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Chapter 332: Tangning Acts Without a Script

Chapter 332: Tangning Acts Without a Script

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Mo Ting looked at Tangning seriously. As he looked into her eyes, he noticed his own reflection clearly looking back.

He couldn't control himself as he stretched out his arms, drew her into his embrace and sighed, "Don't just think on my behalf..."

"What should I do? This has already become a habit of mine," Tangning giggled. She peered out the window and noticed plenty of staff walking in and out of the studio, so she pushed Mo Ting away and blushed, "There are too many people, hurry back to the office..."

Mo Ting held Tangning's icy cold hands between his and got out of the car to grab some items from the boot which he had brought to keep her warm, "I will drop by again and visit at any time."

Tangning nodded her head.

Every now and then, a member of the crew would pass by and see the couple. They couldn't help but feel envious of Tangning.

"Hey, don't you guys feel that President Mo loses his quick and ruthless image when he is around Tangning? The guy that we see thoughtfully delivering warmth to his girlfriend, is this the same ruthless king of entertainment that we know?"

"I'm so jealous!"

"Stop chatting...they're headed this way."

A small group of people gathered not too far in front of Tangning and Mo Ting and chatted amongst themselves. As Tangning walked by, she gave them a gentle smile.

"I've totally been convinced by her friendliness!"

"Compared to the Yue Shanshan that walks around with her nose in the air, Tangning is much better. Plus, I can see that Tangning smiles from her heart!"

Because of her rehearsal and other small details, Tangning quickly blended into the team.

Everyone originally thought, since she had a pair of long legs, she would be the type to be picky and overly precious - but she turned out to be just like everyone else. Although she remained quiet most of the time, she did not make any difficult requests. In fact, she avoided hassling people altogether.

Because Yue Shanshan's parts were slowly getting replaced, the progress of filming was delayed. As a result, Tangning and Lin Sheng's parts were to be filmed and edited at practically the same time. Lin Sheng's parts were generally filmed first, followed by Tangning's. So, over the next 2 days, Tangning waited until almost midnight before being called on set.

After Tangning's rehearsal, she ended up winning over the hearts of the entire film crew. The only exception was Lin Sheng; he continued to look at Tangning with doubt. However, their times never overlapped, so Tangning and Lin Sheng never crossed paths.

"Lin Ge 1 , I heard Tangning will be filming an important scene next. Do you want to watch? The scene requires her to roll around in mud. For someone so delicate, I'm sure..."

Lin Sheng lifted his head and looked at his assistant without a word. Actually, over the past two days, he had heard quite a few opinions about Tangning's acting.

However, deep down, he was adamant that an actor was an actor and a model was a model. Each should stick to their own duties and crossing over to another career path was irresponsible towards their own profession.

So, he still had not watched Tangning act...

But, since his assistant suggested it...

"Just stay behind for a little bit." Lin Sheng closed up the script in his hands and handed it to his assistant. He didn't care about Tangning's acting; he didn't like her anyway. But, he had heard an interesting rumor that Tangning acted without a script.

He wanted to see if Tangning was for real...

Was she so amazing that everyone was scrambling to give her praises...


Over the past two days, Yue Shanshan suffered through all forms of controversy and pain. She practically offended her fans, management agency and Hai Rui all at the same time. Apart from siding with J-King, she had no other choice.

Star Art's higher-ups were already showing signs of disdain and were obviously planning on freezing her jobs.

Yue Shanshan was well aware of the damage caused by her decision to stop filming. So, it was inevitable that she'd end up working with J-King.

In the peace of the night, Yue Shanshan brought along her script and met with J-King at a hotel. However, Lin Chong also appeared beside him.

"What's wrong with you? Why would you keep a reporter by your side..." Yue Shanshan looked at Lin Chong with a sense of exclusion. "Have you forgotten the stupid move he made in the past?"

"That was all a misunderstanding. From now on we are all in the same boat," J-King said as he straightened his wine-red jacket. "Have you brought what I told you to bring?"

Yue Shanshan looked at Lin Chong cautiously before presenting the script to J-King.

J-King looked at the script as his eyes glowed excitedly, "The film will take at least half a year to produce. While they are doing that, we can work on our television series. We can film and broadcast as we go."

Lin Chong, of course, knew the importance of the script that Yue Shanshan had brought along. After all, 'Stupid' was currently the most anticipated film. But, who would have thought, she'd actually have the guts to go against Mo Ting by breaching her contract and handing the script over to J-King!

Yue Shanshan did not look at J-King. She simply placed her gaze upon Lin Chong, "I truly do not understand what use he has with a reporter like yourself..."

"I wouldn't be talking, it's not like you succeeded at what you were asked to do."


"The path was already laid out for you and fans were already stirred up. But, what was the result?" Lin Chong diverted the conversation towards the violent fan incident.

"That's enough," J-King cut in. His expression was dark, "I specifically hired a professional anti-fan and got a blog post written up. I even self-scripted and self-directed a fight between fans and thought it was a surefire plan. Never would I have imagined that Mo Ting would be even more ruthless than I am. We can't blame anyone for the result. Who told Mo Ting to be so calculative?"

Lin Chong glanced at Yue Shanshan and didn't say another word.

"Right now, all the shareholders at Hai Rui are treating me like I'm the plague. Just the thought of how they've been avoiding me makes my blood boil."

"Hmmph, wasn't this all because you wanted to steal power from Mo Ting?" Yue Shanshan scoffed.

Lin Chong did not say another word as he sneakily turned off the pinhole camera in his pocket.

After the trio shared a dinner, Yue Shanshan left first. After she was gone, J-King turned to Lin Chong and said, "Lin Chong, do you know why I am keeping you by my side? I'm hoping you can capture some beneficial material for me."

"I'll try my best..."

Lin Chong replied in a deep voice.

J-King trusted in Lin Chong because he trusted in the hatred Lin Chong had towards Hai Rui; there was no way he'd betray him.

However, after leaving the hotel, Lin Chong returned to the place he was temporarily staying and sent the recording he had obtained to Fang Yu. He also notified him that the script for 'Stupid' had been leaked.

Fang Yu was quite surprised and moved. Lin Chong had done so many cruel things, so he had never imagined there'd be a day where he'd change for the better.

After careful thought, he sent Lin Chong a message, "You can retreat. Safety first."

"Yue Shanshan has something under J-King's control..."

Fang Yu understood what Lin Chong was trying to say; he wanted Mo Ting to quickly destroy J-King.

"Return to your studio. President Mo will handle the rest."

Lin Chong did not reply, so Fang Yu insisted, "You must retreat!"

Of course, Lin Chong wasn't stupid, so he gave J-King a phone call and told him he was following a big lead and would disappear for a little while. J-King believed him without any doubt.

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