Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 263: I Will Make You Return to Nothing

Chapter 263: I Will Make You Return to Nothing

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"I've done so much for Hai Rui and suppressed Star King for so many years. Even if it's not something to take merit for, I should at least be acknowledged for my hard work. Instead, I've realized my position in Hai Rui is below that of a newcomer!"

"Is this how Hai Rui operates?"

"Before Tangning arrived, Hai Rui had always been just and fair. Mo Ting, have you been possessed?"

Zhen Manni appeared to have found an outlet to release everything she was unhappy about as she quickly spoke her mind...

The expressions on the faces of everyone present was exceptionally uneasy; they all knew, even though Mo Ting appeared to be unaffected, it could not hide the hostile vibe that was emanating from his body. He was like an ancient king who was getting his authority challenged.

Mo Ting did not show any reaction. However, just as he was about to speak, Tangning stretched out her hand and stopped him, "She is just one simple woman, there is no need to get upset. Since I am your manager today, let me handle it."

Mo Ting looked deep into Tangning's eyes, however, his piercing look also contained a sense of trust.

Under these circumstances, Tangning had been awoken from her resting state. It seemed, she had heard the voice of someone brave enough to insult Mo Ting.

She slowly stood up beside Mo Ting. She wasn't wearing any high heels, but her presence completely overshadowed Zhen Manni, forcing her to take a few steps back.

"What are you planning to do? Are you going to slap me again?"

"Did you think you would get to where you are today without Hai Rui?" Tangning asked in a cold tone.

"I also supported Hai Rui to where they are today!"

"You? Supported Hai Rui?" Tangning burst out laughing before asking, "You think too highly of yourself. Everyone here relied on Hai Rui to get to where they are today. Did you think, without Hai Rui backing you, people would even take you into consideration?"

"Your ability to suppress Star King, gives you value in the agency, but it's not hard for Hai Rui to create a second Zhen Manni, a third Zhen Manni and even a fourth. There are plenty of people waiting to join Hai Rui."

"Did you think it's that easy to create an international supermodel?" Zhen Manni asked back confidently.

"Yes, it's not easy. But, Hai Rui has a Best Actor from the Fei Tian Awards and a Best Actress from the Berlin Film Awards. We have celebrities in Hollywood, an Asian Dance King and bands that break the world record every year in sales."

"Hai Rui also owns its own filming studio and creative agency. With all this, do you still think Hai Rui needs your support?"


Tangning spoke powerfully as she questioned Zhen Manni. Everything she said not only made Zhen Manni sound worthless, but also lifted up the value of the superstars present.

Everyone rubbed their chins and nodded in agreement. They realized, this woman who appeared weak on the surface, was like a powerful heroine when she spoke up!

Zhen Manni was speechless for a moment. All she could do was open her eyes wide in shock, but not a single word came out of her mouth. After quite some time, she finally laughed, "Since you are aware that there are so many amazing superstars in Hai Rui, why would Mo Ting choose to be your manager?"

"Hai Rui's superstars possess a variety of skills and are extraordinarily capable, do they need the support of Mo Ting?"

After hearing this praise from Tangning, the superstars present felt their moods uplift even more...

Most importantly, even if someone had the tiniest discomfort towards Mo Ting becoming Tangning's manager, at this moment, they no longer felt it was an issue.

"So, you are admitting that you aren't capable enough?"

"Yes, so why are you fighting with me?" Tangning asked.

In other words, Tangning was admitting that she wasn't very capable, but, if Zhen Manni was so capable, why would she need to devalue herself to fight against someone below her?

Unless she had doubts about her own capabilities?

After hearing these words, the people around them suddenly felt that Tangning's fighting power was extremely high; every word she said deemed Zhen Manni speechless.

"Plus, President Mo is my manager. If someone was to complain, then only I would have the right to do so, because we have signed a contract. What right do you think you have?"

"Before you, he is the almighty CEO of Hai Rui...and how the CEO decides to deal with you...I am looking forward to witnessing it!"

After speaking, Tangning returned to her original spot and sat down beside Mo Ting...

However, her words were much too protective. All those present felt like they had just been treated to a round of dog food. 1

Most importantly, Tangning's powerful presence...

...was completely awe-inspiring.

Afterwards, everyone returned their attention to Mo Ting...

"Your brand CICI has been utilizing Hai Rui's designer hasn't it? I will be taking him back..."

"Starting today, I don't want to hear of you using any of Hai Rui's resources. I want to see how much you can achieve on your own."

"I will completely dismiss your team."

"However, you can keep your manager."

"Let's play a game and try freezing you for a few years. Let's see if Hai Rui's shares will plummet tomorrow because of you."

Mo Ting announced calmly.

He made his intention clear. He was going to freeze Zhen Manni.

Everyone was shocked. Although they knew Mo Ting was going to punish Zhen Manni, they didn't expect him to be so straightforward...

He actually froze an international supermodel in front of everyone at Hai Rui's celebration dinner.

"Complaining in front of me...?"

"I will make you return to nothing."

Zhen Manni was stunned...

Her eyes grew wide and her body stiffened; it seemed she had never imagined this fate. She thought she was really important, but in reality, to Hai Rui and Mo Ting, she was simply a slightly famous model.

Even at this point, Mo Ting did not feel it was enough. He turned to Tangning and nudged her forward, "Zhen Manni has been doubtful of you from the start. For now, I don't need a manager, you can return to being Tangning. Go ahead and battle it out with her."

"Right here?" Tangning was surprised.

"Right here in front of everyone..." Mo Ting said in a gentle voice, "I believe in you."

"In that case, what am I required to do?"

Mo Ting glanced at Zhen Manni and back at Tangning before replying, "You simply need to go get changed!"

"Oh God, our eyes are in for a feast. President Mo shouldn't have hidden Tangning from the start...he should have allowed her to attend as a model."

"This is going to be interesting. Zhen Manni's strong points are her breasts and bottom, whereas Tangning's is her long legs. I wonder what the result would be if these two were to compete against each other."

"Why do I feel that Mo Ting is doing this on purpose? Isn't he afraid that Tangning will lose?"

"To be honest, Tangning's professionalism isn't any worse than Zhen Manni's."

The artists standing behind them were hyped up because of Mo Ting's suggestion. They all started discussing their thoughts excitedly. Of course, Tangning had already promised earlier that she would put up a good fight.

So, Tangning stood up in front of everyone. With her head held high, she said in a dominant tone, "Wait here!"

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