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Chapter 34: Your Husband Really Is Here

Your Husband Really Is Here

The villa decorations and furniture were of high quality, as expected of a place meant for entertaining esteemed guests; the luxuriousness was evident in its interior. What Xia Lei liked the most though, was not the ostentatious indoor hot spring pool but the study which held hundreds of books of various genres.

‘It’s nice to stay here too. I can read these books when I’m not working and absorb more knowledge.’ thought Xia Lei.

“Do you like it?” Chi Jing-Qiu leaned on the door frame of the study with a lazy elegance. A pair of smooth long legs extended from under her short office skirt and the combined image of glossy stockings which encased those legs made for a tempting picture indeed.

Xia Lei looked away. “It’s not bad. I like to read so having these many books here will keep me occupied for a long time.”

“You love books so much still,” said Chi Jing-Qiu, “Oh, right, I’m curious – how did you become so impressive in the few years we haven’t seen each other? Your workmanship is actually better than the elite engineers here. Even my father-in-law was impressed.”

So that Engineer Liu was her father-in-law after all. Xia Lei had already put aside the matter of her background meddling but she brought up Engineer Liu, who had taken the blame for her actions, and that made him uncomfortable so he asked, “Jing-Qiu, I know you asked someone to lower the precision on the lathe. I’d like to know why you did it.”

“No particular reason,” Chi Jing-Qiu’s face revealed nothing unusual, “I was just trying to find out if the boy who used to chase after me is an outstanding man now. I just added a little, little bit of a challenge for you and you got everyone clapping for you in the end, so you should actually be thanking me.”

“You’re still so opinionated,” said Xia Lei, “Forget it. It’s over anyway and I’d decided not to pursue the matter. Please leave. I’m going to the workshop after changing. I’ll call you if I need anything.”

“Don’t you have any thoughts about me?” Chi Jing-Qiu’s eyes were teasing. She moved from the doorframe and stood diagonally from Xia Lei so that her slender, S-shaped bodyline was displayed naturally in the best angle.

There was no denying that she was a beautiful woman and quite skilled at tempting men but she did not know that her efforts at seduction was of no use when Xia Lei could see all her secrets with his eye. He could clearly see how many moles she had on her body, not to mention her other parts. How could this temptation have any sort of effect on him when he could see all?

Xia Lei enjoyed the view for a bit, then said casually, “You can go. I’d like to be alone for a while.”

Xia Lei’s words were like a splash of cold water on Chi Jing-Qiu’s head. She was humiliated and angry, “I’m going now – and don’t you regret it!”

Xia Lei said nothing but he thought, ‘You? I will never have regrets in my lifetime.’

Chi Jing-Qiu turned and left in a huff.

Xia Lei stayed in the study and read for a bit before he went up to the balcony. He’d intended to enjoy the sea view but the first thing he saw was Liu Shuai approaching.

‘What is this guy doing here?’ Xia Lei thought curiously.

“Master Xia, have you seen Jing-Qiu?” Liu Shuai entered the front courtyard and looked up at Xia Lei.

“She left a while ago. You’re one step too late, I’m afraid. Won’t you know where she is if you give her a call?” said Xia Lei.

Liu Shuai frowned. “I can’t get through to her phone. Forget it, it’s the same if I say it. My dad and the others have already prepared the materials for processing. The tools and equipment have also been prepared so you can start work any time.”

“Okay, I’ll be right there after I get changed.” Xia Lei left the balcony and went to the bedroom to change into the work clothes Chi Jing-Qiu had prepared for him.

Liu Shuai did not leave; he hesitated, then entered the villa.

‘Completing the order a day sooner is a day sooner that I’ll have that one million. I can do so many things with one million – new equipment, or maybe a car…’ Xia Lei walked briskly to the bedroom, his thoughts full of plans and an excited smile on his face. However, his smile froze on his face when he opened the bedroom door and saw what was within.

Chi Jing-Qiu had not left – she had been hiding in his bedroom. She was lying on his bed with his work clothes draped strategically over her body to conceal her important parts. Her secret areas were covered sultrily in such a way that it was unclear if it were covered or not. Her office clothes were scattered on the floor along with her stockings and lace. It looked like her clothing had been carelessly tossed on the floor at first glance but if you looked closely, it had been meticulously arranged to make you think of what it would look like on her body and what the clothes had been covering.

“What are you doing, Chi Jing-Qiu?” If it had been five years ago, Xia Lei would have felt like the happiest man on Earth to see her lie on the bed like that but he was starting to develop a deep disgust towards her now.

Chi Jing-Qiu daintily lifted a snow-white arm and gestured at Xia Lei, then spoke in a honeyed voice, “Lei, I know you still like me. When I first saw you, I could tell from the way you looked at me. Didn’t you always want me? I am yours now and you can do whatever you want with me.”

“You’re married. Why are you still doing this?”

“Liu Shuai?” Chi Jing-Qiu’s voice took on an edge of loathing, “You think I can love him? Our marriage is a tragedy and I live every day in suffering. Only you can save me from this suffering. Can you bear to see me live in such pain?”

“Your husband has plain looks but he treats you well, I can tell. His family background is good too. You should be contented,” said Xia Lei.

“I was contented before you showed up, as I should. But after you showed up today, I discovered that I still love you deeply. I cannot lose you again. You’re mine, you’re mine for life,” Chi Jing-Qiu spoke passionately.

Xia Lei shook his head. “Don’t be so serious about what happened during our school days. The past is past, so stop bringing it up. And, your husband was just here looking for you. Stop being foolish and go home.”

“You’re lying. That fool will believe whatever I say; he won’t come here.” Chi Jing-Qiu threw aside the work clothes and moved off the bed, stepping her way towards Xia Lei. “I don’t believe that you don’t love me and I don’t believe you don’t desire me. Men are all the same – what is in their hearts is not what they show to the world and what they do is also another matter. Can you say that you weren’t tempted in the slightest? Don’t you want it?”

Xia Lei backed out of the door. “Stop it. I’m really not that sort of man.”

“Stop pretending. I, Chi Jing-Qiu, have always got what I wanted.” Chi Jing-Qiu walked out the door on her long, jade-like legs and smiled a dazzling smile, “I may not know what sort of man you are but I can make you the happiest man.”

Xia Lei backed away till he hit the railing and there was nowhere else to go. Xia Lei held up both hands, “Your husband really is here. Stop it.”

“Don’t talk about that pig-like guy, he disgusts me. There is only you and me here now. My everything is yours….” Chi Jing-Qiu had moved close to Xia Lei but her speech suddenly came to a halt.

A chubby, middle-aged man stood in the staircase entrance. It was none other than her husband, Liu Shuai.

The atmosphere immediately turned weird and silence reigned.

A young man forced to the railing, a naked beauty and a flabbergasted fatty. The three of them were like characters an artist painted – forever embedded on the canvas.

“Hu… Hubby, I…” Chi Jing-Qiu could not stop herself from speaking and could not form a complete sentence.

Liu Shuai said nothing. His little eyes were staring so hard they were round and bulging and his gaze was fierce. He did not look anything at all like a totally submissive husband but a boar about to go beserk.

Xia Lei shrugged, “I told you your husband was here but you didn’t believe me.” He walked about the butt-naked Chi Jing-Qiu and entered the bedroom where Chi Jing-Qiu had dropped his work clothes, picked them up, then headed downstairs.

Chi Jing-Qiu and Liu Shuai held each other’s gaze wordlessly.

However, when Xia Lei was walking past Liu Shuai, he suddenly shot out a hand to block his way, “You aren’t leaving!”

Xia Lei gave him a look, “What do you plan to do? I didn’t strip your wife. I didn’t even touch a pinky of hers. If you have any questions you should ask her and not bother me.”

“I…” Liu Shuai raised a fist.

Xia Lei spoke patiently, “I can accommodate you if you want a fight but you’ll have to get two helpers. You’ll be in a sorry state if it’s just you.”

“You…” Liu Shuai’s fist slowly sank.

“I’m going to the workshop. See you two later. Don’t fight; talk things out.” Xia Lei left them with those words.

Chi Jing-Qiu suddenly screamed like a madwoman, “Xia Lei, you bastard!”

Xia Lei did not look back; he gave her the middle finger over his shoulder.

Chi Jing-Qiu sank to the ground, paralysed. It was like she had lost all her strength. Every one of her secret places was exposed but she didn’t care in the least.

A woman like her would never love anyone, let alone Xia Lei, whom she’d met again five years later. Her desire to be good in everything was to blame – the more Xia Lei ignored her, the more she felt the need to make him bow to her!

Liu Shuai looked at her and the sight of her body made his throat go dry. He was silent for quite a while before he said, “H-He didn’t touch you, did he?”

“He did. He touched every touchable place!” Chi Jing-Qiu spoke disdainfully, “Even the places you haven’t touched!”

“You-” Liu Shuai was in a towering rage.

Chi Jing-Qiu raised her head to look at him, “Hit me then.”

Liu Shuai shook his head.

Chi Jing-Qiu spoke again, “Curse me then.”

Liu Shuai shook his head again.

Chi Jing-Qiu shouted at Liu Shuai, “Are you even a man? How could I, Chi Jing-Qiu, have married a man like you!”

Liu Shuai was silent again and did not say a word.

In the front courtyard of the villa, Xia Lei thought ‘Liu Shuai may be a little ugly and a little old but he’s still a good man. She should be satisfied. But a woman like her probably wouldn’t be happy even if she married the most outstanding man, would she? Man, come to think of it, this Liu Shuai sure is pitiful. I wonder how many times he’s been cuckolded.’

Xia Lei walked away from the villa and thoughts about the woman he had loved moved further to the back of his mind with every step he took. He didn’t even want to bother with thinking about it anymore. He strode towards the workshop – that was where he would put his talent to good use.

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