Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 275: Isn't This Too Perfect?

Chapter 275: Isn't This Too Perfect?

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Boxing was an athletic sport as well as an art form. It required powerful muscle strength, strong psychological warfare and strenuous physical activity.

A standard boxing match required 5 rounds; each round lasting 2 minutes, until one of the competitors get knocked out for 10 seconds. The one left standing is the winner.

Mo Ting wasn't in the mood to endure multiple rounds with Quan Ye. So, the two men agreed to just one round.

While Mo Ting was still in the change room, Quan Ye swiftly wrapped his hands in bandages and put on his boxing gloves. In order to prove that a match was of a high caliber, professional boxers usually didn't wear helmets nor armor. So, Quan Ye also didn't to put any on. He simply appeared in front of everyone wearing a pair of shorts and soft-soled shoes.

Quan Ye's body wasn't bad, his arms and legs were toned and his muscles were well sculpted; he was definitely stronger than the average man. However, his skin was pale like a delicate woman; the reason why Mo Ting called him scrawny.

Even though Mo Ting called him scrawny, he still received a huge round of applause and endless cheers as soon as he appeared in the ring.

Afterwards, Quan Ye did some warm-up exercises in the ring. He seemed to enjoy being praised and admired by others. Even if he wasn't the heir to Star King, he would have still pursued the path of a famous superstar. Only then could he enjoy the attention that a normal person never experienced.

Both the Mo and Quan elders sat amongst the audience. Upon seeing his son, Father Quan thought to himself: This brat. Even though he often plays with women, at least he hasn't neglected his body. He actually looks pretty good!

Meanwhile, Second Master Mo sat next to Father Quan deep in thought, with his arms crossed. He was thinking about the last time Mo Ting had thrown a punch; it had already been a decade ago. Back then, all it took was one punch to give his opponent a concussion. Now that 10 years had passed, he wasn't as young and fit as before. It was expected that he wouldn't use as much force. If he was to seriously injure Quan Ye, how would he compensate the Quan family?

"Why hasn't President Mo appeared yet?"

"To be honest, President Quan's body is quite good."

"Did you truly think that he was just a simple rich heir?"

After hearing the discussions behind him, Father Quan suddenly felt quite proud. Although Star King had been suppressed by Hai Rui for years, if his son managed to beat Mo Ting in terms of physique, it would be considered as a win nonetheless and would satisfy his pride.

"You people, it's obvious you don't work out, or else why would you think this body is considered good. You just wait and see!"

"But, I've never seen President Mo work out much..."

"Sorry to say, every single villa in Hyatt Regency contains its own gym. Did you think you would have the honor of seeing him work out?"

Second Master Mo couldn't stand the noisy chatter around him, so he cleared his throat, hinting for the reporters to watch what they were saying; couldn't they see the two elders sitting there? Everyone quietened down.

Not long after, two figures entered the boxing stadium...

Originally, with the glare of the light behind them, their faces couldn't be seen clearly. But, after Mo Ting and Tangning entered the stadium, the audience roared with excitement. Some people even stood up subconsciously.

Everyone scanned over every inch of Mo Ting's body in disbelief, like they were afraid they'd miss out if they didn't look carefully...

His firm and well-proportioned 8-pack abs were sculpted like a Westerner's body; his arms were strong and his fists were full of power. On top of everything, his skin was bronze and full of masculinity...

The reporters looked at Mo Ting's body in a daze. They almost forgot the camera in their hands.

"Oh God! Isn't this too perfect? How many men would die for a body like this?"

"This is too shocking. Hurry, snap some photos!"

"Would you believe that Quan Ye won't be able to handle even one punch from President Mo?"

"After seeing President Mo's body, I suddenly feel that Quan Ye looks a little like a woman!"

After hearing the various opinions, Quan Ye glared at Mo Ting who was approaching him...He suddenly felt his body burn up in a fiery pain!

Online, most people voted that his body was better than Mo Ting's, and he accepted the results proudly. He had never imagined Mo Ting's body would be this good. Wasn't he renowned for being a workaholic?

He looked at Mo Ting and then looked back at himself...

Quan Ye suddenly felt like running away. Looking at Mo Ting's muscly arms, he expected the force from Mo Ting's punch would definitely be shocking.

Tangning followed behind Mo Ting. On her arm, hung Mo Ting's black coat. Of course, from the reactions of the people present, she could already see who was going to win. Who told Quan Ye to have such a cheap mouth? Now, he deserved to be a sandbag for Mo Ting.

Second Master Mo looked at Mo Ting admiringly. Who would have thought, after 10 years, his body was still in such great shape. In fact, it was even better than before.

On the other hand, Father Quan's face turned from red to white. He was beginning to worry whether Quan Ye would be able to stand back up after even one punch from Mo Ting.

"Quick, snap a few more photos. How many men in Beijing have a body like this? Quick!"

"Haha, just the thought of it is so satisfying. The people that voted for President Quan are going to swell from this huge face slap. How could such a masculine man be gay? Quit joking!"

"Haiz...I really wish I was as lucky as Tangning and be able to simply hold clothes for him."

"Talking about Tangning, what is going on with them? Have they swapped roles?"

The audience contained an atmosphere of excitement, especially when Mo Ting entered the ring.

Quan Ye automatically took a few steps back. He was cautious but also unwilling to admit defeat.

Mo Ting looked at Quan Ye before wrapping his hands in bandages, "If you want to admit defeat, you still have time. Let me give you a warning, 10 years ago someone took a hit from me and is still in the hospital to this day."

If Mo Ting said these words while he was still dressed, Quan Ye would have definitely burst out laughing. But, Mo Ting was currently standing half naked in front of him, overflowing with hormones and power; he didn't dare to underestimate him.

Quan Ye looked at his opponent and back at himself. In the end, he admitted defeat before the fight even started, "I give up."

He still had 4 more chances. He refused to believe that Mo Ting would be advantageous in all of them!

Especially when it came to eating, drinking and entertainment, could anyone be better than him?

As soon as Mo Ting heard the words 'I give up', he pointed to Tangning and said, "You probably can't even beat her...I do feel like I am being a bully by being up here. I'll try my best to go easy on you next round."

Quan Ye looked at Tangning and scoffed, "There's no way President Mo can continue to win."

"Let's wait and see."

Quan Ye turned around and jumped out of the boxing ring. Upon returning to Father Quan's side he looked a bit ashamed. However, this outcome was better than being beaten and humiliated.

"I never imagined that young fellow had so many hidden talents. What do you plan on competing against next round? Bring out your strengths. I'm sure a goody-two-shoes like him won't be able to compete!" Father Quan replied.

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