Trump card warm marriage

Chapter 1416

Chapter 1416: Chapter 1415: Fenglan’s marriage


Normally, when a restaurant served a dish, it would only serve it after it was almost cooked. UNLESS, the business in the restaurant was too hot, and only then would the restaurant finish eating one dish and still have to wait for the situation of the next dish.

But today, the teahouse was obviously crowded with people drinking tea, and they were the only table that was eating, so the speed at which the dishes were served was actually so slow.

“Fenghua, don’t be anxious. The dishes will be served in a while, ” as if he could read Sheng Fenghua’s mind, old master SI said.

It wasn’t that old man Gu was slow in serving the dishes, but that they had just eaten Dongpo Meat and had to slow down. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to eat the other dishes in a while, or they wouldn’t be able to taste the taste.

“Oh! ” Sheng Fenghua nodded and was about to pour some tea to drink. Unexpectedly, old master SI quickly handed over the teacup at the side and said, “drink this. When you eat other dishes later, you’ll feel more delicious. ”

It turned out that what old master SI passed Sheng Fenghua was a kind of flower tea made by old man Gu himself. It could very well remove the taste in the mouth and achieve the effect of purifying the tongue.

Sheng Fenghua took a sip. The taste was okay. After drinking it, the taste of Dongpo meat on her mouth slowly disappeared.

After drinking a few mouthfuls of tea and completely eliminating the taste, the door of the private room rang again. However, before old master Si could say anything, the door was directly pushed open.

Old Man Gu walked in with a few waiters and placed plates of dishes on the table.

After the waiters put down the dishes and left, old man Gu glanced at the remaining two pieces of Dongpo Meat and asked old man si with a smile, “you didn’t have enough today, did you? ”

“Humph, you know that there are two of us, but you don’t know how to make more. ” Old Man SI snorted. Usually, it was only him who ate the dishes, but today it was two people eating together. Of course, he didn’t have enough.

“okay, you eat less, and you won’t lose a piece of meat. In the past, when did I not let you eat enough when you came? ” Old Man Gu rolled his eyes at old man Si Then, he smiled at Sheng Fenghua and said, “granddaughter-in-law, this is your first time here. I specially made a few special dishes for you. Try them later and see how they taste. ”

“What granddaughter-in-law? That’s my granddaughter-in-law, not your granddaughter-in-law. Don’t call me that. ” Old Man Si was unhappy when he heard old man Gu address Sheng Fenghua.

“Alright, if you don’t want me to call you that, then I won’t. I’ll just call you the Sheng girl. ” Old Man Gu looked at Sheng Fenghua and asked.

“Elder Gu, just make yourself at home. ” Sheng Fenghua smiled and didn’t care what others called her.

“Alright, it’s settled then. I’ll call you Sheng Fenghua from now on. ”

“Sheng Fenghua, let me tell you. These dishes are specially made for you. They’ll definitely be good for you. Why don’t you try them first? ”ElderrGuu pointed at the few special dishes on the table and said toShenggFenghuaa.

“Thank you, Elder Gu. You’ve worked hard. Just the smell of these dishes makes me drool. I won’t stand on ceremony then, ” Sheng Fenghua said as she picked up one of the dishes.

After tasting it, Sheng Fenghua’s eyes lit up. Then, she looked up at old man Gu and said, “elder Gu, you put medicinal herbs in this dish. ”

“THAT’S RIGHT! ” Old Man Gu laughed and praised, “your mouth is quite crafty. How can you taste it like this? Let me tell you, this medicinal herb has been specially processed. Ordinary people can’t taste it at all. ”

When old man Si heard this, he didn’t wait for Sheng Fenghua to speak He directly said, “what crafty mouth? Old Man Gu, do you know how to talk? Let me tell you the truth. My granddaughter-in-law is a doctor who knows both Chinese and Western medicine. She is very familiar with medicinal herbs. ”

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