Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 518 - An Official Meeting

Chapter 518: An Official Meeting

Nangong Lengyu said, “Fine, you’re impressive!”

When Ling Sheng saw that he had hung up on her, she frowned. What did he want? What did he want? He had video called and hung up without saying a word.

Besides, she had seemed to see her father’s figure in the crowd in the background. Had he gone out with Director Chen?

That was not possible. Director Chen had been hiding from him. He had been quite scared that day.

Chen Mo said, “Sister, her drama will end at the end of the month. She’s supposed to be filming an advertisement in the Maldives. Why don’t the two of you go over there to have fun?”

Nangong Lengyu thought about it and agreed. She really could not wait to see her, but since her younger brother had said so, she could not delay their work. She nodded. “What about Huo Ci? I heard that he’s staying next door to you. If he doesn’t leave, do you plan on not going to the film site again?”

Chen Mo did not say anything. What else could he do? It was impossible for him to not go to the film site all the time. How could he continue filming? He could only get people to keep watch outside. If Huo Ci went to the film site, he would find an excuse to hide.

Nangong Lengyu was very sure. “What are you worried about? Huo Ci definitely won’t recognize you. He’s not that kind of person.”

Chen Mo finally believed her. Two people had already told him this, so Huo Ci would definitely not recognize him. The next day, he went to the film site without any worries.

Upon hearing that Chen Mo had gone to the film set, Huo Ci got ready to pay him a visit. He would be returning to the capital in the afternoon and he had been admiring Director Chen’s reputation for a long time.

When the assistant told Chen Mo that Best Actor Huo had come, Chen Mo was resting. Upon seeing the many workers and actors surrounding him and chatting with him, one could imagine how popular and well-liked he was.

Besides Ling Sheng, everyone had gone to see Best Actor Huo. She was still sitting there and scrolling through her phone. When someone walked past her, he suddenly lowered his head and whispered in her ear, “Your boss is here. Aren’t you going to welcome him?”

Ling Sheng took a look at the tightly-packed crowd and shrugged. “I’m afraid I can’t squeeze in. He’s here for you, Director Chen. Aren’t you afraid?”

Chen Mo frowned, his voice getting louder as he denied it. “Nonsense. Why would I be afraid of him?”

Ling Sheng took a look at him. Why are you so loud if you aren’t afraid? Why are you acting so heroic? When she saw him straighten his chest as though he was about to fight, she tugged at him and lowered her voice. “Relax, you’re not afraid.”

Chen Mo let out a low cough and glared at her. Why did this little girl have to spout the truth? He did not know why, but he was a little nervous. His sister had told him that Huo Ci would not recognize him.

Sheng Xichen smiled and nodded slightly at Chen Mo. “Brother Ci, Director Chen is here.”

Huo Ci greeted him with a smile. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the brat, who was sitting there scrolling through her phone, suddenly stand up. She smiled at him and waved at him with all her might. Her lips moved silently. Father. He sneered in his heart. Look at her. She got angry when she saw him. She didn’t even know how to welcome him.

“Mr. Huo.” Chen Mo encouraged himself a million times inwardly, hoping that he would not recognize him. He smiled and extended his hand. “I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“Hi, Director Chen.” Huo Ci shook his hand in a gentlemanly manner. However, a probing look flashed across the depths of his eyes before his lips curled up in understanding. “I’ve long heard of your great name, Director Chen. Now that I’ve met you, you live up to your reputation.”

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