Trapped with the CEO

Chapter 33

Chapter 33 Bitch

Smelling something unusual, the manager grabbed Li Qianluo to select clothes for them.

"Qianluo, do you know those guys?" asked the store manager out of concern. Although being new here, Li Qianluo is a nice and beautiful girl, as well as a good saleslady. The manager values such employees.

"Manager, I may put you into trouble later. Sorry for that. But I will try my best to be cool with them." Until they cross the line!

"OK. Bring all these quality clothes to them." The store manager passed some clothes to Li Qianluo.

Putting on a professional smile, Li Qianluo held the clothes in her arms and went up to her enemies, "Hi, what do you think of these new dresses? Please feel free to try them on."

"This humble saleslady must be fooling my fiancee and her friends on purpose, by providing such outdated clothes, " criticized Qi Zeming, who stretched himself on the sofa leisurely and threw out his judgement without even taking a look at the clothes.

Humble saleslady? "Qi Zeming, take a good look at these, pink, blue and white! All of them are top colors of the year, and none of these clothes is old-fashioned." Li Qianluo told herself to stay calm, and not to quarrel with a bunch of mad dogs.

"My fiance has the final say on it. Go pick other clothes for me." Fu Xinru held Qi Zeming's arm and leaned against his shoulder intimately.

Li Qianluo took a deep breath, gave the clothes to Yu Wanwan, and picked some clothes in different colors.

"I don't like purple. Change it." Fu Xinru showed dislike on her face and pointed at the purple one, acting as if she was having a headache.

"I don't like green. Change it." Zheng Linrui just fiddled about with her mobile phone and did not even cast a look at the clothes brought by Li Qianluo.

Only Luo Xinxin focused on the clothes selected and shown by Li Qianluo. She wanted to say something. But seeing what Fu Xinru and Zheng Linrui were doing, she chose to stay silent eventually.

"Try it on or not! I'm done serving you!" Li Qianluo hung the clothes back.

"Go call your supervisor over. Is this the attitude you should have?" Fu Xinru yelled out in an exaggerated way. The manager instantly pacified them, to no avail.

"Where is the supervisor? I just asked her to pick some other clothes for me. Look how she behave!" Fu Xinru was very persistent in complaining to the supervisor.

The manager realized the sticky wicket, and sent an employee to call the supervisor over.

"If you are here to buy clothes, my workmates will serve you. If not, go away. Don't jump at me!" After hanging back all clothes, Li Qianluo began reasoning with them.

"Jump at you? Bah! Who do you think you are?" Fu Xinru watched Li Qianluo with disdain. Thinking of the scar on her face, Fu Xinru made up her mind that she would not let Li Qianluo off!

"It is obviously that you are intentional. How could you invent a charge against Qianluo?" Yu Wanwan stood beside Li Qianluo and gently shook her hand to show her support.

Fu Xinru ignored Yu Wanwan, as she looked down on her. "Li Qianluo, you are freaking awesome, aren't you? The only daughter of Li family can of course buy this store. You are wasting your time working as a shopping guide here. Bitch!"

"Fu Xinru, who are you referring to?" Fu Xinru's remark irritated Li Qianluo. When Li Qianluo stepped forward and was about to slap her, Qi Zeming grasped her hand and threw her almost to the ground. Thanks to Yu Wanwan's quick reaction, she was helped up.

"It's you for sure! Well, you staff even have the impertinence to hit customers?" Hearing that, Yuan Tingting, the supervisor who came in a rush, immediately apologized to them with a smile.

After throwing her eye on Li Qianluo up front, Supervisor Yuan knew that it was that shopping guide who had a conflict with those customers. "What's wrong with you? Make an apology! Be quick!"

"Apology? They deserve NO apology." Li Qianluo stubbornly stared at Yuan Tingting, who was not qualified as she blamed the employee without asking the hows and whys.

Fu Xinru stood up and walked up to Li Qianluo. "Li Qianluo, I really want to know what makes you walk tall. Are you discontented with the fact that Zeming chose me?"

At the words, Li Qianluo burst out laughing, as if Fu Xinru made a big joke. The four put on an embarrassed expression then.

"It is not worthwhile to long for the disloyal dog to return." Despite of the lively discussion around and Qi Zeming's sullen face, Li Qianluo added with a disdainful smile, "Such a jerk! If you like him, go with him."

"Li Qianluo, watch your mouth. You listen..."

"Listen what? What do you want to say? Are you going to tell me how you get laid with him? How about titling you Top Moaner?"

"Slap!" A sharp sound of a slap broke out in the air. Everyone there stopped talking and stood still. Seeing Qi Zeming raise his hand, Fu Xinru replaced her rage with smirk.

Li Qianluo's head whipped to the side. To hide her embarrassment, Li Qianluo smoothed back her hair and straightened her uniform.

"You two, bitch and dog, are a perfect match. Three-sec Qi, I wish you everlasting love." Poker-faced, Li Qianluo took out her phone. Alas! She had to bother him at such a critical moment.

"Darling..." When Si Jinheng picked up the phone, he was on the way to the meeting room. Hearing the sweet sound, he kept ice-cold, but lost hold of the files in his hand.

He pulled the phone from his ear to make sure that the call was made from his wife. "Yes."

"Darling, I am bullied in the mall. I am going to die..." All those present were stupefied, when they watched that woman, who was cold, arrogant and distainful a minute ago, sobbing out her grievances.

Fu Xinru didn't know who her husband was. At the moment, she only knew that she had made a wise decision to persuade Li Qianluo into turning down the invitation to act in films and ads in the university, As she saw pretty Li Qianluo take such a quick switch; or Li Qianluo would definitely prove herself a competent actress.

"Where are you?" Regardless of the senior management's astonishment, Si Jinheng walked to his CEO seat calmly. Behind him, Yun Qi hurried to pick up the files and followed. Yun Qi guessed that it must be Mrs. Si, for nobody else than her could influence Boss Si's mood.

"I am at Mirade Apparel on the third floor."

"Get it." After getting off the phone, Si Jinheng didn't take his seat. The meeting was not of great importance. So Si Jinheng decided to postpone it. "We will hold the meeting at another time. Wait for my further notice."

Si Jinheng walked out of the meeting room, while assigning Yun Qi something important to do.

Those in the meeting room looked at each other, not knowing why.

Si Jinheng hung up the phone directly. Li Qianluo became nervous, as she was not assured whether her husband would come her rescue...

"Li Qianluo, how dare you collide with the customers during working hours? Wanna get fired?" Noticing that Qi Zeming winks an eye at her, Supervisor Yuan soon weighed which side was relative important.

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