Trapped with the CEO

Chapter 1779 Extra Story No.39 About Jeremy Si

Jeremy couldn't sit tight on the racing car anymore. He felt like he was being bitten by ants all over his body.

Olivia was his woman, his wife! If she should be taken advantage of... He couldn't even imagine what he would do.

After Janet hung up the phone, she looked at Daniel anxiously, "Jeremy was... Well, I said I would ask Mr. Liu, the deputy CEO to go and help Olivia, Jeremy didn't say anything in return."

Daniel put down the pen in his hand and thought for a while, then he said, "Wait a sec."

Five minutes later, Janet's phone buzzed. When she saw the flashing screen, she was surprised.

"Honey, calm down, " Daniel reminded her.

Janet took a deep breath, picked up the phone and answered it softly, "Yes, Jeremy?"

"Well... I just finished here, so I'm not busy right now... Anyhow, where is Olivia now?"

Jeremy drove to the place where Janet told him Olivia would be, as fast as he could. When the waiter had brought him to the room where Olivia was, he saw that she was drinking alcohol. Jeremy took her glass away without informing her of his arrival.

Everyone at the table was stunned, but when they realized it was Jeremy, they invited him to the center of the crowd.

Watts greeted Jeremy politely, "Mr. Si, what brings you down here? I didn't know you were coming, please forgive my negligence."

Jeremy noticed that Olivia's face turned red because of the liquor, so he replied simply, "My wife is here, I'm here to pick her up."

Everyone knew that Watts was trying to get Olivia drunk, before Jeremy came.

After Jeremy disclosed his intention in front of everybody, Watts was shocked, but he tried to be calm, "Oh, Mr. Si, I'm sorry. I didn't know that Miss Olivia is your newly married wife."

Watts was away on a business trip when Jeremy and Olivia held their wedding ceremony, so he asked his wife to attend it on his behalf. He was not aware that Olivia was Jeremy's wife.

Jeremy glared at him and warned everyone, "Olivia is my wife. If anyone dares to embarrass her, I will make their days on this world extremely hard!"

Although not everyone shared mutualities with Jeremy, for the sake of Daniel, they wouldn't dare challenge him. So when Jeremy finished, everyone nodded to show approval.

Jeremy stood up and held Olivia in his arms, "Let's go home."

Olivia felt so moved by his behavior, but she suddenly realized that her work hadn't done, "But the contract hasn't been signed..."

Jeremy frowned, "What contract?"

"The one I was discussing with Mr. Watts..."

Jeremy took the contract and looked through it, then he told Olivia, "The receptionist will tell you which room I book

It all starts on that fateful night.

When Ella, who is the dear sister of Samuel’s best buddy, sneaks into the hotel where the drunken Samuel resides and gets pregnant…

"I don’t want a divorce!"

"I don’t want a divorce!"

"I did no such thing!"

Ella jumped on the bed and cried out. “I don’t want a scheming woman as my wife. Just sign the paper...

have never been to a hotel since we got married. Tonight, let me take you to heaven."


It was very strange that Olivia had frequently been invited to some dinner party where people wanted to get her drunk since that night.

But every time after she took a few drinks, Jeremy would appear.

At first, he just took over her work, but later, he began to restrict her from attending such dinner parties. If something went wrong, he would take over everything for her and tell her to go shopping.

Jeremy tried to play it cool when Olivia had to go on a business trip. But gradually, she spent more days out. At first, it was just a three-day trip, but then it got extended to two weeks, and then that got extended to a month. Jeremy couldn't stand it, and he flew to the city she was in, secretly.

When he arrived, it was already midday.

He was informed that Olivia went to the branch company. He wondered why she went there, so he went there to find out.

The first thing he did when he arrived at the branch company was to greet Colin, his father's cousin. Then he went straight to Olivia.

But the first scene that came to Jeremy's sight was that Olivia smiled at her male colleague. It seemed that this man had said something that amused her.

Jeremy felt a fire burning inside his body, as if Olivia had betrayed him.

"Olivia!" A cold voice came from behind. Olivia didn't know why Jeremy had treated her so coldly.

Jeremy was standing not far from her, but his voice sounded unfamiliar.

They had been married for three months, and this was the first time that Olivia had seen Jeremy so angry.

She ran to him with a big smile, "How come you are here?"

'How come I am here? What? Did I stop you from making out with some other man?'

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