Ultimate Scheming System

Chapter 1452 - : It Might Be Dangerous

Chapter 1452

: It Might Be Dangerous

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“Hmm? That looks familiar.”

At that moment, Xu Que was looking at the new humanoid lightning. He felt somewhat stunned.

He turned to look at Nishang Fairy who was standing outside the prohibited area. She looked happy.

“Lady, you must come from a pretty decent background. You’ve been used as a model to form a Tribulation. And it was released after the Heaven General.”

Nishang Fairy frowned slightly, looking less happy.

Logically speaking, to be chosen as a model to form a humanoid lightning was an honor. At least it could prove that she was quite powerful and that even the Way of Heaven knew of her existence.

However, the problem was that the Way of Heaven had modeked the humanoid lightning after her to serve as a Tribulation for Xu Que. That was hard for her to swallow.

One could tell that it meant that the Way of Heaven saw her and Xu Que as two existences who were on a par. In fact, they might’ve seen her as being inferior. Otherwise, why would they send her as the second Tribulation?

After all, there were two other storm clouds that hadn’t yet revealed their contents.

“Nishang Fairy, look at you as a humanoid lightning. Perhaps it was cast by a cultivator at the stage of Golden Celestial of the Great All-Embracing Heaven. Although the humanoid lightning can’t represent your powers, it shouldn’t be weaker than you were when you were at the stage of a Disbanded Celestial of the Great All-Embracing Heaven, am I right?” The woman in black laughed and looked at Nishang Fairy with derision.

Nishang Fairy chose to stay silent.

However, deep down, she couldn’t help but agree with the woman in black.

Although the humanoid lightning had been cast by a Golden Celestial of the Great All-Embracing Heaven, it was still a humanoid lightning. Its actual powers were reduced, but probably by only two stages.

Hence, the powers of this humanoid lightning cast by the Golden Celestial of the Great All-Embracing Heaven was truly not weaker than she had been when she was a Disbanded Celestial of the Great All-Embracing Heaven.

Hence, now Xue Que, who was at the level of a Golden Celestial of the Great All-Embracing Heaven, was at the same level as she had been back in those days.

“Back in those days, your skills awed the world. Don’t talk only about the Sacred Moon Palace. Even in the entire Celestial Cloud Continent, there were less than ten people who were able to fight against you.”

The woman in black spoke again as she smiled, “If this dude is able to beat this humanoid lightning of you, then won’t it mean that his skills have already surpassed yours, and that he might even be better than that new junior sister of yours?”

Nishang Fairy listened to what she said. Then she answered solemnly, “He’s just a trained body that is able to withstand the strength of an Ancient Catastrophe. Otherwise, that shot from the Heaven General would have taken his life. Today, regardless of whether he wins or loses in a fight with the humanoid lightning of me, it doesn’t signify anything.”

Saying that, Nishang Fairy paused. Then she said, “But to be able to draw these Tribulations, it wouldn’t be strange if he is above me. But to be compared to my junior sister, that’s too much for him.”

“That’s true. Your junior sister is a character that the four Celestial Emperors have been watching. In just ten years, she was able to catch up with you and be granted the status of Yurou Fairy by the Celestial Emperor Yongzhen. That’s truly someone that a commoner wouldn’t be able to compare to.”

After the woman in black was finished speaking, she sighed. SIGH! “The world is just unfair. We have experienced so many Tribulations and spent countless number of years practicing. But others, with the help of the Four Celestial Emperors, only need ten years and can catch up to us.”

“You don’t have to try to agitate me. My junior sister is skillful. She’s a blessing to the Celestial Palace and the Sacred Moon Palace,” Nishang Fairy said in a matter-of-fact manner.

Seeing that, the woman in black could only smile and stop talking. She directed her eyes back inside the prohibited area.

Xu Que was already checking out the humanoid lightning modeled after Nishang Fairy.

From all outward appearances, the humanoid lightning looked exactly like Nishang Fairy. However, its style was starkly different. The real Nishang Fairy looked much more prestigious and classy than the humanoid lightning.

“Lady, I would like to try out one of my new spells later. It might be dangerous. Would you mind if your humanoid lightning had tattered clothes later?” Xu Que turned to look at Nishang Fairy and asked, smiling.

Nishang Fairy looked cold and stared at Xu Que, not replying.

The woman in black eyed Xu Que, unsure of whether to smile or not. Increasingly, she felt that this guy was not like anyone she’d ever seen before.

He had humiliated Nishang Fairy publicly. If that news were to travel to the Celestial Cloud Continent, or to the Sacred Moon Palace, perhaps all the men in the Yongzhen Celestial Realm and the other three Celestial Realms would skin this man alive.

However, back in Tian Sha City, many cultivators had figured out what was going on. They knew this was a humanoid lightning that had taken the shape of the mysterious woman in white, who was standing outside the prohibited area.

Although they didn’t know where she came from, they knew that she was a Celestial Prime. Thus, nothing that was happening surprised them.

However, the way Xu Que was trying to humiliate her had given them a strong impression of Xu Que. Not only was this dude ruthless, he was also shameless.

“Grand master, look, look, that’s unbecoming. What audacity, that dude totally thinks he is God. He actually humiliated other women in front of you. These shameless fools, they really want to throw it in your face.” Duan Jiude grabbed his chance to add fuel to the fire.

Zixia Fairy, however, remained calm. She shook her head, “He’s not humiliating her.”

“..…” Duan Jiude was speechless. He hadn’t thought that his grand master would know Xu Que so well.

Truthfully, he could tell that Xu Que wasn’t really humiliating Nishang Fairy. Based on how shameless Xue Que was, he could tear off the clothes of the humanoid lightning and really humiliate Nishang Fairy. Xu Que didn’t kid around.

“Teacher Buttface, what do you think?” Duan Jiude felt embarrassed that he had failed to fuel the fire. Hence, he could only turn to Buttface.

Buttface lay down with his face to the wall. He said with disgust, “Why would I want to look at such an ugly woman. Even if she appeared before me naked, I wouldn’t want to look at her. It would blind me.”

Saying that, Buttface closed his eyes and started to visualize a woman. A burly figure appeared. It was the exquisite plump lady that Buttface had found it so hard to forget: the female warden.

“D*mn!” The crowd that had gathered to watch what was happening in Tian Sha City all exclaimed suddenly.

Duan Jiude and the others also turned to look.

Inside the prohibited area, the humanoid lightning that looked like Nishang Fairy stepped out of the golden rays to strike.

However, Xu Que had moved faster.


He took a step forward, moving with confidence as fast as a shadow. Suddenly he appeared before the Nishang Fairy humanoid lightning.

Shortly after, they heard a snip. Xu Que reached out his palm and grabbed onto the shoulder of the humanoid lightning. He yanked at her clothes that were shimmering with gold from the lightning and tore them off.

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