Trapped with the CEO

Chapter 26

Chapter 26 I Am Sure to Sue Her

"Why are you in such a hurry? You are no longer a kid. How could you choke on beer?" Lu Zixi patted Li Qianluo's back, which was offending to the eyes of the man in the car.

"Lu Zixi, how about racing with me?" Lu Zixi remembered this deadly cold voice and that he was the man appearing at the bar the other evening. In other words, Li Qianluo's husband! After throwing his eye on Li Qianluo with a complex emotion, Lu Zixi got in the car.

"Li Qianluo, do not play dead. Get in!" After flicking the ash from cigarette out of the car window, Si Jinheng took a drag, stubbed it out and dropped it into the ashtray.

"Wow, how handsome he is!" Lin Na covered her mouth with excitement, as she had never seen such a handsome man. Though it was dark, one can tell his delicate features.

"Wow, wow. Handsome boy, get out to party hard!" The women got together, screaming their head off.

"Qianluo, that handsome man is calling you." Even Du Xiaoling became excited when seeing handsome Si Jinheng and the luxury car.

Li Qianluo, who was about to sneak away, rolled her eyes and returned to get in Si Jinheng's racing car.

Two racing cars got ready at the starting line, while many spectators took out their phone to video the upcoming excellent race.

As soon as Lin Na whistled, even with a higher decibel level than usual, two cars started off. In less than a second, Si Jinheng's F1 racing car ran so far that it was out of sight, While Lu Zixi's car lagged behind for tens of yards.

Li Qianluo tightly closed her eyes in the F1 racing car to repress the physical discomfort. She is a skillful driver, but still felt unwell due to Si Jinheng's high driving speed.

Lu Zixi had lagged far behind. Li Qianluo said with difficulty, "Slow down, slow down..."

Instead of decelerating, Si Jinheng accelerated, making Li Qianluo scream, "Si Jinheng, we will die!"

"I won't die. You should care about yourself now!" His voice was just the same as usual, arousing envy, jealousy and hate in Li Qianluo's heart.

Li Qianluo could only clench the safety belt and the armrest. Si Jinheng finished three laps within less than two minutes, a lap ahead of Lu Zixi.

"Wow! He is so cool!"

"Handsome boy, let's have sex!"

"Baby, fxxk me!" Women's courting out there almost resounded through the sky.

Paying no attention to Li Qianluo's discomfort, Si Jinheng directly drove away with her.

"My heart is aching. That F1 car has spent hundreds of thousands of yuan on one lap!" Rather than falling into depression as a result of losing the game, Lu Zixi felt pity for the racing car, leaving all the others speechless.

"Alas! A creep cannot be comparable to that handsome man!" Lin Na shook her head. In her eyes, Lu Zixi is nothing else but a poor creep.

Lu Zixi disdained to talk to such a woman as Lin Na. Giving a glance at the Maybach, Lu Zixi decided to leave it there since he didn't have the key. Lu Zixi drove his racing car back to the garage, and went back home with Du Xiaoling.

Li Qianluo kept her eyes closed all the way to the villa, as Si Jinheng's high driving speed was way too much for her. Although the intrinsic excellent performance of the car is a relief, an ordinary man just can't wait to get out and throw up.

After arriving, Si Jinheng got out of the car, looking just fine, and walked directly out of the garage without looking at Li Qianluo behind.

Li Qianluo made a decision that she would never race again, as what Si Jinheng did this time made her sick enough.

Before returning to the room, she didn't feel tired at all. However, the bed in front of her then made her sleepy. Li Qianluo rapidly ran to the bathroom to take a bath. Fortunately, the two sanitary pads she put in the pocket of her shorts in the afternoon were absorbent enough. After bathing, she went out while wiping her wet hair.

Even after Li Qianluo dried her hair, Si Jinheng did not show up. Never mind. Who cares about him? She is still angry! Just sleep.

She caught a glimpse of a bag on the desk. Eh? It was hers. Who brought her bag home?

She got her phone charged and turned it on. It was past 1 o'clock at night. A WeChat message from Si Jinheng popped up, saying:

"I have no time to clear up the mess you made in the following days. From tomorrow on, if you want to work, go ahead; otherwise, JUST STAY AT HOME." Resisting the urge to beat her, Si Jinheng sent this message to Li Qianluo before bathing.

"He must still be angry, " Li Qianluo thought, biting her lower lip. She then went to sleep without sending him a reply.

In Qi's house.

Qi Yunzhong was waiting for Fu Xinru and Qi Zeming, who arrived home at midnight, after settling the disturbance caused by Qi Zeming.

"Father!" The bruise near to the corner of Qi Zeming's mouth indicated that he may be beaten when detained.

"You idiot! How could my son be such an asshole?" Qi Yunzhong furiously pointed at Qi Zeming and cursed him out, as his company fell into turmoil because of this bastard. His wife was also infuriated, resulting in elevation of blood pressure, and had to be kept on bed rest.

"Uncle Qi, don't be annoyed. Zeming should not be blamed for what happened." Fu Xinru, with gauze on face, hurried to comfort Qi Yunzhong.

Looking at Fu Xinru, Qi Yunzhong stopped scolding Qi Zeming and lumped down into the sofa.

"Father, it is all Li Qianluo's fault. That bitch! Look at the scar on Xinru's face. It was also scratched by her with glass." Qi Zeming felt sick, when thinking that he had had sex with three men and a foreign prostitute. He had Li Qianluo to thank for this mess. That bitch, just wait and see!

"Li Qianluo?" Qi Yunzhong was evidently surprised, wondering how dared a girl, who had nothing at all at the moment, provoke his son and Fu Xinru.

"Yes! Uncle Qi, it is her! She not only hit my cousin, but also drugged Zeming and scratched my face. I am sure to sue her!" Grinding her teeth, Fu Xinru listed what Li Qianluo had done.

After thinking for a while, Qi Yunzhong concluded, "Li Qianluo doesn't have any relatives with powerful background, except Li Xiancheng, let alone her friends - poor Lu Zixi and ordinary Yu Wanwan. She has no patron at all. How could it be?"

"Father, Li Qianluo got married!" Qi Zeming's remarks made Qi Yunzhong frown.

"With whom?" She got married. It made sense then. She is not a silly girl. It seems that Li Qianluo's husband may not be simple; otherwise, she dares not behave in such an arrogant way.

"I have made an investigation into that man, but found nothing. Nor did I see him before in D City." Qi Zeming had a feeling that that man is by no means ordinary.

Qi Yunzhong considered in silence, and said: "Zeming, take Xinru to have a rest now. I will pay her back for what she has done!"

"OK. Uncle Qi, please rest yourself early too. I will ask my father to find a lawyer tomorrow." Hearing this, Qi Yunzhong looked at Fu Xinru again and thought: "That will be fine. Since it is so, he doesn't need to take up the matter himself."

Li Xiancheng did disappear. Qi Yunzhong had sent his subordinates to look for Li Xiancheng, and found that many others other than the police were also looking for him. As for Li Qianluo, he believed that a little girl would not be able to make any waves. But what she had done so far - offending Qi Family and Fu Family with no mercy to the extent that she left herself no way out - indicates that her husband may be powerful. Qi Yunzhong decided to make a thorough investigation tomorrow. As the old saying goes, "Know yourself and know your enemy, and you will never be defeated."

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