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Chapter 555 - Crux of The Problem; An Embarrassed Person (3)

555 – Crux of The Problem; An Embarrassed Person (3)

A martial king, his face was grey and pale, his eyes listless. He looked like he could stop breathing any minute.

That night had impacted him profoundly.

So profound that even this cold-blooded person couldn’t handle. Everything was fake. It was all but a mistake of his.


The horses walking side by side, they were the once Third and Fifth Elders and the only elders left of the Cheng’s. They were all worried that their housemaster wouldn’t be able to go on.

“……” Looking over at slightly. Cheng Yutang’s eyes moved and he questioned them silently.

Third Elder looked at him and asked in a deep voice, “Housemaster, have you decided where we are heading yet? This is a big world. Are you sure we want to resort to hiding out in the mountains?”

“Why can’t we?!” Cheng Yutang’s voice was horribly hoarse, as though his throat was shattered. His voice grating to the ears.

“Housemaster, even if we hide out in the mountains. What about the others? Are we going to turn everyone into hunters?” asked Third Elder bitterly.

Fifth Elder glanced over at the two of them and said, “We have nothing left. It will be difficult for us to settle down no matter where we go, unless…”

Hearing his voice, the other two looked over at him. Fifth Elder carried on bitterly, “It might be easier if we go to Qing’an Province. At the very minimum, we won’t be walked all over.”

“Impossible…” There was no emotions in Cheng Yutang’s voice.


“If we don’t go and stay in Qing’an Province, I am afraid the dozens of people here will no longer be around in less than six months,” said Fifth Elder solemnly.

“Housemaster, your duty is to ensure that the Cheng’s will carry on. That is the first and foremost. I urge you to give this proposition serious consideration.”

“……” Cheng Yutang wasn’t moved by his words at all, as though he didn’t care about the lives of those in his group.

The two elders exchanged a look and were able to see the resignation in each other’s eyes.

Finally, Fifth Elder thought about it for a bit and finally said, “Housemaster, you should know that Madam Housemaster is still alive. If we are right about it, she was saved and taken away by Cheng Biyuan and his daughter. Do you not want to go look for her, Housemaster?”


Cheng Yutang, looking downward, seemed to finally has a change in his emotions, but he still didn’t say a word.

They’ve already brought out the trump card and it the person in front of them still wasn’t moved.

All they could do other than sighing was to smile bitterly.

Both of them were up there in age and their residence in Capital City had been destroyed. And even if it wasn’t destroyed, they still couldn’t bear to stay there anymore. After all, with the scale of what had happened at the Cheng’s, how could they face those in town anymore?

And if they have to leave Capital City, they needed a new place to stay. So, the question was, where could they settle down in for some resemblance of a peaceful life? They had been talking about it for a long time and had yet to figure something out.

Not that they couldn’t think of any places, but more they knew what kind of troubles they would face in the future.

Everybody had heard about what had happened to the Cheng’s. As much, they would probably receive very little help no matter where they went. Contrarily, many would try to take the opportunity to take advantage of them. Their days would be difficult no matter where they went.

Not to mentioned that they only have several hundreds of taels remaining between all of them. How’d that be enough to for them to settle down at a new place? Several hundred of taels wasn’t even enough for them to get a place to live in. Not to mentioned that they wouldn’t last much longer with their expenditure on room and board recently.

And then what?

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