Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 551 - Unspeakable Fate

Chapter 551: Unspeakable Fate

The girl’s father was rolling up a snowball, and the girl was making a snowball with her mother. Soon, there were two big snowballs, and blissful laughter drifted in the air.

The girl had good eyesight. When she saw Xiaoqi, she tugged at her mother’s hand happily. “Mommy, he’s Ling Xiaoqi from the kindergarten class next door. Can I play with him?”

The girl’s father smiled and nodded in understanding. He waved at Ling Sheng’s family of three and asked, “Are you new here? Let the children play together!”

Jun Shiyan and Ling Sheng looked at Xiaoqi. Xiaoqi nodded before leading them over. It was lively and fun when children played together.

Ling Sheng had not expected her son to be so popular. Even the children in the class next door knew him, but he did not know them. The family who had called them over was named Mo. The young lady’s name was Mo Anan, and she was a child in the junior class. Xiaoqi was in the second class.

Mr. and Mrs. Mo were both university professors. They had a high IQ as a family and lived in a building across from theirs. They were in their thirties and had ordinary looks, but they had the self-restraint of an intellectual family.

Jun Shiyan was talking to Mr. Mo. The two men were smoothing a snowball that was not very round by fixing the excess corners.

Ling Sheng and Mrs. Mo were rolling up snowballs beside them. They were looking for clean snow, so the snowballs they made were white and tender.

“Mrs. Jun, you know Teacher Su?” Mrs. Mo was very happy to be able to talk to her. She knew that she was a celebrity and liked to watch her variety show. However, she had not expected her to be so young. She had already gotten married while her career was still rising.

The child was already three years old, which meant that the two of them had gotten married four to five years ago. It was rare to see celebrities get married before entering the entertainment circle.

Besides, her husband was very handsome and had a magnificent bearing. The two of them were very compatible. However, she had not expected her to know her teacher.

“Yes, I have to call him Uncle.” Ling Sheng smiled and nodded.

Yes, her Fifth Uncle, Su Chan, had been Mrs. Mo’s mentor in university. One had to admit that the world was really small. Fate was indeed wonderful.

If she had not said that, she would not have known that her Fifth Uncle had been a university professor. He was currently involved in scientific research and was the vice director of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

“I’m ashamed to say this, but I visited during Chinese New Year last year. I haven’t visited the teacher in nearly a year. I wonder how he’s doing?” Mrs. Mo was really surprised. She had not expected the teacher’s niece to be living in the building across the street.

“Uncle is very good health-wise. Don’t worry, Mrs. Mo.” Ling Sheng exchanged pleasantries with her. After all, this was the first time they had met, so she was still a little distant and polite.

Soon, Jun Shiyan called out to her. “Sheng Sheng, give me the snowball!”

Ling Sheng rolled the snowball over excitedly. Her face was red, and beads of sweat had formed on her nose and forehead.

Jun Shiyan wiped the sweat off her face gently and brushed away the thin layer of snow on her body. Then, he zipped her jacket up again.

Ling Sheng was hot, and she felt like her whole body was covered in sweat. She turned around, hoping to unzip her jacket, but the man grabbed her shoulder and turned her around. He sighed lovingly and warned her seriously. “Don’t unzip it again. Be careful, or you’ll catch a cold.”

Mrs. Mo looked at the young couple beside her enviously before looking at Mr. Mo, who was working hard beside her. She kicked him lightly.


One could not compare oneself to others. Look at this young couple. Their small interactions were enviable, especially Mr. Jun’s behavior. Not only was he handsome, but he was also very attentive. He doted on his wife as though she was a little princess!

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