Trapped with the CEO

Chapter 42

Chapter 42 Honey, Please Forgive Me

Si Jinheng got to the truth within a minute. Tears soon streamed down from Li Qianluo's eyes. Actually, she had no idea about why she wanted to cry. Was it just because of the injustice she suffered from.

"Not a bit of it…. I just have a cold because the temperature was too low in the room last evening." Li Qianluo didn't want to let him know that. Instead, she kept telling herself no more cry, while forcing a smile.

"Hey, am I a fool?" Si Jinheng said unhappily.

"When will you come back?" Feeling not like getting changed, Li Qianluo took her clothes out from the locker and left the company.

"Miss me?" Li Qianluo blushed as his low voice came to her ears over the phone.

"No, I don't..." She fetched a tissue from her handbag and wiped her eyes, then threw it into the garbage can.

"If so, I will stay here longer!" Wearing the new robe prepared by the hotel, Si Jinheng lit a cigarette with the lighter on the table, took a slow drag on it and walked towards the balcony to overlook A country in the night.

"Si Jinheng... Why are you being such a nuisance!" Li Qianluo gave a loud snort.

"Nuisance?" Si warned, "I won't let you off after I go back!" What a straight threat.

Li Qianluo strolled on the road, so boring as to kick the stone, while many others walked past her. Every moment with him was reassuring, as he stood by her at any time and place. "Si Jinheng, I feel so lucky to be under your care!"

"You are my only wife. Should I care other women than you?" He was just kidding, while she took it seriously and began to threaten him to show her protest.

"Of course not! You playboy! I am the only one you should care! If you dare to have any affair with other women, I will... I will break you leg and cuckold you! Humph!" The woman sitting on his laps in the office and the so-called fiancee flashed again through Li Qianluo's mind... She was waiting, waiting for Si Jinheng to explain everything about his fiancee. However, it wasn't necessary for him to explain anything, since... they didn't marry out of love.

Imaging her threatening gesture, Si Jinheng couldn't help laughing, "If you want to be banged every day, just go ahead!" As she was thinking about cheating on him, he was determined to try his best to satisfy her in bed.

"Can't you stop being such a cheeky bastard?"

"You make me so!"


At this moment, someone is knocking at door. Interupted by the noise, Si Jinheng appeared sullen.

His face became colder the moment he saw the people outside the door. It turned out to be two hot girls in revealing cloth.

"Mr. Si, we will accompany you through the night." The elder one began to coquet when she saw the handsome Si Jinheng, while the younger one was frightened by his coldness.

"Yo! It seems that Mr. Si enjoys a great business trip with many beauties." Li Qianluo was as restless as ant on the hot pan upon hearing women's piercing voice.

Si Jinheng closed his eyes for a while when he heard Li Qianluo's irony. It was obvious that Helian Yutuo sent them here on purpose.

"Go away!" Si Jinheng cast a cold gaze to them. The women dashed away, thinking how horrible this man was!

"Fine, I will go away!" Li Qianluo hung up the phone right away. Although she knew he wasn't speaking to her, she was still terribly angry.

She felt more wronged this time. Since got married, she did what a decent wife should do. Even so, she earned a bad reputation of "tramp", and her husband was so popular with the opposite sex.. Poor Li Qianluo...

SiJinheng made Li Qianluo another call which was rejected. She messaged him furiously through the Wechat: "I will make you a cuckold everyday!!!"

After driving away those women, Si Jinheng tried to comfort his angry wife. However, Li Qianluo was so pissed off this time. When seeing the word "cuckold", he decided to hurry up his work and return home as soon as possible.

"Honey, please forgive me. I will apologize to you face to face after I go back!" He knew he must please her in case that she would spend a sleepless night.

These words really worked. Thinking of his sincere attitude, Li Qianluo was not as angry as before.

But....whether ... those women left or not...

Si Jinheng's phone rang when he was reading the document. Seeing the call from Li Qianluo, he wore a brighter smile.


"Still remember me? Where are they? Are they going to do something with you?" She must check it out. If he dared to cheat on she....

"Relax! They have left." Si Jinheng began to type on the computer with the other empty hand.

"That's more like it. I am alone here while you are flirting with other women. Am I poor?" They had a long chat, while Li Qianluo walked along the street. She decided to sit on the roadside bench, what with the sore feet.

"Surely you are! I promise I will satisfy you as soon as I go back!" Si Jinheng laughed out loud.

"Hey! Si Jinheng, are you married to me just for a bed partner? You get a filthy mind!" He bullied her every day. Wasn't he a cold and arrogant man?

"It was you who said that you were alone. How can you blame me?"

... It was not until half an hour later when Li Qianluo arrived at the hotel that they finished chatting.

She hung up with reluctance. Was she too clingy?

Staring at her dying phone, she didn't realize that a man in an army uniform past her.

She suddenly remember that she hadn't had dinner. So hungry as she is, she found a restaurant nearby and odered something to eat. Before going back to the hotel, she packed another meal for Yu Wanwan.

When Li Qianluo entered the room, Yu Wanwan was sitting on the windowsill, staring blankly. Seeing Li Qianluo, she stood up.

"Wanwan, come on and have something to eat." Li Qianluo took out the pizza and opened a bottle of juice for Yu Wanwan.

"Thank you, Qianluo."

"Not at all. Take your time. Let's go to reason things out with that man!" Thinking over it, Li Qianluo decided to force him to be responsible for what had happened last night. Maybe that guy would treat Wanwan well just as what Si Jinheng did to Li Qianluo!

"I won't go with you!" Yu Wanwan said and bit into the pizza. Thinking of what happened last night brought a warm flush to her face.

If he was forced to take the responsibility, she must won't be valued. On the other hand, it was nothing but virginity. Let it go.....

"Yu Wanwan, are you silly? How can you lose you virginity to this man for nothing? Isn't he a soldier? Soldiers are always faithful and keep their words!" Li Qianluo tried to persuade her, though she forgot that she chose to escape after spending her first night with Si Jinheng.

Were it not for the fact that Si Jingheng came to her, she would never want to see him again.

Yu Wanwan was starving and gobbled down a whole piece of pizza and a bowl of seafood fried rice. Li Qianluo made every effort to find out that man's room member

In the quiet corridor, only they two pulled and pushed towards the presidential suite.

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