Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 284: In The Future, We Will Also Have Kids

Chapter 284: In The Future, We Will Also Have Kids

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After talking openly and honestly in the morning, Huo Jingjing and Fang Yu's relationship changed.

They had successfully become a couple!

So, Huo Jingjing had reason to stay at Fang Yu's home, even after IY's incident was over.

After breakfast, Huo Jingjing and Fang Yue played with building blocks in the living room. Fang Yu stepped out after washing up and crossed his arms as he asked, "Aren't you going to get changed?"

Huo Jingjing did not look at Fang Yu. As she played with the building blocks, she replied, "I will leave at night. If I step out now, I might get surrounded by reporters again."

Fang Yu understood that she actually wanted to spend more time with Fang Yue. So, he did not refuse, "I have a day off today as well..."

Huo Jingjing lifted her head; her eyes glimmered. At first, she wanted to suggest they find a place to develop their relationship. But she then remembered their identities and lowered her head disappointedly. They were currently standing in the peak of a storm; it was best if she caused less trouble for Fang Yu.

Fang Yu seemed to have seen through Huo Jingjing's thoughts, so he said, "The nanny will arrive in a moment to take care of Xiao Yue. When she arrives, come to my study room."

"What do you want to do?"

"Do you still want to take on jobs like IY? After all, you do have an international status. With the incident this time, you are bound to find that your value has dropped. Your manager can't escape the blame this time!"

In actual fact, IY's incident had nothing to do with her manager. Huo Jingjing had rushed into it because she wanted to avoid reality and quickly focus on work. As a result, she did not take the time to fully understand IY before she accepted their offer straight away.

But, who did she do this because of?

Huo Jingjing looked at Fang Yu and asked, "With what identity are you speaking to me about this?"

"It seems, all my identities have the right to speak to you about this," Fang Yu did not back down. Who was she kidding? If Huo Jingjing could shut him up so easily, he might as well quit his role as PR Director.

As his response was so powerful, Huo Jingjing's face turned red.

Her heart felt like it was flowing through a warm oasis; she felt sweet and a little tired, was a beautiful feeling.

If they had continued to be indecisive about their relationship, how much happiness would they have missed out on...

Luckily, they had both realized in time...

"Fine. I'll keep Xiao Yue company for a little while longer. You go have breakfast first."

Fang Yu nodded his head and returned to his study room with a glass of milk. He then continued with the work Mo Ting had left behind: to collate information about Hua Rong Studio. As he thought about how Mo Ting had mentioned these idiots would follow them to France, he immediately contacted his friends at the airport and did a search of all those flying to France with the surname Lin. Finally, he locked down on a skinny tall man named Lin Chong.

Fang Yu sent a message to Mo Ting for confirmation. As Tangning had seen him the most, with one glance, she was able to identify the man.

"He is traveling with a man and a woman. The woman is quite interesting, guess who it is," after a few seconds, Fang Yu continued, "Charlene!"

In actual fact, there were more than three people. However, they were acting separately.

"Even more interesting was, I found Quan Ye was also on the same flight!"

Tangning noticed Mo Ting in a video conference with Fang Yu and Lu Che. She was aware that Mo Ting had not had any rest since disembarking their flight. So, she got up, filled the bath and called room service to prepare food for him.

"Lu Che will fly over to help us out here in France. Fang Yu will continue to watch over the situation in Beijing..."

10 minutes later, Mo Ting turned off his computer before Tangning handed him a bathrobe, "Go have a bath and then come out to eat..."

Mo Ting rubbed his neck and refused to take the bathrobe as he tilted his head and asked. "Am I having a bath on my own?"

"I already had one earlier."

"Help me bathe then." After speaking, he grabbed Tangning's hand and dragged her into the bathroom.

Inside the warm misty bathroom, a layer of steam enshrouded the couple. After removing his clothes, Mo Ting lay inside the bathtub. Seeing this scene made Tangning's heart ache. She retrieved a bottle of essential oils provided by the hotel and sat on the edge of the bathtub as she gently massaged his shoulders, "Better?"

Mo Ting was silent.

Tangning looked down to find he had fallen asleep...

He had fallen into a deep sleep without feeling the need to be cautious.

Tangning did not wake him up, nor did her delicate hands stop kneading his shoulders. It was not until 20 minutes later, when Tangning realized the water had cooled down, did she wake him, "Go sleep in bed."

Mo Ting got out of the bathtub as Tangning handed him a clean towel and ordered, "Go sit in front of the sink. I'll help you shave."

Mo Ting put on his robe and submissively did as he was told.

Tangning stood between Mo Ting's thighs and applied shaving cream on the areas around his lips. Just as she about to start shaving with the razor, Mo Ting suddenly pressed his lips firmly against hers.

Tangning got a bit of foam in her mouth as she struggled, "You're so tired yet you still have the energy to muck around?"

" you have doubts about my stamina?"

"I..." Tangning was about to explain herself; all she wanted was for Mo Ting to get some rest. However...Mo Ting grabbed onto her slim waist with one fell swoop and removed her robe...

"You're always so full of energy..."

"I need a recharge." The activity they were about to partake in, was the most efficient form of recharge.

The couple were affectionate all the way up until the second half of the night. Just before they went to sleep, Mo Ting suddenly said, "Tomorrow, I need to chat to a French Director about an upcoming movie. Come with me."

Tangning smiled tiredly and nodded her head.

Mo Ting had always been like this. Although he was Tangning's manager, if Hai Rui had an opportunity for cooperation or had other business matters in France, he would schedule it in as well; optimizing their time.

"The meeting with Claude.N has been scheduled for 2 days I will first deal with other business. I originally wanted to let you get some rest, but the French Director's wife is a supermodel and she is currently in the US, leaving their 2-year-old daughter in his care. He can't possibly step away from her, so I've asked you to come and help take care of her for a bit."

"I've...never taken care of a child."

"Then treat is as a preview. In the future, we will also have kids..."


Tangning was tired from the intimate activity they had just finished so she didn't even consider that the director could have hired someone to take care of his child, why would she need to take on this responsibility?

But, Mo Ting did not explain to her either. He simply lowered a kiss onto her forehead, " Go to sleep."

After hearing this, Tangning found a comfortable spot in Mo Ting's embrace. Mo Ting reached out his arm and pulled her closer before turning off the bedside lamp and entering into a deep sleep with his wife.

Why did Mo Ting make an arrangement like this? It was to give Hua Rong Studio a chance to stalk them.

If he didn't give them a little treat, how would he be able to force them to speed up their progress and reveal their underlying scheme? What information did they have in their hands, what did they plan to do and why had they not yet exposed everything...? He was going to get an answer for all these questions.

As for Quan Ye, Mo Ting was going to sit back and watch what this clown would get up to.

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