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Chapter 26: Actually A Bad Person

Actually A Bad Person

The night grew darker and Xia Xue had long gone to bed but Xia Lei still sat on the sofa, diligently watching English programmes on television.

His learning ability was beyond description. When the person on television spoke, his left eye sent the matching vocabulary and grammar to his brain, so no matter how long or foreign the phrase was, he only needed a split second to have it translated. What was more frightening was that his eye was also recording every mouth-shape needed for each word’s pronunciation he saw on television. His brain only needed to send the appropriate commands to his eye for them to automatically appear in his mind. If his brain could be described as a computer, his left eye was, unquestionably, the microchip processor.

‘Too easy! Learning a foreign language poses no difficulty for me. I should be able to speak comfortably with English native speakers now. I may be even better at text-based translation.’ It was almost midnight but Xia Lei had no intention of going to sleep. The rapid absorption of and advancement in the English language made him too excited.

The sound of car brakes suddenly came from downstairs and a white light beamed through the window.

‘Was that Ru-Yi? It’s so late now… She must’ve been investigating the theft of the compass.’ Xia Lei got up from the sofa and walked to the balcony beyond the dining room.

It was Ru-Yi – but she was not alone. Xu Lang was with her. The car was also not Ru-Yi’s Volkswagen Polo but a higher-grade Audi Q5.

“I’m not drunk, really, not drunk…” Jiang Ru-Yi staggered out of the car, slurring her words.

Xu Lang helped Ru-Yi and laughed as he said, “Yes, yes, you’re not drunk but I’ll still help you back home to rest, ok?” He put his arm around her little waist, holding her close like a lover.

Ru-Yi pushed Xu Lang and giggled, “D,Don’t say that… This Big S-Sister is not stupid. I’m n,not falling for it.”

“What are you saying, Ru-Yi? Stop being silly. I’ll send you home.” Xu Lan held Ru-Yi firmly around the waist and entered the stairwell.

They started climbing the stairs and disappeared from view. Xia Lei frowned. ‘This Xu Lang is obviously taking advantage of Ru-Yi. There’s no way he had pure intentions when he made her drunk and sent her home. I couldn’t care less if it were someone else but this is Ru-Yi – I have to help.’

If Xu Lang were a man Ru-Yi fancied and was in a loving relationship with, Xia Lei would definitely not interfere in this matter. However, the situation before him was clearly not like that. The girl he used to play hide-and-seek and in the sand pit with was about to be dishonoured – how could he just stand by without doing anything?

Xia Lei left the balcony and headed down, running to Jiang Ru-Yi’s flat.

Jiang Ru-Yi’s flat was on the first floor and was only half a flight of steps up. By the time Xia Lei got to the door, it was shut. He could vaguely hear Jiang Ru-Yi’s muttering and Xu Lang’s voice through the door.

“No… I don’t want you here… I can take care of myself… I’m not drunk…”

“Ru-Yi, you smell of alcohol. Why don’t I remove your clothes? I’ll help you take a shower and you can have a nice, comfy sleep afterwards.”

Xia Lei cursed the shameless man. His left eye twitched and the situation in the flat appeared in his vision.

Jiang Ru-Yi lay on the sofa like a lump of jelly. Xu Lang, who had just helped her to the sofa, knelt and reached to pull her shoes off. The bastard held Jiang Ru-Yi’s pale and delicate ankle, smiling lasciviously as he sniffed her jade-like foot, intoxicated.

“Go away, go away…” Jiang Ru-Yi kicked at Xu Lang but her body was limp and weak. The bit of resistance she displayed did nothing at all.

Xu Lang made no move to leave. He put down Jiang Ru-Yi’s foot and reached to undo the buttons on her police uniform.

Bam, bam, bam! Bam, bam, bam!

Violent, urgent knocks suddenly interrupted Xu Lang’s advancement.

Xu Lang looked back at the door. He did not get to his feet, nor did he make a sound.

Bam, bam, bam! Bam, bam, bam!

Xu Lang’s brow wrinkled. The fellow outside the door seemed to be intent on getting in his way. However, he was good at bearing things patiently; he continued to pretend not to hear and watched, waiting.

“Who…” Jiang Ru-Yi slurred.

Xu Lang then reached his hand out to cover Jiang Ru-Yi’s mouth. She struggled, but was unable to rid herself of his hand; she could not make a sound.

Xia Lei’s eye saw everything and he understood Xu Lang’s intention. That bastard was trying to create the illusion that no one was home!

Xu Lang waited till there were no more knocks, then reached for Jiang Ru-Yi’s chest again.

Bam, bam, bam! Bam, bam, bam!

The knocking came again.

“Fuck! Who is that?” Xu Lang could not hold it in anymore. That person outside the door must be going up against him deliberately!

Xu Lang was stunned when he opened the door. It was the person he did not want to see the most – Xia Lei.

Xia Lei glared icily at Xu Lang without a word.

Xu Lang quickly calmed himself and flashed a pleasant smile, “Oh, it’s Master Xia. What is it?”

“Nothing,” said Xia Lei.

“Nothing?” A small twist of anger showed at the corner of Xu Lang’s lips but it disappeared in a second. The pleasant smile stayed on his face. “If it’s nothing, you should go home. Ru-Yi and I still need to discuss some work matters so we can’t entertain you.”

Xia Lei suddenly laughed.

“What are you laughing at, Master Xia?” Xu Lang kept a civil air but he was cursing him inside.

Laughing, Xia Lei said, “Inspector Xu, I’ve seen many shameless people but it’s the first time I’ve seen one as shameless as you.”

Xu Lang’s face changed in anger, “You! The one surnamed Xia*! What did you say? I dare you to say that again!”

“Haven’t I made it clear enough? I’ll say it again – listen up. I said, you are a shameless bastard!”

Xu Lang raised his fist angrily.

Xia Lei did not bat an eye. “Inspector Xu, think things through before you act. If we do come to blows, you can beat me up or I can beat you up. Don’t think I’m afraid of your status. I won’t be afraid to blow things up too.”

Xu Lang slowly lowered his fist. He knew that it was true that he intoxicated Jiang Ru-Yi with the intention of getting her body. If something like this was revealed, the one who’d suffer was him and not Xia Lei.

“Get lost if you’re not going to fight. Don’t let me see you again,” said Xia Lei.

Xu Lang pointed angrily at Xia Lei, “Fine, fine… You have guts. We’ll see about that.”

Ptui! Xia Lei spat on the ground in response.

Xu Lang departed, hopping mad, and hit the flower bed with his car. He could be heard cursing from about ten metres away, his elegance totally lost.

Xia Lei closed the door and went to the sofa to look at Jiang Ru-Yi in exasperation. “Are you stupid? You let yourself get so drunk while drinking with a person like that! Good thing he brought you home – it’ll be a disaster if he brought you to a hotel.”

Xu Lang would definitely not dare to check into a hotel with his status, so that was a stroke of luck for Jiang Ru-Yi.

Jiang Ru-Yi opened her drunk eyes and looked at Xia Lei. She smiled, “Hee hee… Am I seeing things? Isn’t this our little Lei from next door?”

Xia Lei was speechless.

“Whatcha doin’ Little Lei?”

“I’ll punch you,” said Xia Lei in annoyance.

“You… You’re still so mean.” Jiang Ru-Yi started giggling, “But I forgive you! I forgive all your mistakes… Hee hee…”

Xia Lei sighed. “I can’t talk to you like this. Go to bed. I’ll be heading back to sleep too. I can’t be bothered with you.”

“I wanna dwink waater.” Jiang Ru-Yi struggled to get up from the sofa but she had no sense of balance. She got up but fell to the carpet with a plop, her smooth and round bum pointing to the sky. Her short uniform skirt hiked up, revealing soft white skin and white lace panties with an obvious shape in the material. This position was so titillating it was hard to look at it directly.

Xia Lei was going to just leave her there but he just couldn’t after seeing her in that state. He took her into his arms and entered her room, then went back to the living room to get her a glass of water.

Jiang Ru-Yi did not seem better after drinking a glass of cold water. She squinted at Xia Lei drunkenly, “H,how did I get on the bed?”

This was a simple question but Xia Lei did not know how to respond.

“Heh heh, Lei… You wanna take advantage of this Big Sister?”

“Advantage, my foot. I’m thanking the Heavens you’re not taking advantage of me.” Xia Lei turned to leave. “Just go to sleep and stop it with your wild thoughts.”

“I wanna bath! Bath!”

“Do it yourself.” Xia Lei could not wait to get out of Jiang Ru-Yi’s flat.

Thump! Jiang Ru-Yi rolled off the bed. This time, she did not have her bum in the air but sprawled across the floor, spreadeagled. Her white lace panties showed under her uniform skirt. It was a sight one should not look at directly yet couldn’t help but peek at.

“I wanna take a bath… No… I wanna take a bath…” Jiang Ru-Yi wriggled on the ground like a boneless white loach.

“You little… Fine! I must’ve owed you something in my past life.” Xia Lei laughed grimly as he carried her and headed to the bathroom.

When Xu Lang was here, she still held onto a shred of clarity, kicking and struggling. Now that Xia Lei was here, she demanded water and a bath next, treating him completely like a bosom buddy. What was this situation? Xia Lei had never thought about it before now as he carried her to the bathroom.

Jiang Ru-Yi had her arms around his neck and the smell of alcohol and perfume hit him in waves. She slurred, “Little Lei, you gotta take, take good care of this Big Sister. Serve Big Sister well and Big Sister will give you a… a… a…”

“A what?”

“Bone.” She completed the sentence after letting out a blech.

Xia Lei didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry and he was more than a little annoyed. He put her in the bathtub right after entering the bathroom and smacked her bum. “I saved you and this is how you treat me? Calling me a dog?!”

The smack echoed and there were graceful ripples like a wind moving a lotus leaf in a pond.

Jiang Ru-Yi gave a muffled moan, seemingly either pained by the smack or reacting to being hit in a sensitive spot. She wobbled as she grabbed Xia Lei by the collar, meaning to drag him into the bathtub while mumbling, “You h,h,hit me! Imma strip you!”

Xia Lei was caught off guard and she actually did manage to undo a button.

Xia Lei did not dare to hang around any longer. He pushed her back into the bathtub and turned on the showerhead without helping her take off her uniform, then escaped the bathroom.

Jiang Ru-Yi’s angry voice came from behind him, “Lei! You asshole! I’ll strangle you! Just you wait – I’ll strangle you to death!”

Xia Lei froze after escaping the bathroom. She’s sober already? Was she really drunk or was she faking it?

*Author did it again with the name-surname. Sigh.

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