Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 542 - Who's Married To You?

Chapter 542: Who’s Married To You?

Worried that something might have happened to the teacher, Ling Sheng took out her phone and sent a message to him. Teacher, where are you? Do you want me to pick you up?

However, the man’s phone rang.

Ling Sheng turned around and looked at him faintly. She seemed to realize something.

Jun Shiyan took out his phone calmly and replied, I’m with you.

Then, he reached out gentlemanly to look at the young lady in front of him. “Hi, Student Ling. I’m the tutor in charge of teaching you mathematics, Jun Shiyan.”

Ling Sheng slapped his hand away and puffed her cheeks angrily. “Jun Shiyan, you liar!”

Then, she turned around and left.


She was angry!

He could not coax her!

No wonder this tutor had been so strange. He had refused to answer her calls and had insisted on adding her on WeChat. He had been afraid that he would be exposed if she heard his voice!

Jun Shiyan chased after her and grabbed her hand, only to be slapped away. He grabbed her hand again, but his hand was flung away once more. In the end, he followed her obediently. When the elevator closed, he forced her into a corner and wrapped his arms around her. He lowered his eyes slightly. “Sorry.”

Ling Sheng was angry. She used her fingers to poke his shoulder with all her might, feeling indignant. “What are you sorry for? You’re a teacher, and I’m just a student. I don’t deserve your apology, Teacher Jun.”

Was this fun? Was this fun?

He had to role-play with her every time. One moment, he was Professor Gu, the next moment, he was Teacher Jun.

Jun Shiyan let out a low laugh and let her vent her emotions. “I didn’t say anything yesterday. I was afraid that you would know it was me and would not want me to come.”

“Where’s my teacher?” Ling Sheng thought to herself*, As if you don’t know!*

Do you know how much energy I have to use to restrain myself from having wild thoughts when I see your gorgeous face? It will affect my learning efficiency!

“I’m your teacher.” Jun Shiyan’s voice was low as he lowered his eyes slightly. His breath was on her face, warm and suggestive. “Who else do you want to be your teacher?”

As soon as he finished speaking, the elevator door opened. There were two households on this floor. An elderly couple was supporting each other as they stood at the door. Upon seeing the duo, they greeted them kindly. “Are you the young couple that’s here to see the house? Or did you just move in?”

Before Ling Sheng could answer, the man took her hand in his. He then looked at the old couple at the elevator door. “Auntie, Uncle, we just moved here as a married couple. Please look out for us in the future.”

Ling Sheng, who was angry, pinched his hand. Who just moved in with you? This is my house. Who’s married to you? You’re shameless!

However, she had never seen this old couple before.

“We just moved here too.” The white-haired old lady, who was wearing a pair of reading glasses, looked at them lovingly. The more she looked at them, the more familiar they looked. She only remembered who they were when the elevator door was about to close. Before she could call out to them, the elevator had already gone down.

The aunt and uncle wanted to take a walk downstairs. Ling Sheng saw that the duo was even older than her grandparents. They were around 80 years old. She reminded the elderly to walk carefully, as it was still snowing outside.

It was easy to get distracted when Ling Sheng was with Jun Shiyan. After all, a teacher with a gentle voice and attractive looks was watching her and talking to her.

Especially when he spoke, his voice always drawled, making her heart palpitate.

Jun Shiyan knocked on the table and adjusted his glasses. “Student Ling, focus. Do you understand this question?”

Ling Sheng shook her head. She did not understand. She was only concerned about looking at his face. She pointed at him and complained. “Can you take off your glasses?”

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