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Chapter 1161 - A Parcel of Stress

Chapter 1161 - A Parcel of Stress

A Knight XIV rolled up to the Holy Thunder Church’s entrance. Xia Lei got out of his vehicle and entered the church.

In the church’s secret chamber, the Chinese Zodiac Battle Team members and the four female knights awaited his arrival. The parcel was placed on the conference table. No one had attempted to open it yet.

The gaze Tsukino Kyoko had plastered onto Xia Lei was scalding hot. It felt almost as if Xia Lei was a walking gourmet meal. The female ninja was aware that Tang Yuyan too had become Xia Lei’s wife, yet she wasn’t jealous at all. Tsukino Kyoko and the women beside Xia Lei belonged to two different worlds. Their lifestyle did not suit her. What she wanted was the sporadic wildfire of passion whenever she got the chance to be with Xia Lei.

Their gaze met and Xia Lei offered her a smile. The man felt no inch of awkwardness towards her. After all, wives and flings were two different concepts. Xia Lei could distinguish them well.

“I’ve already had the lab technicians do a quick scan. There’s a handphone inside.” E’er Demutu reported, “Rest assured that there are no explosives or nerve gases hidden inside. It was after the scan that Giovanna contacted you.”

If the parcel was problematic and had carried any potential harm, they would’ve discarded the parcel accordingly and then reported the situation to Xia Lei. There was no way they’d place Xia Lei in danger.

Xia Lei too was aware of that, he had already seen through its contents the moment he arrived. He too had not detected any explosives or potential risks. He placed his focus on the parcel once again and activated his eyes. Upon closer inspection with the X-ray vision, he found out that the phone was a new satellite phone model. All the electronic parts inside the device had nothing out of the ordinary. Everything was normal.

Who would’ve spent so much effort just to deliver a phone?

Xia Lei couldn’t wrap his head around this.

“Should I open it?” asked E’er Demutu.

Xia Lei quickly answered, “It’s alright, I’ll do it myself.”

Before Xia Lei could even move over, E’er Demutu had already slashed the parcel box open with a box cutter. He reached in and produced the satellite phone to Xia Lei.

It’s obvious that E’er Demutu was still worried about hidden risks, which was why he quickly opened the box before Xia Lei could. Xia Lei was moved by the kind gesture but said nothing.

The satellite phone was charged. After toggling it awake, Xia Lei found only one number registered in the contact list. There was a moment of hesitation before he made the call.

It only took a few seconds for the call to get through. An odd voice came over the satellite phone immediately. “Inhale… Exhale…. Inhale… Exhale…”

Xia Lei’s expression tensed. This experience was no stranger to him. All calls from either the black-robed man or prehistoric chosen one and Zhu Xuanyue had begun like that. From the voice’s deeper tone, the prehistoric chosen one was on the receiving end this time.

The prehistoric chosen one was still alive.

His three major targets in the bombing, Kestin, the prehistoric chosen one and Zhu Xuanyue, had all survived the ordeal. This was undoubtedly his worst-case scenario. If he had known this outcome from the start, he would’ve never piloted the B2 bomber plane and bombarded the AE Research Centre. During then, he was on neutral terms with the prehistoric chosen one and Zhu Xuanyue. They wouldn’t have done anything to him. Now with countless bombs dropped on their heads, would the two of them continue to be so courteous to him?

Inhale… Exhale…” His eerie breathing continued to pour out of the satellite phone.

Xia Lei lowered his voice. “Speak, what do you want?”

It was only then that the prehistoric chosen one spoke, “Xia Lei, are you surprised that I’m still alive?”

Xia Lei replied, “Why should I be surprised? I wasn’t the one behind the Area 51 bombings.”

“Not you?” The prehistoric chosen one snorted coldly. “You’re the only one in this whole wide world with the capabilities to bomb Area 51 flat. Who else could’ve done it?”

There were many terrorist attempts on America in the past but only one had succeeded. Even so, the 911 incident had involved a civilian building. The terrorists would’ve never thought about bombing a heavily guarded place like Area 51. Hence, no further evidence was needed to point out the culprit. Xia Lei.

Xia Lei fell silent for a moment. “If you want revenge, you may find me. This has nothing to do with my family.”

“Dare to commit, dare to take responsibility. Excellent job, Xia Lei.” His voice rang over the device. “I mentioned that I’d kill you, but only after the three-year limit I gave, right?”

Xia Lei’s heart sank at that. There was only one year left on the clock. This current situation felt almost like a suspended death sentence.

“While I’ve no plans to kill you now, I’m not so sure she will have the same restraint. While the bombs you dropped did not kill her, it certainly has ruined her plan.”

Xia Lei was reminded of the six cylindrical alloy containers in the AE Research Centre and the pure white substance extracted from the faceless warrior statues. There was no way those things could’ve survived the merciless impacts. After a short moment of silence, he asked, “Where is she now?”

“I don’t know. I’m still looking for her too,” answered the prehistoric chosen one. “If you find out where she is, give this number a call.”

Was that why the prehistoric chosen one needed to reach him?

Xia Lei said nothing but continued to listen.

“If you work with me, you’ll live to see another year. If you wait until she recovers, you will die before then.” The prehistoric chosen one continued, “You won’t be the only one caught up in this mess. Your family and your Thunder Horse Organization will be thoroughly destroyed by her.”

Xia Lei’s heart was filled with fury but mostly plagued by helplessness.

“Are you aware that the Americans have launched a project titled Dragon Slayer Project? Lockheed Martin is about to build a never before seen fighter jet.”

“I’m aware of that but I’m not at all threatened,” said Xia Lei. He had the confidence that he’d be able to suppress Lockheed Martin’s Dragon Slayer fighter jet.

“I’m sorry to say but you’re wrong.” The prehistoric chosen one elaborated, “The fighter jets would be made using the material extracted from the six faceless warrior statues. The material is on par with the Alloy X you’ve created, better even. I’m guessing that Isitabu is behind the fighter jet’s design. She’s on the American’s side now.”

Isitabu was Zhu Xuanyue’s real name, the Goddess of Suicides in the ancient Mayan language. It truly was a name that’d send shivers down your spine.

Zhu Xuanyue helping the Americans?

If that was the case, this spelt massive trouble!

“Why are you telling me these?” Xia Lei narrowed his eyes. “We were never friends and I have no plans to be your ally.”

“I merely don’t wish for you to die in her hands. If you’re going to die, I must be the one to do it.” The prehistoric chosen one went on, “Also, I’m trying to place some stress on you to have you take the last AE capsule soon. You’re already thinking about taking the capsule, right?”

“You’re wrong. The thought of consuming it has never crossed my mind.”

“I’ve not stressed you enough, it seems. No worries, I’ll continue to pressure you.” At that point, the prehistoric chosen one hung up.

Despite Xia Lei’s violent urge to smash the phone onto the ground, he refrained from that.

“Boss, who was that?” asked Qian Jun.

Xia Lei hesitated but replied anyway, “Since everyone is gathered here today, let me tell you something. I’ve promised you that I’d tell you the truth when the time was right. Today, you shall learn of the truth.”

Everyone’s attention was now on Xia Lei. Everyone here had followed Xia Lei to the gates of Hell and back. They deserved to learn the truth. Inexplicably, before Xia Lei could even begin, everyone could already feel transparent stress sitting in the air around them. The atmosphere in the secret chamber was growing with the utmost tension.

“Okay, everything started when I was in Haizhu. Back then, I was only a poor kid working a small booth on the streets…” Xia Lei rattled on unhurriedly.

He began telling them about the compass, then the ancient alloy box and subsequently the Knight Hospitallers sacred relic, the silver armour and lastly the crystal skull and faceless warrior statues. But of course, he had talked most about Zhu Xuanyue and the prehistoric chosen one.

Everything that he had experienced and relevant theories had taken more than half an hour for Xia Lei to explain.

By the end of Xia Lei’s narration, the chamber was dead silent. The growing tension never once ceasing its intensity.

The man had now managed to gather not one but two invincible opponents that could not be defeated virtually. The Goddess of Suicides, Isitabu or Zhu Xuanyue and the prehistoric chosen one were like two huge immovable mountains. The pressure was suffocating. Regardless of the Chinese Zodiac Battle Team members of the four female knights, all of them could calmly face off the FA Organization, the CIA and even the American Special Forces without fear. However, there was no way they would have fought Zhu Xuanyue and the prehistoric chosen one. The opponents were clearly not on the same level!

Xia Lei said, “This was the truth I promised you. I have no idea when the prehistoric chosen one or Zhu Xuanyue would come to me for revenge. They might even commit a massacre to vent out their wrath. If any of you wishes to leave now, I will not stop you. I will pay them one hundred million American dollars as severance. The amount is more than enough for them to enjoy the world.”

“One hundred million dollars?! Wow! That sure sounds tempting.” Sa’im spoke, “But even so, I will not want it. You’re met with unprecedented danger. How can we walk away at a dire time like this?”

“I don’t want it too.” Anjum Khan said, “I’m willing to stay but if you still insist on paying me one hundred million dollars, I wouldn’t say no to it.”

As soon as his words died, Yelena whacked the back of his head hard. “If you can’t say anything nice, shut up. Do that again and I’m dumping you.”

“Uh…” Anjum Khan wanted to say something but decided against it.

Giovanna drew a cross and said, “We are your knights. We breathe the same air and we will follow your path. We will not abandon you for that will betray our oath.”

“I don’t ever want to hear that from you again. I hope to not hear it again in the future,” uttered Qian Jun.

Tsukino Kyoko was next. “It is only after my death that I’ll leave you.”

E’er Demutu shrugged. “Boss, humans are bound to die sooner or later. I’m willing to die for you. So please do not say anything like that ever again.”

No one was willing to leave.

There was a lopsided smile on Xia Lei’s lips. “This is not a test of loyalty, you know? I… I can’t even protect myself, staying with me will only result in imminent death. Don’t you think you should consider this thoroughly?”

“I’m going to use the bathroom now.” E’er Demutu turned around and left.

“Oh, I still have something to take off. Sorry, I need to go work on it now.” Giovanna left.

Xia Lei sighed. “Fine, quit the act. I won’t say that again, okay?”

Everyone who was about to flee halted in their tracks.

But right at this moment, E’er Demutu’s phone rang. He answered the call, expression immediately turning rock solid. He reported, “Boss, we’ve got a situation in the company!”

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