful sword qi that felt like they could tear the void apart.

Then, the golden light ball flew out of the giant sword and headed straight to Chu Kuangren and company.

“Oh? I haven’t even made my move.” Chu Kuangren chuckled.

There was no reason for him to miss out on the treasure since it came to him.

He reached out and caught the ball of light in his hand.

The light transformed into a small sword with countless Daoist patterns on its surface. It even released slivers of sword qi from its sword.

“Bastard! Hand it over!”

The demonic cultivators and sword cultivators were surprised when they saw the ball of light in someone else’s possession.

Before they could take a clear look at who he was, they charged forward at the person.

Demonic sword qi and Langya sword qi locked on to Chu Kuangren and company.

Before Chu Kuangren did anything, Lan Yu stepped in and released a stern battle intent.

She threw a punch containing the immense Radiant War Immortal Physique’s energy at the incoming attacks.

A deafening explosion went off as two different powers clashed.

Lan Yu’s fist energy managed to deflect the sword qi.

“Fist energy? How is this possible?”

The demonic cultivators and sword cultivators were both shocked.

When they finally saw their target clearly, their eyes widened in fear.

“It’s Chu Kuangren!”

“It’s him!”

Some of them were horrified by the realization.

The name, Chu Kuangren, was well-known among all the sky-prides and Heavenly Champions in Interstellar Arena.

He was definitely not to be messed with, yet they attacked him without knowing their target.

“Are you guys prepared to offend my master?” Lan Yu stood in the air, wielding the Heavenly Skylight Scepter. An indomitable battle intent shot up to the sky.

The Radian War Immortal’s Core energy rumbled the void like endless waves crashing on the rocks.

The sword cultivators in the area were deterred by her energy presence.

“Lan Yu’s energy presence is terrifying!”

“How is she so strong?”

“I have a feeling she’s on par with those Prodigies. It’s scary!”

“The people around Chu Kuangren should never be messed with!”

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