Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 286: Isn't That Too Cruel?

Chapter 286: Isn't That Too Cruel?

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After they finished talking about their collaboration, Coque wanted to invite the couple to dinner, but Mo Ting politely turned him down.

The couple left the manor and bid farewell to Coque. Mo Ting then drove Tangning back to the hotel. On the way, Mo Ting couldn't help but ask, "How did you feel about your interaction with the kid?"

"It was a little overwhelming..." Tangning thought about it carefully, "Kathy is much too naughty."

"OK, I'll take note of that," Mo Ting suddenly replied.


"In future, our child can't be too naughty," Mo Ting replied in a serious manner.

Tangning let out a gentle laugh and looked at Mo Ting, "Do you think you have a choice how your child turns out?"

"I can teach it..."

Hearing this, Tangning started imagining Mo Ting as a father; sitting on the sofa as a little munchkin knelt before him admitting to its mistake. Just the thought of it was much too beautiful.

"Do you really want one?"

This time, Mo Ting looked at Tangning seriously and shook his head, "Let's wait a few years. All I want to do now is to love you."

Tangning wanted to lean over into Mo Ting's driver's seat and print a kiss on his cheek, but Mo Ting reminded, "It's dangerous, sit back in your place."

"Dangerous? Or is someone tailing us?" Tangning asked, "Did you think, with my level of sensitivity, I wouldn't be able to notice the black car that's been following us? The camera is so reflective, it's almost blinded me a few times. I bet they captured a few photos of Kathy and I at the manor, didn't they? What is this all about?"

"The people from Hua Rong Studio are following us..." Mo Ting explained.

As expected, he couldn't underestimate his woman! She was much too observant.

"What do they want?"

"According to the comments they left online, it seems they are claiming you have multiple men. At the moment, they are trying to capture more evidence."

"So, you're playing along?" Tangning guessed, "But..."

"I can't keep waiting," Mo Ting interrupted Tangning's sentence before swerving the car into a dead end and explaining, "I want to take this opportunity to announce our relationship...I want to tell everyone, you are Mo Ting's wife; the woman I treasure the most. But, if I was to directly announce it, the people from Hua Rong would continue to gather evidence, make claims and try to defame you."

"Rather than letting that happen, I might as well wait for them to make a move first. After they reveal their ultimate plan, I can completely get rid of them and then announce our relationship."

"So, you deliberately lured the people at Hua Rong, didn't you? Also, back at the airport, when you suggested to walk through the normal route, you wanted people to know of our whereabouts," Tangning finally understood what Mo Ting had done.

Hua Rong's people had endured for so long, there was no way they'd stop at simply posting a photo. 'Ambition' was written all over Editor Lin's face.

Editor Lin wasn't hard to deal with. But, what Mo Ting wanted was an opportunity for him and Tangning.

"Will you blame me?"

"Blame you for what?" Tangning's eyes suddenly turned red, "Blame you for being so calculative? Or blame you for calculating everything to protect me and to make other's acknowledge me?"

"Just like how I appeared in front of you when I went against Han Yufan and Mo Yurou, I want to see the true Mo Ting."

"I love you. So, I am willing to stand on your side."

"We still have a lifetime together..."

Mo Ting reached out his hands and pulled Tangning into his embrace; he couldn't help but sigh, "God has really been good to me because he brought you to me. Trust me, I will only give you the best."

Tangning had always trusted him and she intended to continue trusting him. So, she replied to him firmly, "Announce it! Let's use Hua Rong Studio to our advantage. After all, their intention was to uncover a big scandal to destroy me."


"Who would have thought Tangning is so capable. She even managed to play with the daughter of a big director like Coque." After a long day of stalking, Hua Rong's people returned to the hotel they were staying in.

Editor Lin looked at the photos that were captured and said to his subordinates, "That's no big director's daughter. We will report it as Tangning's illegitimate child!"

"But...Mo Ting was also there. It was obvious they were there for business..."

Editor Lin looked at his stupid subordinate and then waved him off, "Report that Tangning has an illegitimate daughter in France and then release the photo of her playing with the child. Afterwards, post up a photo comparison of the two. Do you think the public would care about the truth?"

"Isn't that too cruel?"

"Hai Rui has already forced us into a dead end. If we don't get a grasp on the time and fight back, don't even dream of ever stepping foot on Beijing soil again," Editor Lin said straightforwardly. "Hurry and write up an article for me. Tomorrow, I want our two teams to be on standby. As long as Tangning is abroad, I don't think she can withstand the loneliness."

"But Editor, don't forget, Mo Ting is by her side. There's no way she can get up to any mischief."

"That's not for certain! Did you think a flirtatious woman like that can control her instincts?"

"But, Mo Ting is already the best there is, isn't she satisfied? How thirsty for men must she be?"

"Stop talking rubbish. Tomorrow, remember to be on standby," Editor Lin ordered. With Mo Ting around, their possibility of capturing solid proof was scarce, but it didn't mean they couldn't try their luck.

In actual fact, they had no idea Mo Ting had been here all along and the three men they spoke of...was all Mo Ting.

Of course, this was all a part of President Mo's plan; it was better than letting Hua Rong capture random photos and then come back again to get something better. At least now, they were well prepared. All they had to do was wait for Hua Rong to fall into their trap.


It was nighttime in Beijing. A bone-chilling wind swept through the city. After dinner, Fang Yu stared at Huo Jingjing. His eyes were questioning her: didn't she say she would leave at night?

"I don't think the reporters will notice you at this time. Put on a little bit of a disguise, I'll take you home."

Huo Jingjing immediately responded, "I don't have any clothes to wear. Did you forget? I arrived in lingerie."

"I got your assistant to bring some clothes. Just a moment ago, I already went down to retrieve them."

"When was this?" Huo Jingjing asked awkwardly.

"While you and Yue Er were having an afternoon nap, I went and got them...Hurry and get changed."

"Must you send me away?" Huo Jingjing didn't actually want to return to her apartment. It was cold, lonely and made her imagination run wild. "I can stay in the guest room. If not, I don't mind sleeping on the sofa. When you're not around I can keep Yue Er company. Plus, if I need to look for you, I don't need to make a phone call."

In order not to make Fang Yu misunderstand her intentions, she quickly explained, "There are too many unhappy memories at the apartment. Plus, Zhen Manni had previously sent someone straight to my front door, so privacy isn't great. How about I sell it and move next door to you."

"I have no friends and family and have nothing to tie me down...There's no difference where I go."

"Hurry, let's go. Let's go and get your things." Actually, this was what Fang Yu meant from the start.

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