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Chapter 1197 - Brother-In-Law Ain't Shit

Chapter 1197 - Brother-In-Law Ain't Shit

As soon as the meeting between the Thunder Horse Organization’s core members had ended, Xia Lei had left for the aircraft workshop under Annina and Sylvia’s company.

There were two aircraft workshops built- one for Yan Wang and the other for Kun Peng. These were facilities and resources funded by the government. Everything they requested was entertained generously by the country. It was also thanks to the country’s involvement that two impeccable workshops could be built within months. These were the biggest workshops on Thunder Horse’s premise and it would no doubt become the heart and fist of China’s Air Force.

Entering the Yan Wang workshop, a brightly-lit space of tens of acres welcomed their presence. Hundreds of workers were busy debugging the assembly line at the moment and the facility was bustling with activity.

“Lukas, are you sure about starting production tomorrow?” This was the third time Sylvia had asked the question.

Xia Lei replied, “Yes, I’m very sure about this. I don’t have time left to wait around.”

Annina shot him a curious look. “Lukas, what are you trying to say?”

Xia Lei merely smiled. “Nothing, actually. I’m just getting rather impatient. I can’t wait to see our very own Yan Wang and Kun Peng planes. Have the workers work overtime for another four hours and increase their pay by three-fold.”

“That’s a lot of money.” Annina reminded.

Xia Lei said, “Money isn’t an issue. Their hard work should be rewarded accordingly.”

The German mechanic shrugged. “Alright, I’ll tell them that. I’m sure they’ll be happy to hear that.”

The prospect of working overtime every single day for an additional four hours but with a three-fold salary increment was attractive. The offer was so lucrative that perhaps even the worker’s family would be eager for them to work overtime. After all, it was a large sum that could improve their living quality.

“Got it. There shouldn’t be an issue with manpower. Our assembly line is almost done and equipment that requires fine tuning have already been tended to as well. However, I must once again remind you that building a fighter aircraft is not a simple feat. A fighter jet or bomber plane unit would require at least tens of thousands of spare parts and we need the design prints for the Yan Wang and Kun Peng along with spare part standards, software codes and so on. Have you prepared everything necessary?”

Xia Lei’s tone was firm. “I’ve already gotten everything ready. I’ll make another visit later to pass both of you everything relevant.”

“I’m glad to hear that. We’ll contact the Haizhu and Shudi bases to start spare part production after the prints are received. Sylvia said, “Anything that can’t be produced by the branch sites will be outsourced from the market. We’ll purchase parts and refine them to our standard.”

Xia Lei rejected, “No, we won’t be outsourcing parts from the market this time. We’re going to produce and refine everything in-house with the Alloy X.”

“You want to use Alloy X on everything? Oh my god, isn’t that too much?” Annina was shocked.

Xia Lei uttered, “The Americans are running a Dragon Slayer Project. Lockheed Martin is heading the research for a super fighter jet named Dragon Slayer and I believe that our Yan Wang is bound to face it in battle. We must not settle for low-grade parts out in the market. We must create the best and most perfect fighter jet the world has ever seen.”

“Very well. Looks like I’ll be drop-dead busy for a while now.” Despite the helpless expression across Slyvia’s features, her heart was absolutely palpitating from excitement inside.

A fighter jet and bomber plane completely made out of Alloy X… It was no doubt that the soon-to-come Yan Wang and Kun Peng would become the conquerors of the sky.

The Americans were indeed miles ahead in the fighter jet and bomber plane department. Certainly, the Dragon Slayer designed by Lockheed Martin would be the most technologically advanced product stemming from the country’s most recent advancements. Though so, the Dragon Slayer would never surpass Yan Wang and Kun Peng.

The reason was simple. While the Americans enjoyed the benefit of stronger technical competency and vast experiences in production, it did not possess Thunder Horse’s Thunder Dragon intelligent lathe. Most importantly, the mastermind behind the Dragon Slayer was Kestin, who was also the replica of Da Vinci. The man wasn’t as intelligent as Xia Lei, let alone possess a brain so mighty that it could be compared to a supercomputer.

But of course, these were all theory-based assumptions. America had its own benefits and the final outcome would only be given after the actual birth of Yan Wang and Kun Peng and real encounters between the jets.

“Lukas, will you be working extra hours with us?” Sylvia’s gaze was seedy and filled with anticipation.

The underlying message behind her words did not go unnoticed by Xia Lei. He flashed her a smile. “Of course. I need to be there for some of the core parts.”

“That’s great!” Sylvia wrapped her arms tightly around him in joy.

Annina too joined the hug. She whispered into his ear in a low drawl, “I have been looking forward to working overtime with you.”

Xia Lei knew what they wanted and he felt the need to satisfy them. This was the only way to have them remain loyal to the Thunder Horse Organization. Annina and Sylvia weren’t Chinese nationals and they did not feel rooted in the country. It just didn’t feel like home to them. Xia Lei was the only reason they stayed with the company for so long. If he refused to satiate their carnal desires, how would they feel compelled to give Thunder Horse their all?”

Doot doot doot… Doot doot doot…

Just as the German mechanics released him from the embrace, Xia Lei’s satellite phone rang.

It was Tang Yuyan. Her voice was riddled with anxiety and worry. “Hubby, are you still at home now?”

Xia Lei replied, “I’m in the office. What’s the matter?”

“We’ve got trouble. The authority has sent an expert team over to brief us on the situation. They specifically asked to meet you,” stated Tang Yuyan.

Xia Lei had a bad feeling about this. He asked, “What experts are they? What did they tell you in the briefing? Why are they asking for me specifically?”

“They didn’t elaborate on it. I’ve asked but they insist on keeping it confidential. But before anything else, you need to come over as soon as possible. I’ll tell you what I know when we meet,” said Tang Yuyan.

“Alright. I’ll be there right away.” Xia Lei ended the call hastily.

“What’s going on?” Sylvia asked.

Xia Lei looked equally lost. “I have no idea either. I’ll go take a look now. Give me a call if anything happens.”

“Got it.” Sylvia nodded.

Annina voiced her concern. “Will it affect our plans?”

Xia Lei replied, “No. No matter what happens, our plans will not be affected.”

One hour later, Bureau 101.

The beast-like Knight XIV roared to a halt in front of the bureau. Before he could even stop the engine, Tang Yuyan was already there to greet him. Her swollen belly made her steps as clumsy as a penguin.

Noticing that, Xia Lei frantically got off the car and rushed towards her. “There’s no need to come get me if it’s too much of a hassle. I know my way around this place. What if it affects your pregnancy?”

His words were sweet like honey to Tang Yuyan. She smiled. “I’m not that fragile, okay? Walking this bit of a distance wouldn’t harm me. There’s no need to be so paranoid.”

“I have to. After all, it’s my son you’re carrying inside your womb.” Xia Lei placed an arm on her waist, eyes full of tenderness and overwhelming love.

“How are you so sure that it’s a son?” Tang Yuyan pouted. “I think girls are better.”

“Then you’re carrying a daughter,” said Xia Lei.

The woman was rendered speechless.

Entering the Bureau 101 headquarters, Xia Lei came face-to-face with the expert team Tang Yuyan mentioned earlier. The person in charge of the team was a tall, skinny middle-aged man named Yang Changhai. With the vintage spectacles perched on his nose bridge, the man gave off the impression of a university professor.

It was then that Xia Lei noticed his brother-in-law, Tang Bochuan. However, he chose to ignore Tang Bochuan and directed his greeting to Yang Changhai. “It’s good to meet you, Chief Yang.”

Yang Changhai quickly initiated a handshake, his tone extremely courteous. “Mister Xia, with you around I’m definitely no chief. You can just call me Big Brother Yang.”

“Hehe. You’re not that old, brother. I guess you can consider this the start of a new friendship, Big Brother Yang.” Xia Lei offered him a friendly smile.

“A new friendship is great, Mister Xia.”

“Brother Yang, there’s no need to call me Mister Xia. You can just call me Xia Lei or even Xiao Xia if you wish.”

“Oh, dear. I wouldn’t dare to call you Xiao Xia.” Yang Changhai laughed heartily. “You’re literally a rare talent the country has yet to see in the past thousands of years. It is an honour to finally meet you in person! You’re such a bright person!”

After an exchange of pleasantries, the two finally took a seat.

At that moment, Tang Bochuan decided to speak, “Xia Lei, when will you be coming over again with Yuyan for a meal? We all miss her a lot, especially my mom. Every time she thinks of Yuyan, she’d tear up.”

Xia Lei offered him a tight smile. If he hadn’t caught Tang Bochuan using that tone on Tang Yuyan, perhaps he would believe that the siblings were still getting along well. Now that Tang Bochuan was saying things like that in his face, Xia Lei would be an absolute idiot if he were to believe that the Tang family had forgiven Tang Yuyan and bore no ulterior motives.

“I’ll take your silence as a yes. How about you come over today? Tonight seems like a good time,” suggested Tang Bochuan with a grin.

Tang Yuyan frowned. It was obvious that she was reluctant to return home.

Those minute details did not escape Xia Lei and he could piece things together. The way Tang Bochuan had spoken to Tang Yuyan through the call had severely lacked respect. Heck, there wasn’t even an ounce of familial affection. If Tang Bochuan was behaving like this, how would Tang Tianlong and Tang Yunhai treat Tang Yuyan any better?

“Mm, how about this?” It was only then that Xia Lei spoke to his brother-in-law. “If you really miss Yuyan, how about you pay the Peace Mansion a visit? I’m really busy for the time being, so I can’t accompany Yuyan back to her maiden home.”

“Then Yuyan can come back alone.” There is a glimmer of displeasure in Tang Bochuan’s gaze.

Tang Yuyan willed to say something but Xia Lei was fast. “Yuyan too is quite busy. She still needs to cook me dinner after work.”

“Why you…” Tang Bochuan’s anger cut him short.

Who would dare to disrespect the future head of the Tang household? But in the eyes of Xia Lei, this brother-in-law ain’t shit at all! And the most infuriating thing of all was that Tang Bochuan couldn’t do anything to Xia Lei after getting humiliated!

“Brother.” Tang Yuyan spoke. “I don’t wish to go home. If father, mother and grandpa wish to see me, they’re free to visit me at the Peace Mansion..”

“Hmph!” Tang Bochuan scoffed coldly. “So your wings have grown hard, yeah? So now you don’t care about our parents and grandpa anymore?”

“That isn’t what I’m trying to say,” defended Tang Yuyan.

“Then why are you not coming home?” Tang Bochuan’s tone was harsh in the manner of a sibling lecture.

“I…” Tang Yuyan wanted to say something but couldn’t bring herself to do so. She was painfully aware of why her family was asking for her return. She was pregnant and the Tang family was still persistent on having Xia Lei write a will for her; to which they’d subsequently get ahold of some original shares for the Thunder Horse Organization. Tang Yuyan, on the other hand, did not wish to even speak about it. She merely wished to remain together with Xia Lei for as long as she could and birth their child safely.

“Come on, say something!” Tang Bochuan continued to pressure his sister.


Xia Lei slammed the table, expression cold. “Tang Bochuan! Quit it!”

Tang Bochuan’s aggression faltered. He insisted stubbornly, “I’m just talking to my sister. Is it wrong for a brother to ask for his sister’s return?”

Xia Lei stared at him hard. “She’s my wife and she’s pregnant with my child. If you cause anything to her pregnancy, can you even afford to compensate me? Your entire family wealth added won’t even be enough to cover a fraction of it!”

Those words were laced with threat!

Though Tang Bochuan was not pleased, he wanted to end this exchange with Xia Lei as soon as possible.

Who in the right mind would want to offend the current Xia Lei?

Instantly, the atmosphere in the conference room turned awkward.

Yang Changhai shot Tang Bochuan a look. “Sir Tang, could you kindly leave us alone?”

“Huh?” Tang Bochuan was shocked. He wasn’t expecting this at all.

Yang Changhai repeated, “Sir Tang, I’m terribly sorry. The matters we’re about to discuss can only be disclosed to people of sufficient rank and authority.”

Yang Changhai had worded it politely. Crudely put, it was literally a cue for him to fuck off due to his lower rank!

Tang Bochuan was stunned. There was a beat of silence before the man turned around and left, not forgetting to slam the door hard behind his back. Yes, Tang Bochuan was painfully aware that the act was immature but he could no longer hold his irritation.

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