Trapped with the CEO

Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Man in the Back Seat

"Let's go. It is not allowed to hand out leaflets at mall gate. We can go there. There are a lot of passersby." Yu Wanwan gave out leaflets in her high school years. So it is not a big deal for her.

Li Qianluo heard others saying, "They are not in their right mind", while following Yu Wanwan there faintly.

"No, they are not mad. Don't you see them handing out leaflets? It must be their boss who is crazy!"

"You are right. They are being exploited."


Li Qianluo perked up instantly for hearing others saying Lan Ying's mad.

Following what Yu Wanwan was doing, she started to hand out her first leaflet, "Hi, please... have a look at this leaflet."

A middle-aged woman waved her hand right away to refuse it.

Li Qianluo withdrew the leaflet frustratedly and was suddenly not in the mood, "What the heck. They don't need it at all. It's just a waste of money and labor!"

The bright red down jacket set off her charm, and her face was raw with sunburn. So, seen as a whole, her cheeks were colored up rosy against the red.

"Girl, are you selling clothes?" A woman in her fifties came to ask Li Qianluo, who was in low spirits.

"Yes, we will have a special sale at the gate of Huaguan Mall tomorrow, just over there. If you are interested, you may take a leaflet and see what is in there. It is really a big sale!" Li Qianluo wiped away the sweat and smiled lovably.

"OK, it's called Yuqing? I have heard about this brand. My daughter has it, but it is really expensive." The woman showed somewhat pity even if she had not bought one yet.

Li Qianluo smiled, "Lady, look what I am wearing now. Its tag price is 6, 999 yuan. But tomorrow we will have 80% off. By just 1, 400 yuan, you can own one of this quality. Isn't it a good deal?" The adorable smile on her rosy face was caught by a man in the back seat of a luxury car waiting for the traffic light.

This is the first time for Helian Yutuo to see Li Qianluo, who smiled so lovably and simply even though she was dressed in a thick jacket on such a hot day. So impressive...

As the traffic light turned green, the car drove away slowly.

In the mall, Lan Ying got through to Fu Xinru, telling her about what happened today. Fu Xinru couldn't help smirking aloud at hearing that Li Qianluo was made to hand out leaflets outdoors in a down jacket.

"You've done a good job, Cousin. I am in other city now. Treat her as you wish before I come back in a few days." Li Qianluo, I will make you disappear in D city!

"Trust me! If she cannot persevere in it, her poor little friend will be fired, too!" Hanging up the phone, Lan Ying put on a disdainful smile.

The leaflets were all given out after two hours. Yu Wanwan bought two bottles of iced water. Li Qianluo drank up half of the bottle in one breath. The blazing sunlight burned her to be light-headed. She must go back before having sunstroke.

Whey they returned to the store, Li Qianluo felt just like a fish in water. But it was rightly the time for lunch. "Oh, you came back at the right time. Do you calculate at it?"

They both kept silent. Li Qianluo rolled her eyes at Lan Ying and took off the jacket which was soaked with sweat.

"Look what you have done to this jacket! No one will buy it. Pay for it at the cashier desk!" Lan Ying put on a disgusted look. Yu Wanwan also sweated a lot, but Lan Ying did not ask her to buy the coat. Because Yu Wanwan is not wealthy, if she is made to buy the coat, she may quit this job. If she quits, Li Qianluo will leave, too...

"Lan Ying, don't go too far!" Li Qianluo stared at this old woman with anger. Shit, she would have not worn this jacket if it were not for her!

"Li Qianluo, are you contradicting your superior? Call me Manager Lan in work hours, and pay the bill. If not, you will be fired, together with Yu Wanwan!" Hearing what Lan Ying just said, Yu Wanwan realized her intention. It turned out that Lan Ying was threatening Li Qianluo with her dismissal. It is not a big deal to quit if the manager is such a woman. "I..."

Li Qianluo held on to her indignant friend, "I will buy it. Just a down jacket!" She went to the locker room and took out the Black Card from her bag. With a little hesitation, she went back, thinking that she would pay back to Si Jinheng double when she had money!

When Li Qianluo threw the Black Card onto the desk in front, Lan Ying was astonished as expected. How could this woman get a global VIP card? Even by virtue of her family before, she would not be able to own one. She had been working here for years only to see this card for once, which was used by the richest man of a neighbouring country.

"What are you looking at? Manager Lan, bill please!" Seeing her astonishment, Li Qianluo felt a little bit at ease.

When swiping the card, Lan Ying was still mumbling, "Is she kept by a rich man?"

What Lan Ying guessed might be right, for she was just like Si Jinheng's kept woman!

"Even if I am kept by someone, could you also find such a man, lest your husband have no time to care about you and leave you cold and lonely?" Li Qianluo had seen this woman checking in a hotel with a man. But Lan Ying and her husband just mind their own love affairs without caring about each other.

"Li Qianluo, stop talking rubbish!" How could Li Qianluo know she and her husband had their own love affairs? Lan Ying was so agitated that cashier looked at her, too.

Disdaining to say too much, Li Qianluo put away the coat into her locker after paying the bill, and pulled Yu Wanwan to find a place for lunch. Every staff has forty minutes for lunch break. Yu Wanwan led Li Qianluo to the small street behind the mall, where restaurants were located closely side by side. They chose a restaurant for small hot pots finally and started to chat on the seats.

"Qianluo, do not subdue yourself. I can change my job." Though Yu Wanwan looks weak, she is very unyielding in actuality.

"It doesn't matter. I see. We can try to endure it first. If we cannot bear it, we can just leave together to find a new job! It won't be a problem for you with your experience!" If Li Qianluo leaves Yu Wanwan working for such a manager, she won't be promising, too.

When they hurried to the store, forty minutes had just passed. Lan Ying was not there. Maybe she went to have lunch, too. Li Qianluo breathed a sigh of relief for they could finally enjoy the peace for a while.

"Yu Wanwan, Li Qianluo, the manager ordered you to unwrap and hang out all the down jackets of the last year from the warehouse, " said Zhang Peipei, in the interval when her customer was trying on clothes.

It felt like thousands of grass-mud horses galloping in your mind!

Li Qianluo swore that today must be the most disgusting day in all her born days. Even when her virginity was taken by Si Jinheng, the bastard, and she was forced to sign the prenuptial agreement, she was not as angry as now.

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