Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 297: Boss Has Revealed Your Relationship

Chapter 297: Boss Has Revealed Your Relationship

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Quan Ye framed Tangning!

The almighty heir of Star King; the Quan family descendant, Quan Ye, who had loads of potential, actually tried to frame a model. Worst of all - this model was a woman!

At this time, not only the public but also the people at Star King were filled with discussions, "I feel so ashamed. Star King has been completely embarrassed by this spoilt heir."

"I feel that a real man wouldn't bully a woman in this way. Only women would make things difficult for other women. Could the heir be a transvestite?"

"How did the chairman give birth to rubbish like this? If I was him, I would have trampled him to death a long time ago to prevent him from dragging me down in such a way."

"Right now he is framing women, what other disgusting things would he do in the future? It's not like a spoilt heir like him would care about other's feelings."

Father Quan held onto some documents as he walked into Star King. As he overheard the whisperings of his staff, his face turned red. In anger, he directly kicked open his office door.

His secretary followed behind in fear as she asked him cautiously, "Chairman, would you like me to go look for President Quan?"

Father Quan took a deep breath. Suddenly, he gripped onto his chest and knelt on the floor in pain. His secretary was so frightened, she immediately called the ambulance.


Tangning's innocence had finally been proven. At this time, her fans began to circulate the message she left online when she made an appearance not too long ago.

A netizen naively asked the fans, "Why didn't Tangning step out to explain earlier?"

"If our Tangning stepped out to explain, would you have believed her?"

"We are also women, but why is it that when you see a male celebrity, you would make up an excuse for them no matter what they do. Whereas, when it came to Tangning - an innocent model - she had to suffer malicious speculation and insults from her own gender?"

The netizen was speechless and no longer responded.

"Enough! We've had enough. Tangning has been defamed in every way possible. All that is missing is her being forced to kneel to the netizens. From now on, we will protect her."

"That's right, from now on, Tangning will be protected by us and we will no longer allow her to get hurt."

Her fan club created an international Tangning anti-defamation alliance and quickly attracted tens of thousands of fans that wanted to join. As they had experience dealing with the industry, the fans split up their workload and created a system.

Some took charge of spotting defamation claims, some took charge of researching information and some compiled a database of Tangning's achievements since her debut. In conclusion, the forming of this alliance was extremely meaningful to Tangning.

Because, she could finally see that there were more and more people wanting to protect her.

Meanwhile, another big event happened on social media. The CEO of Hai Rui, Mo Ting, created a personal social media account.

In an instant, a countless number of fans already started following him. By the time 7pm came around, he already had over 100,000 followers.

This was a frightening number. The thing the fans were most curious about was, what reason did Mo Ting have for opening a social media account?

That night at 8:15pm, Mo Ting finally posted up a photo. It was a photo from Hai Rui's celebration dinner; the photo of him carrying Tangning on his back.

In the photo, Tangning peacefully clung onto Mo Ting's back as her eyes twinkled in the light. Meanwhile, Mo Ting was carrying Tangning; his head was slightly turned as he looked at her with his gentle and caring gaze.

Of course, he not only posted up a photo. He also included 6 words, "I am her one and only."

These were 6 simple but powerful words. It was a simple response to Quan Ye's insults towards Tangning, but... was enough to stir up the entire industry.

"God, am I dreaming? I'm not, right? Is President Mo actually revealing his relationship?"

"Oh Oh Oh! I'm so excited; I'm excited to death! I once again believe in love. I love this couple so much!"

"Apart from Tangning, who can make the entertainment industry's Big Boss become her manager as well as bed warmer? Tangning you are amazing!"

"So, this is Hai Rui's highest level of PR...Are we witnessing the President being possessed by a wife-protecting demon?"

"I suddenly feel like the heir is quite a joke."

"It's so weird, these two people seem to be on a different level in terms of social standing, yet, I don't feel like they don't suit each other at all."

"Although I really want to ask questions about LM's wedding ring commercial and Feng Cai's interview, after seeing this post, I suddenly feel like the past is no longer important."

"I want to dig up information about this couple's daily affectionate activities. Don't anyone stop me!"

"Tangning...Tangning, come to the surface and say a few words. We request to see you guys in the same frame!"


Of course, it was impossible for Tangning to satisfy their requests. After all, she had yet to find out about what had happened. Long Jie was the first to come across a news article before she searched up Mo Ting's social media account and felt like her brain almost exploded. She immediately called Tangning on the phone, "Tangning...Tangning!"

"What is it?" Tangning felt powerless towards the excited Long Jie.

"Boss has revealed your relationship! Was this something you guys agreed to in advance?" Long Jie was so emotional her hands trembled.

"What do you mean?"

"Wait a minute!" After speaking, Long Jie sent Tangning a link to Mo Ting's social media account, "I am shocked to death, really..."

Tangning remained on the phone as she clicked on the link sent by Long Jie. After the main feed loaded, the first thing she saw was a photo of her and Mo Ting. Most importantly, the time at which the post was made was 8:15pm...

It turned out, Mo Ting was still at work, because of this?

"Tangning, did you see it? Boss is practically telling the entire world that he is staking his claim on you. Haha, we no longer need to worry about another Quan Ye making an appearance."

"It's been revealed, it's been revealed! I am going to go pop open a bottle of wine with Lu Che..."

After hearing this, Tangning let out a laugh. She didn't know why every time something good happened to her, Long Jie would be more excited than anyone. In fact, she would be even more excited than Tangning herself.

"By the way, is Boss home?"

"Not yet," Tangning replied.

"Hurry and look for him, why are you still at home? Hurry over. I'm going to hang up now."

After putting down the phone, Tangning actually did what Long Jie said. She grabbed her jacket and handbag and left the villa. However, as she reached Hai Rui, she gave Mo Ting a phone call and discovered he wasn't in the office.

"I am downstairs at Hai Rui, where are you?"

"I am at the hospital," Mo Ting replied in a dull tone, "Old Man Quan has been admitted to hospital."


"Star King's people invited me here. It seems his condition is quite serious and has something to do with the internal battles in Star King. I will come home later. You go home first and get some rest," Mo Ting reassured.

"Everything will be fine, right?" Tangning asked anxiously.

There were so many people at Star King, yet, Father Quan had specifically asked for Mo Ting; this was a bit odd.

"Everything will be fine."

"I saw your revelation..." Tangning relaxed a little, "Originally, I wanted to talk to you about it when you got home, but, since you are already on the line, I want to tell you as soon as possible that I am really happy..."

"Mrs. Mo, the entire reason I did this was to make you happy."

"I won't bother you then. At a time like this, I don't want to become a burden for you. Come home soon, I'll be waiting for you."

Although Tangning spoke in a composed manner, she was actually filled with worries on the inside...

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