TranXending Vision

Chapter 11: A Feast for the Eyes

A Feast for the Eyes

Li Qing-Hua was under investigation and Chen Chuan-Hu had been locked up. The video Xia Lei shot of Li Qing-Hua accepting sexual favours was just the tip of the iceberg; further digging revealed Li Qing-Hua and Chen Chuan-Hu’s crimes one by one. Harsh justice awaited the pair.

A week had passed in the blink of an eye. Ma Xiao-An was discharged from hospital and he really did buy a MacBook Pro and brought it to Xia Lei’s home. Xia Lei refused to accept it from him but he shoved it in Xia Xue’s hands, insisting that she take it.

“Brother, what do I do? He…” Xia Xue looked to Xia Lei for help.

“Keep it. He’s already purchased it and it’s troublesome to get a refund,” said Xia Lei.

“Thank you, Brother Xiao-An!” Xia Xue beamed. She actually really wanted the laptop.

Xia Lei smiled too. “Go fry up some dishes, girl! Xiao-An will have lunch with us. He’s been in the hospital for a week – he must be hankering after real food!”

“Sure! I’ll see what’s in the fridge. I’ll go to the supermarket if we don’t have enough,” said Xia Xue.

Ma Xiao-An grinned, “I was really craving proper food the past few days. Hospital food is just terrible. Xue, you must cook some red braised pork! I love your red braised pork.”

“Red braised pork when you’re already so chubby? Never mind, I’ll still make it for you,” said Xia Xue.

Laughter filled the flat. This home had not had this much cheer in a long time.

Ring, ring! Xia Lei’s mobile phone suddenly rang.

It was Jiang Ru-Yi. “Lei, where are you?”

“I’m at home. What is it?” asked Xia Lei.

“Come down quickly. I’ll be waiting at the entrance. Big sister needs you to do something,” said Jiang Ru-Yi.

“Okay, wait for me. I’ll be right there.” Xia Lei hung up. “Jiang Ru-Yi needs me for something. I’ll go see what it is.”

A police car was parked at the neighbourhood entrance and Jiang Ru-Yi stood next to it. Her female police uniform, curvy full figure and small waist were a delight to see.

It was strange – whenever he saw Jiang Ru-Yi he would have an urge to use his X-ray vision on her but he had no such urge when he saw Long Bing.

“What took you so long?” Jiang Ru-Yi started criticizing Xia Lei as soon as she saw him. “It’s so hot today and you made me wait so long! How are you going to compensate your great Big Sister if my skin gets darker?”

Xia Lei gave her a thin smile. “You called me down to talk about your skin?”

“It’s an important matter.” Jiang Ru-Yi opened the car door. “Get in. We’ll talk on the way there.”

“What is it?” asked Xia Lei. “Ma Xiao-An is still at my place and I told him I would treat him to a meal.”

Jiang Ru-Yi pushed Xia Lei towards the car. As she pushed, she said, “You and Ma Xiao-An eat together all the time. You’re not going to miss out on much if you skip one time. My matter is way more important so this big sister is taking you with me no matter what you say.”

Xia Lei grabbed onto the roof rack and asked awkwardly, “Ru-Yi, what’s going on? Can’t you tell me now?”

“Get in the car.” Jiang Ru-Yi suddenly wrapped her arms around Xia Lei’s middle and used all her strength to try and cram him into the car.

Xia Lei was flustered by having two soft mounds pressed on his back all of a sudden. He loosened his grip on the roof rack and was shoved into the front passenger seat by Jiang Ru-Yi. Xia Lei was suddenly reminded of when they played together as kids – Jiang Ru-Yi always used this sudden hug from the back to throw him on the ground or into the river, then laughed as she watched him flail about. That was when they were kids though. She’s all grown up now, so why is she still doing the same thing?

Jiang Ru-Yi got in the car, started the engine and drove off.

A meal with Ma Xiao-An was now impossible. Xia Lei gave him a call to tell him to have lunch with Xia Xue and that he was not coming back. He thought Ma Xiao-An would hold a grudge against him for it but he just chuckled in a crass way. What was he laughing about?

Xia Lei felt more at ease after making the call. “Ru-Yi, can you tell me what this is about now?”

Jiang Ru-Yi opened the glove compartment and took out a bundled stack of money. She put it on Xia Lei’s lap.

It was 10,000 yuan, so fresh from the bank that the paper band holding it together had not even been scratched. Xia Lei stared at it dumbly, then joked, “Ru-Yi, does this mean you’re going to be my sugar mummy?”

“Huh? Ew, what sugar mummy?” Jiang Ru-Yi’s face turned red. “I’m still waiting for my sugar daddy! Fat hope, you gigolo wannabe!”

“So what’s this 10,000 for?” asked Xia Lei.

“This is the reward money I just received for the Li Qing-Hua and Chen Chuan-Hu case,” said Jiang Ru-Yi.

“I see. But this is your reward! Why did you put it on my lap? I don’t want your money,” said Xia Lei.

Jiang Ru-Yi glared at Xia Lei. “Who said I was going to give it to you? I have it all planned! I’ll buy a make up set from L’Oréal Paris, beautiful dresses, Brazil nuts, beef jerky, durian… Buy, buy, buy! I’ll buy whatever I like!”

“So why put it on me?” asked Xia Lei gloomily.

Jiang Ru-Yi pursed her lips, “Well, you did play a crucial part in me getting this reward money so I was thinking of treating you to a good meal.”

Xia Lei smiled. “Great, you still have a conscience. Let’s go to a nice restaurant for Western cuisine – I still haven’t had Western cuisine at my age.”

“In your dreams. I’m only going to spend 200 yuan. Let’s go to a Sichuan place,” said Jiang Ru-Yi.

Xia Lei was speechless.

Jiang Ru-Yi hit Xia Lei and laughed, “Ha! Still so gullible, believing everything I say. I didn’t just get you to come with me because of the reward money. I have something important to share with you too.”

Xia Lei rolled his eyes at her. “Don’t tell me – you finally found your other half?”

Jiang Ru-Yi was annoyed. “What ‘finally’? That sounds so ugly! Am I the sort of woman who can’t get a boyfriend? Let me tell you, if I were bothered, there would be a phalanx of suitors after me!”

“Yes, yes… A phalanx, sure.” Xia Lei shrugged. “Tell me your great news, then. What is it?”

“You won’t believe it even if I tell you.” Jiang Ru-Yi hesitated, then spoke earnestly, “An exception was made and I was promoted to North Police Station’s Chief. I took over Li Qing-Hua’s job.”

“Wha-?” Xia Lei was so surprised his mouth wouldn’t close.

“But there’s a three-month probation period. If I do well during this period, the position of Chief is mine.”

“It’s just part of the process. No worries, you’ll do fine,” said Xia Lei.

Jiang Ru-Yi laughed. “Hee hee. Big sister likes to hear nice words. Let me guess – this is in large part due to your friend. What do you think?”

Xis Lei shook his head. “I know nothing about this so I can’t make any guesses. If you think so, it must be so.”

“Who the hell is she?” Jiang Ru-Yi shot Xia Lei a look. “Is she your girlfriend?”

Xia Lei chuckled dryly, “Would a woman with such amazing abilities fall in love with a poor peasant like me? Stop joking. I’m not on close terms with her.”

“Not close?” Jiang Ru-Yi was surprised. “Not close but she charged into a police station for you. And pointed a gun at the Police Chief’s head. Not close?”

“It’s not what you think. I coincidentally helped her a week before so she was returning the favour,” said Xia Lei.

“What did you help her with?” Jiang Ru-Yi was very curious.

“She doesn’t want it known, so stop asking,” said Xia Lei.

“Hiding and covering… You two must have serious problems.”

“Hey, did you ask me out to question me or treat me to a meal?”

“Treat you to a meal, of course.” Jiang Ru-Yi stopped the car at a Sichuan restaurant by the road.

“Are we really having Sichuan food?” Xia Lei was a little dumbfounded.

“Get out of the car. What else do you want to eat for 200 yuan? It’s better than me treating you to plain rice.” Jiang Ru-Yi alighted and stretched but she looked grumpy.

At that moment, Xia Lei’s eye throbbed. Jiang Ru-Yi was naked under the sunlight – she had all the right curves and was slim but full-figured. Her sexiness was through the roof. Xia Lei’s gazed lingered on areas it shouldn’t linger on, like a bee buzzing around the centre of a flower, intoxicated by the sweetness of its nectar.

“Why are you looking at me like that? Get out.” Jiang Ru-Yi had no idea what she looked like in Xia Lei’s eyes and shooed him out of the car.

Xia Lei snapped back to reality and averted his gaze, then smiled wryly. Why couldn’t he control the urge to look at Jiang Ru-Yi?

Jiang Ru-Yi locked the car and started walking towards the restaurant while Xia Lei followed, trying his best not to look at her perky bum, wrapped gorgeously in a uniform skirt. He was afraid his eye would be triggered again. If sexiness was edible, Jiang Ru-Yi was always whetting his appetite – it was a problem with no solution.

Just then, an old man applied paste on an electric pole by the roadside and stuck an advertisement on it.

The electric pole was at least 20m away from Xia Lei and the text on the advertisement should be unreadable under normal circumstances but Xia Lei’s eye throbbed and the advertisement seemed to be instantly pulled in front of him, the text on it clear as day.

The advertisement was a notice of ownership transfer for a machine shop.

Xia Lei was interested. “I’ve learnt welding and lathe operations at construction sites and I just so happen to have some money. Why don’t I try setting up my own shop? I would be a worker bee my whole life if I stayed on at construction sites. If I open my own business, I would be the boss no matter how much or how little I earned. Moreover, my eye has such a wonderous, special ability – I will definitely do better than I had.”

With these thoughts in his head, Xia Lei grew more keen and moved to ask the old man more questions about the machine shop.

“What are you doing, Lei?” called Jiang Ru-Yi, “Come on, hurry up and order something! I’m starving! You have to accompany me to shop for clothes after eating, too. Move it.”

Xia Lei gave a small sigh, made a mental note of the contact details and address and entered the restaurant.

After their meal, Jiang Ru-Yi was all set to drag him shopping. Xia Lei was trying to come up with an excuse to get himself out of it when she received a call from the police station, requesting her to look into a case that had cropped up.

“Argh, what bad luck! Why do I have to go back to work when I’m on a break?” Jiang Ru-Yi was a picture of unhappiness after she ended her phone call.

Xia Lei chuckled, “You’re Chief now! Go back and solve the case – work is important.”

“How are you going back?” Jiang Ru-Yi asked, “How about I send you back before I go to the station?”

“No need. It’s not far so I can just walk,” said Xia Lei.

“Okay. I’m off. Remember to go clothes shopping with me tomorrow.” Jiang Ru-Yi pressed her finger to Xia Lei’s nose. “Don’t find an excuse – there are no excuses.”

Xia Lei was speechless.

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