Ultimate Scheming System

Chapter 1900

Chapter 1900


Immortal Emperor was once synonymous with power.

There are only four immortal emperors on the whole Xianyun island. They have ruled the world for a long time. Every friar is eager to be their general existence.

It can be said that the Immortal Emperor is the dream of monks.

But today, the dream is broken.

“God… This guy killed the Immortal Emperor!” a friar could hardly believe his eyes and murmured.

Under the gaze of all the monks in xianyunzhou, Cheng Yuanxian emperor was beaten into blood foam again and again and condensed again, but he was broken again before he could speak.

The monks only felt that their world outlook was broken again and again.

“What are you doing?” Yongzhen finally couldn’t help it. “Magic cloud, hurry to save Cheng Yuan!”

The magic cloud Immortal Emperor suddenly reacted, and his body suddenly turned into thousands, just like stars in the sky, and suddenly stood in front of Xu Wei.


With one blow, the thousand incarnations of the magic cloud Immortal Emperor suddenly broke more than half, but it blocked Xu Ke’s punch.

“Illusion?” Xu Mei frowned and looked down at his fist.

When the fist fell just now, I could obviously feel something strange. The broken parts seemed to be all true.

Under the protection of magic cloud Immortal Emperor, Emperor Chengyuan finally recovered without being broken directly.

The magic cloud Immortal Emperor stood with his hands on his back, and thousands of avatars spoke in unison: “break into the fairy palace without permission and die.”

The endless power came out with his mouth, and the whole fairy palace area was roaring. It was hard to bear the power of the sound when everyone bent down.

When you reach the realm of Immortal Emperor, even your words and deeds contain great prestige.

“This is the thousand magic incarnation of the magic cloud Immortal Emperor!”

“It is said that the magic cloud Immortal Emperor understands one of the magic ways. Ten of these thousands of incarnations are fake bodies similar to his cultivation, but they also have the combat power of the real body, which is extremely terrible!”

“Isn’t that equivalent to one person hitting ten? How can this be beaten?”

“The boy is dead! He can’t beat the magic cloud immortal!”

To everyone’s surprise, after magic cloud came on stage, Emperor Cheng Yuanxian didn’t step down, but stood side by side with magic cloud emperor.

Everyone was surprised.

The two immortal emperors are going to fight at the same time!

Is this guy so powerful?

However, Xu Ke smiled faintly in the face of this scene, and his face showed a cold look: “it’s just separation. Do you really think you can do anything for me?”

After saying that, he raised his hand and suddenly differentiated into a figure behind him.

The magic cloud Immortal Emperor was stunned and sneered: “just a separate body…”


Suddenly, countless separate bodies suddenly differentiated from Xu Ke and covered the whole sky in an instant!


Emperor Cheng Yuanxian took a breath of air-conditioning and stared at the split in front of him, which was ten times his own!

What the hell is this?

As like as two peas, Xu Que could feel the breath of these bodies clearly.

In other words, these individuals have the same combat effectiveness as Xu Xu!

How is that possible?

“It’s impossible!” the magic cloud Immortal Emperor roared with red eyes. “This skill is a magic power that we realized after mastering one of the magic ways. How can you master it?”

“It’s not separation. Our guild leader can summon tens of thousands of people!” Xu que waved his big hand and said plausibly, “I’ll blow up millions of guild members of tianbang. Everyone can be separated. I don’t know how you can become the Immortal Emperor!”

He looked at the magic cloud Immortal Emperor and sneered in his heart.

I don’t know, but would it be nice if the system had one?

“Don’t talk nonsense to him, kill him!” emperor Cheng Yuanxian shouted and rushed up again.

Are you kidding? So many people have fighting power?

Is it true that the emperor has been practicing for so many years for nothing?

At the moment he rushed up, countless split bodies punched together!


Cheng Yuanxian emperor was directly blasted into powder, and even the separation of magic cloud Immortal Emperor was broken again.

The strong wind swept the sky on Xianyun Island, the white clouds broke up, and the clear blue reflected the whole sky.

The people in xianyunzhou were dumbfounded when they saw this scene.

What the hell is this fighting power!

Two immortal emperors were directly beaten and collapsed!

Will there really be such monks in this world?

Everyone couldn’t believe their eyes, but the situation really appeared in front of them.

The immortal emperors are also stupid.

The combat effectiveness shown by Xu que has completely exceeded their imagination.

“Hell, how did this guy practice?” mujiuxian emperor looked at Xu Ke, who was slowly recovering his separation, with a blank brain.

Yongzhen Immortal Emperor was no longer relaxed and said in a deep voice: “don’t be in a daze. Let’s go together. If we don’t solve this boy today, we will never rule xianyunzhou again.”

He didn’t prepare to play one by one, but chose to play four directly!

Mujiu was even more surprised: “where does this put our dignity?”

“Now you still want dignity?” Yongzhen looked at him coldly. “If you don’t kill him today, there will never be peace in xianyunzhou!”

Although they master the avenue, they can’t kill them unless they erase the avenue.

But the problem is that now these people can’t beat Xu deficiency!

One fist on the other side can blow up the Immortal Emperor, which is the power of Taoist respect!

But he is clearly just the peak of xianzun!

Yongzhen wants to know these things clearly. He only knows that these people must kill Xu que.


In an instant, the four majestic breath broke out, and the whole Xianyun Island suddenly surged, and the earth trembled, as if something extremely terrible appeared between the heaven and the earth.

The four people were surrounded by mysterious lines. At a glance, they only felt dizzy.

That is the repression from the avenue. Ordinary friars can’t stop the repression from friars at another level.

People in xianyunzhou were shocked when they saw this scene.

“Oh, my God… The four immortal emperors should join hands against the enemy?”

“It’s terrible. No one has ever forced the Immortal Emperor to this point!”

“This heaven bombing Gang is so terrible!”

Er Gouzi was running around in the crowd at this time. When he didn’t see anyone, he proudly 1 straightened his chest: “see? The one in the sky is the elder brother of our God! If you know what to do, you should quickly hand over your baby!”

Xu Xu’s face gradually became dignified in the face of the cooperation of the four immortal emperors.

“Have you joined hands? In that case, I can’t keep my hands!”

After that, his breath suddenly pulled up again, the hair behind his head gradually turned golden, and the lightning at the bottom of his eyes was like a sea of thunder!

Three stages of Qi sealing magic Sutra!

“Stop talking nonsense! The boy will work hard!”

At this time, the Immortal Emperor Yongzhen roared, and the immortal yuan immediately circulated around him. Mysterious forces surged up, and the whole space seemed to stagnate.

The other three immortal emperors immediately reacted and shot at the same time.

The mysterious Tao patterns began to flow rapidly, and an indescribable force suddenly began to flow, condensing into a huge disc behind the four people.


The four discs began to rotate, but after a few seconds, they turned into a curtain of light.

When the disc rotates to an extreme, it seems to fall into a state of stillness.


That is, at this moment, the four light pillars hit out and fell on Xu que.

For a moment, everything seemed to be at rest.

Xu Xu stands in it. He just feels that everything seems to have stopped, and even his thinking has stopped working.

He watched Yongzhen Immortal Emperor stop and tried to attack himself with magic, but there was no effect.

After a while, Yongzhen came forward and said something.

A dark space crack appeared beside him. Yongzhen looked at him and said with some regret: “unfortunately, if you become the Immortal Emperor, we may not have to find a way to rob Tianzhou.”

After that, with one palm, Xu que was directly photographed into the crack.

After all this, the four immortal emperors disappeared and re entered the heavenly palace.

After Xu que entered the crack, he came to a dark space and floated slowly.

The time flow of emptiness is slower than that of the outside world. I don’t know how much. If he can’t find a way out, he will float here for thousands of years until he meets the crack of nothingness accidentally opened.

However, when he was stationary, the system was still running on its own.

If someone can see his body, he will find that three different colors of breath are slowly circling, forming a star like vortex.

This vortex obviously only exists in the Dantian, but it seems to contain infinite mysteries.

On the other side, on Xianyun Island, four immortal emperors stood with their hands down.

Their magic power can banish people to another interface.

There is only endless void and eternal darkness. Although the flow of time is very slow, it is very stable.

Unless we surpass the Immortal Emperor in the understanding of the avenue, it is impossible to break the interface.

Time goes by like this bit by bit.

I don’t know how long after that, Xu que suddenly woke up with a pleasant voice.

“Ding, after all the forces are balanced, the host has automatically understood the mystery of the ultimate power, mastered the secret of heaven, and promoted to Immortal Emperor.”


In the endless darkness, a palpitating breath suddenly broke out, and the whole space was shaking.

Xu que stands in the dark, with black hair flying behind his head and cold eyes, just like ancient gods and demons.

His body is haunted with three lights of black, white and gold. These lights flow slowly and finally merge into a silvery white luster.

“Is this the power of the Immortal Emperor?”

Xu Ke slowly clenched his fist and felt the indescribable power in his body. With a wave, a space crack appeared in front of him.

He stepped out and came to the heaven palace in an instant.

The four immortal emperors felt the breath and rushed out again. They were all numb when they saw Xu que.

What happened?

Haven’t they joined hands to use the immortal method to exile this guy?

Why did he come back?

“No, this guy has been promoted!” Yong Zhen shouted in disbelief. “He has become the Immortal Emperor!”

Xu que grinned: “yes, I have become the Immortal Emperor.”

The four people suddenly felt a great crisis. Before that, Xu que was just a immortal realm. No matter how powerful he was, he couldn’t kill them.

But now Xu Ke can take time to erase a road as long as he is willing.

If the avenue disappears, they immortal emperors will also die!

“Wait, we can discuss…” emperor Cheng Yuanxian hurried.


Xu Wei directly raised his hand and punched out, and all the spaces were shocked. The whole heavenly palace only lasted for a short moment, and then turned into fly ash.

The four immortal emperors were completely unable to resist this force and were instantly blasted into powder.

When they recovered again, they saw Xu Weizheng looking at them with a smile.

“Well recovered, Ben Jisheng likes you guys who can’t fight to death.” Xu lacked a flamboyant radian on the corner of his mouth and laughed, “just take you to try the power that our sect leader just realized!”

Yongzhen Immortal Emperor turned pale and said in horror, “this is the power of heaven!”

The other three immortal emperors were shocked. When they reached their level of cultivation, the Tao of heaven was no longer a mysterious existence.

Even Yongzhen can rely on the power of the way of heaven to place his divine thoughts in the disaster of heaven.

But this kind of magic power that directly uses the power of heaven is unheard of!

In the light column, a huge millstone fell slowly with heavy prestige.


In an instant, several immortal emperors only felt an unmatched force acting on themselves.

This force is strong and irresistible.

The millstone began to turn, and several immortal emperors became more and more frightened.

“The road in my body is being wiped out!” Cheng Yuan exclaimed first.

The other three were the same, and the shock in their hearts could not even be described in words.

The avenue is obliterated, which means they will be killed!

As the leader of the four, Yongzhen made a quick decision, raised his hand and said, “stop! We’ll return Yurou to you!”

In the face of life and death, he didn’t care about Tianzhou ships and the flow of the divine domain. Protecting his life was the most important thing.

With that, he waved his big hand directly, and a light flew out of the fairy palace and hovered in front of Xu que.

It was a round ball of light in which Xiao Rou was sleeping.

Xu Xu finally stopped and stared at Xiao Rou with his head down.

After several breaths, he looked up at the four immortal emperors.

“Xu Xiandi, since you have stepped into the realm of Immortal Emperor, you should know our difficulties. Now Yurou has returned to you. We don’t need to fight again!” Yongzhen Immortal Emperor shouted in a deep voice, but his voice trembled.

In any case, he didn’t expect that Xu que was directly promoted to Immortal Emperor’s realm in front of them.

The key is the immortal empire of this goods. It’s so terrible!

At the peak of xianzun realm, they can be hanged to fight. Now Xiandi realm almost killed them alive.

Nima, that’s ridiculous!

“Xu Xiandi, stop! If our Avenue is destroyed, the whole immortal cultivation world will be faulted…” seeing Xu Duan’s murderous eyes, Emperor Cheng Yuanxian hurriedly advised.

“Shut up!”

Xu que suddenly shouted in a indifferent voice, “do you think I care about the continuous breaking of the cultivation world? It’s not nice to say, even if I kill you, the sky will collapse and the cultivation world will be destroyed, and I will kill you.”

“…” the four immortal emperors suddenly changed their faces and their pupils contracted sharply, like a great enemy.

They have no doubt that Xu’s remark is false.

This goods can really do such a thing!

However, the next moment, Xu que laughed.

“Hahaha…” his laughter ran directly through the world and spread everywhere.

“Immortal Emperor?”

He opened his mouth, full of ridicule and banter, “go to your mother’s Immortal Emperor!”

After that, Xu Ke stepped in and disappeared directly into the space with Yurou.

Just before it dissipated, his voice still echoed between heaven and earth.

“From now on, I will control xianyunzhou.”

Xu que chose not to kill the four immortals. First, he has been promoted to the realm of immortals and has enough strength to destroy the avenue, so let alone the four immortals. Even if the emperor appears, he can still kill him.

In other words, he has taken care of the lives of these four people.

Hold it tight!

Another reason is the most important.

The Immortal Emperor is really difficult to cultivate. In the future, he will certainly go to the divine domain. Without the combat power of four immortal emperors, even if he is strong, he will be very hard.

Therefore, the four immortal emperors, Xu Ke, have reserved a position for them – “hard work”!

At the same time, with Xu’s departure, the light column on the field also dispersed.

The four immortal emperors finally got up and looked at each other. For a moment, they didn’t know how to react.

“We just let him take people away?” a fairy emperor was unwilling.

Yongzhen Immortal Emperor sighed and said: “his strength has exceeded us too much. He just wanted to kill us and can do it at any time.”

Several people looked at each other. Although they were unwilling, they could only reluctantly admit this fact.

They can’t stop Xu Ke at all.

As for the people in xianyunzhou, they did not know what language to express their shock at this time.

Against the four immortal emperors with the power of one person.

He is really a model in the friar world!

A long time later, there was a saying in Xianyun island.

Friars of our generation should learn from Xu Ke!

Hundreds of years later.

A sound runs through the number boundary.

“According to the edict of Xu Tiandi of the fried heaven Gang, monks above the immortal Zun’s territory, gather at Tianzhou quickly. Since the Tianzhou has set sail, our journey is a big star… Bah, no, it’s the divine domain! Duan Jiude, Ganni Niang, how did you write it? I almost misspelled it… Oh, I wiped it and forgot to turn off the wheat…”

With the sound of two dogs falling in several circles.

The whole immortal cultivation world was boiling and in an uproar.

Xuanhuangzhou, Dizhou, Tianzhou, xianyunzhou, etc. countless monks were shocked!

Hundreds of years ago, after Xu Tiandi defeated the four immortal emperors with one enemy and four, the four immortal emperors were completely depressed, and the four Tianmen forces fell overnight, replaced by the fried tianbang!

Unexpectedly, only a few hundred years ago, the fried tianbang was ready to open Tianzhou and go to the divine domain.

The divine realm is the place where the gods live in groups.

Does it really exist?

Where the layout of the four immortal emperors could not be reached for so many years, did Xu Tiandi do it hundreds of years later?

Some doubt, some are upset, and some are excited and surprised.

Once the divine realm is opened, great changes will take place in the immortal world.

It is said that once the door of the divine realm is opened, the rules of heaven and earth in the cultivation world will be more perfect and the aura will be more abundant. At that time, everyone’s cultivation road will be more smooth and simple.

All of a sudden, countless xianzun strongmen who had been dormant for a long time, even Xianwang strongmen, couldn’t help but rush to Tianzhou.

In just a few days, the whole Tianzhou was overcrowded, and all the fairy kings and the strong ones gathered together.

Four immortal emperors also came.

Over the years, they lived very carefully and dared not provoke Xu vacancy or the bombers.

But now, they think it’s worth it.

The humiliation and unwillingness of that year were nothing at all.

Because now, they finally wait for this day, the day to go to the divine domain!

Looking at the Tianzhou full of immortal statues and immortal kings, the four immortal emperors were filled with emotion.

Even the four heavenly gates under their door never gathered so many immortal statues!

This situation is almost unprecedented!

“The fairy king is not as good as the dog, and the Fairy Statue walks all over the ground” is very appropriate in today’s Tianzhou!


At this time, the sky suddenly burst into a loud noise.

Everyone in Tianzhou looked up.

A large void suddenly twisted, and then the golden light shone, just like a golden sun, exploding in the air.

Then, a black haired man came out lazily.

His eyes narrowed slightly, some listless, like he didn’t wake up.

However, there were more than a dozen women behind him, each of whom was brilliant. They were not fairies, but they were more attractive than fairies.

For a moment, a bold guess welled up in many people’s hearts.

That man is not like he didn’t wake up, but more like his body was taken out… Cough, no, no, how can we secretly figure out Xu Tiandi like this.

“En?” almost at the same time, Xu Ke’s hazy sleeping eyes suddenly opened and fell directly on a large black crowd below. “Fart your mother. Don’t think I can’t hear the little tug you secretly think in your heart. I’m not hollowed out. I think it’s boring to go to the divine domain, okay?” Xu’s angry scolding spread all over the world in an instant. The crowd was immediately terrified and hurriedly bowed down and shouted “Xu Tiandi calm down”! The four immortal emperors watched, but they could not help laughing and almost laughed. This Xu Tiandi… “You four owe to clean up, don’t you?” suddenly, Xu Duan’s eyes swept to the four people: “have you cooked the foot washing water you were told to cook a few days ago?” “well, well! Xu Tiandi rest assured that all the medicinal materials are ready and have already been boiled!” Yongzhen Xiandi replied hurriedly. But everyone present was stunned. Immortal Emperor? Boiled foot wash? “OK, that’s no nonsense!” Xu que waved his big hand and shouted, “Er Gouzi, move Taiyi Tianshi out.” “Ben shenzun moves a chicken, and this kind of thing still needs the active hand of Ben shenzun?” Er Gouzi rushed out from the rear and yelled. Then he looked at the four immortal emperors and said fiercely, “what are you four doing in a daze? It’s my God’s words that don’t work well, or are you floating? Come and move Taiyi Tianshi!” “yes!” the four immortal emperors pulled out the corners of their mouths and flew forward immediately. According to the ancient books, Tianzhou is the heavenly boat leading to the divine domain, Taiyi Tianshi is the key, and the chosen person is the helmsman of the heavenly boat. Now everything is ready. Taiyi Tianshi is placed into the Tianzhou center. The two chosen people, Xu Tiandi and Xuanyuan Wanrong Xiandi, have all arrived! Yes, every time I think of this, the four immortal emperors moan in their hearts. Even if Xu que becomes the Immortal Emperor. It’s only a few hundred years. Xuanyuan Wanrong, Jiang Hongyan and xiaorou have also stepped into the realm of Immortal Emperor. This makes them depressed, so far, it is difficult to accept this fact. And looking at the momentum revealed by Xu que, it is clear that he is infinitely close to the Taoist emperor. They even speculated that the goods might have been in the realm of Dao emperor, but they were deliberately hiding the realm. But guess belongs to guess. They dare not say or ask Soon, everything was ready. Xu Xu didn’t say much to everyone. He stepped out and came to the center of Tianzhou, in parallel with Xuanyuan Wanrong. The two looked at each other. Xuanyuan Wanrong seemed a little nervous and took a deep breath: “are you sure you want to go?” Xu que rolled his eyes: “you don’t let me pinch, xiaorou doesn’t let me pinch, and Hongyan doesn’t let me touch. I’m so energetic that I’m flustered every day. How can I vent if I don’t hammer the gods?”… “Xuanyuan Wanrong stroked his abdomen and felt the existence of a small life inside, and hesitated for a moment: “If I don’t let you… Pinch it for a few months anymore!” “what stupid words do you say? Is Xu Kuan that kind of person?” Xu Kuan said unhappily, and his eyes fell on Xuanyuan Wanrong’s abdomen: “I’ll take back what the gods have taken and give them the best.” “the door of the divine realm has been closed for so long, and it’s time to open it.”

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