Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard

Chapter 252: I Can Dig Out My Heart For You, Do You Want it?

Chapter 252: I Can Dig Out My Heart For You, Do You Want it?

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According to Mo Ting's temper, Zhen Manni expected Charlene would be kicked out of Hai Rui for what she had done. However, in the end, Charlene returned to her side in a daze.

"Why are you still here?"

Charlene looked cowardly at Zhen Manni. Her usual confidence of leading Zhen Manni by the nose had now disappeared. All that remained was a pitiful expression as tears filled her eyes.

"President Mo won't let me leave!" Charlene choked. "He wants to teach me a lesson by keeping me as your manager."

Zhen Manni's expression suddenly changed...

The only reason she had tolerated Charlene's backstabbing and allowed her to look for Mo Ting was because she wanted Mo Ting to personally see how her manager was like. That way, she would have a chance of working with him instead.

However...Mo Ting ended up keeping Charlene!

On the surface, he seemed to be doing her a favor by allowing her to torture Charlene. But, in reality, it was a warning in disguise.

He was telling her not to play any tricks.

Why did Tangning get whatever she wanted, while others struggled?

What special charm did Tangning possess?


Although the staff at Hai Rui didn't usually gossip, Tangning still found out about what happened at the agency from Huo Jingjing.

She had long predicted that Zhen Manni would go trouble Mo Ting, unfortunately for Zhen Manni and her manager, they had overestimated themselves.

On top of that, she also heard about how Mo Ting had returned Charlene to Zhen Manni's side even though it wasn't something he'd usually do.

7pm. Mo Ting walked in through the front door to find Tangning standing in front of the kitchen bench wearing a white turtleneck preparing dinner. He wasn't as worried as usual.

As it was winter, she was wearing thicker clothes. So, her chances of getting burnt were lower.

Tangning felt Mo Ting's strong arms envelop her as she laughed and exclaimed, "Don't hug me too tightly, be careful of the oil!"

"I just want to hug you like this," Mo Ting pressed his chin against the back of Tangning's neck and breathed in her unique scent.

Tangning turned off the stove and turned around to hook her arm around Mo Ting's neck, "Why did you send Charlene back to Zhen Manni? You don't usually keep eyesores like that around."

"She said something wrong she will need to suffer the worst punishment."

"Zhen Manni won't go easy on her...You're being a bit too harsh."

Mo Ting wrapped his arms tightly around Tangning's hips and looked down at her with an almighty presence, "Mrs. Mo, it seems you have a lot of opinions towards my decision?"

Tangning laughed gently as she tilted her head and planted a kiss on Mo Ting's lips to appease him, "As long as you are happy."

Mo Ting satisfyingly released his delicate wife and returned to the study room to handle some matters. However, Tangning laughed to herself...

Charlene had asked Fang Yu about Mo Ting and Tangning's relationship. She was curious because she realized, the only reason she was returned to Zhen Manni's side was because she had said Tangning was ruthless.

"She insulted you briefly and was treated so badly. From now on, we should all be wary of you." These were words from Fang Yu.

However, Mo Ting did not mention it at all. Actually, Tangning already understood how Mo Ting felt; if she had encountered the same problem and someone had insulted Mo Ting, she may have reacted worse than him.

"But, Tangning, Mo Ting's bias towards you is so obvious it will definitely create problems for you. You should be careful."

"I understand," Tangning laughed.

After she put down the phone she thought about how much she enjoyed having Mo Ting treat her so well.

After dinner was prepared, Tangning took the food into the study room. Seeing Mo Ting was still occupied with work, she walked over and lay on his back.

"What is it?" Mo Ting asked without lifting his head. Although he was trying to concentrate on work, his heart was still constantly moved by Tangning.

"I was just thinking about how good you treat me. I wonder if you will still be the same in a few years time or even a few decades later? Will your love fade over time?" Tangning suddenly sighed, "If such a beautiful relationship comes across an episode of betrayal, I have a feeling...things will not end well."

After hearing her concerns, Mo Ting stretched out his arms and pulled Tangning into his embrace, "I can't give you a definite answer."

"Let's eat then..." After speaking, Tangning stood up. However, Mo Ting pulled her down and pressed her against the floor.

Tangning opened her eyes wide in surprise; lately, this man had gotten a lot trickier.

"I have no way of telling you how much I love you..."

"But, if I must find a way to express myself, I can dig out my heart for you. Do you want it?"

Tangning lay quietly under Mo Ting's body as her eyes suddenly started welling up and tears seeped out the corners of her eyes. It was because of his words that she felt a boost of confidence to reply, "I can do anything for you, even if it means giving you my life..."

In an instant, a violent kiss lowered itself upon her lips without any forewarning.

While others were focused on getting their lives in order, the couple's lives were revolving around who loved who more.

In the study room...

...after a typhoon-like activity swept through, Mo Ting's documents lay crumpled beneath the couples' bodies. Tangning lay on top of Mo Ting's body as she calmed herself down. Upon seeing the mess on the floor, Tangning couldn't help but ask, "Don't you have a meeting tomorrow? What are you going to do about these documents?"

Mo Ting hooked one arm around Tangning and used his other arm to pick up the documents, "This is a movie contract with Shan Ying."

" is worth forgiving the contract once in a while to be affectionate with you!"

Tangning's ears turned red. The couple headed into the bathroom to wash up. After dinner, they returned to the study room to tidy up the mess. Afterwards, the atmosphere was once again warm as Mo Ting returned to reading his contract and Tangning leaned against his shoulder as she read a fashion magazine.

"It's the end of the year; there will be plenty of awards ceremonies. Hai Rui will be hosting a celebration dinner next Monday. Although it's intention is to celebrate our award-winning actors, it also coincides with Hai Rui's 20th Anniversary, so you are expected to attend."

"OK...will there be a lot of people?" Tangning asked as she lay her head on Mo Ting's thigh.

"Yes, there will be quite a lot."

"Then...will you be attending as my manager or as the CEO of Hai Rui?" Tangning asked in a slight muffle.

"When the time comes, you will find out." After speaking, Mo Ting was silent for a little while. Because he knew Tangning didn't like to appear at events like this, he assured, "If you don't like it, you can always leave early."

"I don't dislike it," Tangning replied with her eyes closed, "Because this is your empire..."

There was already no point in discussing whether she liked it or not.

"The person I love is you. It has nothing to do with what position you hold. Not to mention, I quite enjoy seeing you standing in the spotlight."

Mo Ting could hear the adoration and reliance in Tangning's voice as she spoke these words.

This was exactly what gave this man a purpose in life!

Of course, even though Mo Ting and Tangning were the highlights of the celebration dinner, it could not be forgotten that a battle between Tangning and Zhen Manni still existed; this also drew a lot of attention.

This time at the dinner, they would be sharing a stage!

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