Unable to Cultivate, I Can Only Raise Soul Pets

Chapter 481 - Soul Beast Battlefield, Starry Ancient Land!

Chapter 481: Soul Beast Battlefield, Starry Ancient Land!

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“Half a year is enough.” Wang Che nodded.

With the support of the medicinal pills, the environment, and the Titan Beast’s sparring partner, Bear Treasure should be able to reach ten thousand years of cultivation at the end of the year.

He would pick it up when the time came.

Wang Che patted Bear Treasure’s head and said, “In the next half a year, you’ll cultivate in seclusion here. I’ll come to see you twice.”

“Roar!” Bear Treasure waved its bear claws, indicating that he did not have to worry!

This little guy was actually a year or two older than the little caterpillar and the Magnetic Sword.

When it was in the Forest Academy, it had cultivated alone for two years. It could completely endure loneliness.

Wang Che was more at ease.

“Oh right, let me ask you something.”

Wang Che took out the ice egg and asked, “Have you seen this soul pet before? Or, have you heard of it in your era?”

“Soul pet egg?”

The Titan Beast pressed its paw against its chin and pondered, “The aura is very unique. It’s the aura of an overlord. It has the aura of an overlord before it’s born. This is a soul beast at the level of the Sky God Dragon. However, I’ve indeed never seen this cold aura before. Moreover, it has the aura of a Supreme King.”

“I’ve never seen it, but there are many things I’ve never seen.”

“In my experience, there might be a Supreme King-ranked soul beast inside…”

Hearing this, Wang Che thought, ‘I can tell too, but what’s the key?’

There were only some inferences in the encrypted information given by the Glazed Heavenly King.

Many theories confirmed a direction. This soul pet came from the even older early stages of the Remote Antiquity Era.

So far, to be able to survive from the early stages of the Remote Antiquity Era… Eh… there was basically no one left.

The Sky God Dragon was also born at the end.

Moreover, the Remote Antiquity Era was even longer. It was tens of thousands of years long.

At that time, soul beasts had a long life. Humans might not even be born yet… and civilization was in an ignorant state.

What happened in that era? If not for the break in the Fallen Ancient Era and the earthquake, perhaps modern people could have deduced something through some ancient ruins left behind on the ground.

Unfortunately, that calamity destroyed everything.

Therefore, in the modern world, one could only know a little about the situation through a few ancient soul beasts.

“I don’t know anything else.” The Titan Beast thought for a moment, “However, if you want to know the true origin of this soul pet egg, just go to the place it was born. It’s useless to think too much.”

Wang Che nodded slightly.

He had to go to the Ice Palace.

Otherwise, this soul pet egg might not be clear.

The precondition was that it hatched.

Wang Che planned to focus on cultivating after the little caterpillar and the others entered seclusion and deal with the incubation of this ice egg.

“Oh right, why does the soul pet in your bag look familiar?”

The Titan Beast suddenly looked at the Firefly Dream Spirit.

It frowned.

It was definitely familiar!

It felt like it had seen it somewhere before!

But it could not remember?

“Ahem… you’ve seen many soul pets.” Wang Che subtly pressed the Firefly Dream Spirit’s head into his pocket.

“It’s different. I feel like I’ve seen this soul pet a long time ago!” The Titan Beast suddenly patted its head, “It might have seen it with my parents. In any case, I definitely saw it before. At that time, I was still very young. If that’s the case, there’s something wrong with your soul pet!”

Seeing this, Wang Che thought to himself, ‘This Firefly Dream Spirit is indeed peerless in the Remote Antiquity Era.’

In that era, this little thing was the prey of countless soul beasts.

Otherwise, it would not have learned so many self-preservation abilities.

There should not be many soul beasts that had seen it before.

“Sigh, it’s just a little beast… There’s nothing strange.” Wang Che did not reveal the Firefly Dream Spirit’s background for the time being.

He would think about it when it became stronger.

“Yes.” The Titan Beast did not ask further.

Just like how Wang Che did not ask it about Gu Ranshuang’s background, the friendship between humans and soul beasts did not need secrets to be revealed in detail.

If he did not ask, he would not make things difficult for the other party.

Gu Ranshuang’s background was mysterious. Even if Wang Che asked, the Titan Beast might not reveal much. Instead, it would be in a difficult position.

Then, Wang Che chatted with the Titan Beast about Bear Treasure’s simple experience to facilitate its understanding.

Then, he bade farewell to Bear Treasure.

Bear Treasure did not cry. It was especially strong and only waved its bear claws at Wang Che.

Wang Che wondered if the little caterpillar would cry if they parted like this.

After leaving the Thunder Soul Earth, Wang Che returned to the West Peak Continent and returned home. He let the little caterpillar and the Magnetic Sword meet Father Wang and Mother Wang.

At home.

When Mother Wang and Mother Wang saw the little caterpillar and the Magnetic Sword, they were very excited.

Especially Mother Wang, she hugged the little caterpillar and sized it up.

She seemed to want to see if this little bug was the one she had raised at home.

“Don’t be excited. We’re now considered the father and mother of champions,” Father Wang said proudly, “Although my son is so awesome, it has nothing to do with me. He relied on himself.”

Wang Che: “…”

His parents had great awareness.

“I haven’t seen it for half a year again, but this little guy is actually so powerful.” Mother Wang hugged the little caterpillar and sighed, “Oh right, Little Che, did you bring more fruits it planted this time?”

“Don’t I usually send some back?” Wang Che asked.

“We ate them all.” Father Wang coughed, “It’s mainly Cuckoo Bird. That little thing likes to eat too. We don’t eat much.”

“Cuckoo Cuckoo!” When the Cuckoo Bird combing its feathers on the basket heard this, it immediately let out a dissatisfied cry, indicating that it did not want to take the blame.

It ate the least!!!

Wang Che smiled and prepared various fruits and soul plants.

The Magnetic Sword skillfully picked up a few. Sword light flickered and with a few swishes, these fruits were cut neatly and landed on the fruit plate.

“I keep feeling that, son, with so many soul pets, have you become lazy?”

Seeing this, Father Wang was rather envious, “Even small matters like cutting fruits are done by soul pets.”

“Of course not!” Wang Che immediately denied, “This is actually a type of cultivation. Of course, you might not know this, but it’s mainly to cultivate the Magnetic Sword’s sword skills!”

“The cultivation of soul pets can begin with many daily matters.”

“The smaller the matter, the more you can experience the soul pet’s level!”

“Don’t lie to me!” Father Wang smiled, “I think you’re used to ordering them around!”

At this moment, the Firefly Dream Spirit in Wang Che’s pocket moved when it smelled the fragrance. It immediately flew out and floated to the fruit plate. It picked up an orange-yellow fruit and began to eat like a hamster.

“Eh, is this your fourth soul pet?” Mother Wang and Father Wang were stunned, “Why haven’t I seen it before?”

Wang Che nodded and briefly introduced the Firefly Dream Spirit.

He explained some simple abilities.

The Firefly Dream Spirit’s species potential was a little terrifying, so Wang Che did not say too much.

“A soul pet that can bring good luck to people?” Father Wang pondered for a moment, “This little guy looks quite cute. Such a young one… what good luck can it bring?”

At this point, Father Wang’s eyes lit up.

“I have a bold idea!”

Wang Che: “…”

“Tell me, if I bring this little guy to buy the lottery, will it let me win five million?” Father Wang asked in a suppressed voice.

“I think you have to put away your bold idea!” Mother Wang glared at him, “If it really has such an ability, it can’t be used on this. It’s a waste. A grown man only has so much imagination. Your brain is filled with money… Our family doesn’t lack money now!”

“Ahem… I just thought of it.” Father Wang thought to himself, ‘Our family doesn’t lack money, but the money isn’t with me…’

“Wu!” The Firefly Dream Spirit hugged a fruit the same size as it and sat on Wang Che’s shoulder, its cheeks bulging.

It was a little afraid of strangers.

“Five million is impossible.” Wang Che smiled and said, “A few thousand might be possible.”

If it only used the Phantom Blessing, it would be the limit.

Of course, Father Wang was just joking.

He had to understand the new members of the family.

From the preliminary stage of the King’s Cup, it was broadcasted live in the war zone. The two of them naturally saw it.

Therefore, they knew the little caterpillar and the other two very well.

The Firefly Dream Spirit had just joined, so they naturally did not know anything.

After chatting for a while, he briefly explained the process of their cultivation.

The next morning, Wang Che began to try to let the little caterpillar and the Magnetic Sword enter seclusion to cultivate.

Actually, to the little caterpillar and the Magnetic Sword at this stage, cultivating in seclusion was very boring.

It was not suitable for them at their age.

“In just a year, it has improved too quickly and grown too much… in a year, it has walked the path of other soul pets for several years.”

“It even grasped so much powerful strength. If it doesn’t cultivate in seclusion, stabilize its mind, and temper itself, its future path will probably be filled with problems.”

Immortal cultivators emphasized gradual progress.

After the King’s Cup, Wang Che felt that these three, especially the little caterpillar and the Magnetic Sword, had cultivated too quickly, but they were still so young. Their mind was not completely mature. After mastering such powerful strength, they would easily become arrogant after a long time.

Without a Contract Soul Master, they would probably be lost.

This was a process that normal life forms would have.

They were not reincarnated soul beasts.

Therefore, this process was still needed.

To be honest, the little caterpillar was very unwilling to cultivate.

Although a set of furniture had been arranged in the soul realm and looked very full, it thought about staying here for a year or two and not being able to come out or listen to stories, other than cultivating, it could not do anything else.

How boring would that be?

Even the Magnetic Sword felt very bored and unwilling.

This individual will reflected the soul pet’s inner thoughts to a certain extent.

The young them would not think too much about what would happen if they grasped too much power. In any case, it was fine as long as they became stronger.

There were Contract Soul Masters.

This reliance was feedback of a bad personality.

Of course, he couldn’t expect a soul pet only one or two years old to have a good nature.

However, there had to be an improvement.

In his previous life, Wang Che had seen too many examples of people who had lost because of their bad nature and had just reached the threshold of the Immortal Ascension realm.

There were also a large number of them that had not even touched the threshold, especially the little caterpillar.

The seclusion of immortal cultivators was actually not boring.

This was a comprehension process.

Cultivation techniques, divine powers, Dao techniques, martial techniques, and so on could all be comprehended.

Nothing disturbed it. Only its inner world kept changing as it comprehended.

From there, it could sort itself out, break through the bottleneck, increase its cultivation, and step into a new world.

In order to let the little caterpillar and the Magnetic Sword enter seclusion to cultivate, Wang Che specially promised, “When you come out of seclusion, I’ll write a complete story for you to read. This way, you won’t have to wait every day.”

“After coming out of seclusion, you’ll read to your heart’s content.”

“If you can comprehend anything in your seclusion, I’ll draw a few more stories for you.”

Hearing this promise, the little caterpillar and the Magnetic Sword happily agreed.

At this point, the two little guys entered the soul ring and began their seclusion cultivation.

“In two to three years, don’t disturb these two little guys.”

Wang Che thought, “Next, I only need to nurture the Firefly Dream Spirit and the ice egg. Then, half a year later, when the Myriad Treasures Dao Palace martial soul reaches Level 30, I’ll receive Bear Treasure’s soul ring and teach it cultivation techniques.”

“Also, I can cultivate the second martial soul.”

Two to three years would pass very quickly.

However, before that, Wang Che obtained two subtle news.

“The Divine Light Whale has appeared in the Eastern Sea Vortex.”

“The Ancient Fiend has appeared under the Transversal Peak.”

Seeing this, Wang Che narrowed his eyes.

“It’s about time… It’s time for these two to fight.”

“The Heavenly Kings should have already prepared a place… I’ll go watch and be the referee…”

“I wonder how these two will end up?”

“Oh right, their battlefield…”

Three days later, Wang Che received news that the battlefield prepared for these two soul beasts in the Eastern War Zone was very special.

“Foreign Battlefield, Starry Ancient Land!”

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