Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 307: Has Lu Che Made a Move on You?

Chapter 307: Has Lu Che Made a Move on You?

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"Why are you suddenly interested in her?" Tang Xuan maintained her elegant image as she asked. Her eyes looked at Chi Xinyan piercingly, "You guys aren't actually well acquainted, are you?"

Chi Xinyan was exposed, so she smiled back awkwardly as she explained, "I'm simply not sure why a rich heiress would degrade herself in such a way and bring shame to her family..."

"This isn't something you should worry about. Tangning is well aware of what she is doing," Tang Xuan cut in before Chi Xinyan could finish. "Miss Chi, this is a Tang family matter."

Chi Xinyan understood that the Tang family wasn't one to offend, so she quickly retreated, "Sister Xuan, I don't mean anything by this. I am merely sympathizing with you."

"There is nothing to sympathize about!"

After all, she was merely a child of a mistress and held no status in the family.

Luckily, Tangning had enough self-awareness. She was at least better than her mother and knew the right thing to do. So, the Tang family quickly forgot about her existence and went on separately with their own lives.

Chi Xinyan did not gain any useful information from her visit. The only thing she confirmed was that Tangning had indeed been kicked out.

After Chi Xinyan left, Tang Xuan asked the maids to clean up the cup she drank from. Just as she got up, Grandfather Tang entered the living room with the support of his walking stick.


"I noticed the young miss from the Chi family just visited. What was it regarding?"

Tang Xuan did not dare to mention Tangning in front of her grandfather, so she simply replied, "She was merely sending her regards, nothing special."

Grandfather Tang glanced at Tang Xuan with his piercing eyes. His pupils glimmered with suspicion, but he did not continue questioning her. He simply said to Tang Xuan in a serious tone, "I saw the news regarding Tangning and this Miss Chi. I assume the rich heiress they spoke about was her. How dare she shake my granddaughter's hand and snobbishly act like it was dirty..."

Tang Xuan was stunned...


"Don't tell me you still think I am angry at Tangning? I'm sure you all know deep down why I had to send Tangning away. The person that did something ridiculous was your father, it had nothing to do with Tangning. Yes, I was disappointed in her once, but Tangning is still my granddaughter - this is the undeniable truth!"

Grandfather Tang did not say much more. But, Tang Xuan felt a strong sense of discomfort and anxiety.

Within the Tang family, Tangning was the only child of the mistress, yet, she was the one that received the most love from Grandfather Tang.

What right did Tangning have?

And what did Grandfather Tang mean by his words?


Tangning had no idea that her name had caused a stir in the Tang household. She was simply focused on preparing for her shoot with Fearles in France and was trying her best to achieve the result Mo Ting wanted.

Just before setting off to France, Long Jie requested for some time off from Tangning. After Tangning finished packing her luggage, she turned to Long Jie questioningly, "Haven't you always followed me regardless of whether we are headed for heaven or hell? Ever since you started dating Lu Che, you no longer stick by my side."

"I simply want to spend more time with him. Plus, Boss will be accompanying you the entire time. It makes no difference whether I am there or not," Long Jie explained as she smiled at Tangning.

Tangning carefully observed Long Jie and discovered marks all over her neck, "Is that the reason you abandoned me?"

Long Jie quickly covered her neck and cleared her throat, "That..."

"Has Lu Che made a move on you?"

"What do you mean 'made a move'? Sounds so bad," Long Jie pulled out her marriage certificate and handed it to Tangning, "We are legally wed. Legally!"

Tangning looked at the marriage certificate and was a little surprised, "Why didn't you mention this before?"

"That was getting late and we were getting a little carried away, so I told him I didn't agree with pre-marital sex. As a result...we got married the next day."

Tangning handed the marriage certificate back to Long Jie and suddenly felt a bit of discomfort, "You got married so abruptly, I didn't even get a chance to give you my blessings."

"Between us, are words still necessary?" Long Jie laughed out loud. "Plus, this is a decision between Lu Che and I. We simply want to enjoy some time alone. Things are perfect the way they are right now."

"I guess if I don't approve your leave, I would be quite heartless," Tangning put down her luggage and gently hugged Long Jie, "You need to remain this loving forever. Lu Che has been busy over the past few days because of Star King's take over. How about I call my husband and tell him to give Lu Che a few days off, what do you think?"

" are the best!"


That afternoon, as Mo Ting returned home, Tangning excitedly told him about Lu Che and Long Jie's marriage. She also told him to give Lu Che a few days off. Mo Ting thought about it for a moment and agreed, "OK, since he is of no use at the moment anyway."

"Is that a complaint I hear?" Tangning handed her luggage to Mo Ting and laughed.

"No wonder he's been a lot slower at handling matters lately. It must be because he's been placing his energy elsewhere," Mo Ting gestured for Tangning to stay where she was and let him handle the heavy work as he carried both their luggage into the car, "Everything's packed, let's get going."

"But, you are coming overseas with me to relax. Should you ask Fang Yu to replace Lu Che for a few days?"

In actual fact, Tangning was trying to satisfy another couple's wish. Lu Che and Long Jie were now married, but Huo Jingjing and Fang Yu were still separated in two different places.

"Huo Jingjing isn't in France..."

Tangning froze. She didn't expect Mo Ting to see through to her real intention.

"Plus, you've underestimated your husband..."

Tangning did not refute. She opened the car door and hopped aboard with Mo Ting.

Their flight was scheduled for 8pm. Mo Ting brought along a few accompanying staff and arrived at the airport. As soon as they stepped in, they immediately drew the attention of passersby. In fact, they didn't simply draw in a small crowd, the crowd they attracted covered a large section of the airport. The crowd was so big that Tangning and Mo Ting had no way of getting through.

The airport's security immediately jumped into action as they carefully tried to escort them out of the crowd. However, Tangning remained surrounded by fans, to the point where she wasn't feeling well.

At first, Mo Ting simply held onto Tangning's hand. But, there were too many fans. So, he immediately gave off his domineering aura as he stopped in his track, removed his sunglass, pulled Tangning from his right side to his left and wrapped his arm around her in a half-hug position.

The fans started squealing in excitement...

Tangning noticed Mo Ting was extremely tired but couldn't stop to rest. So all she could do was step out from Mo Ting's embrace, remove her sunglasses and bow to the fans, "My apologies, could everyone please clear a path for us? He hasn't had any rest for a few days and isn't in the best condition."

Tangning did not mention Mo Ting's name, she simply referred to him as 'he'...

But it was already enough to make the fans explode in excitement. They quickly moved aside as requested, "Make way. Let the Mo couple through!"

"Thank you everyone, thank you!"

Tangning returned to Mo Ting's side as he looked at her full of praise...

Mo Ting also suddenly felt, the fan that had referred to them as the 'Mo couple' looked particularly pleasing to the eye...

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