Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 516 - A Familiar Person

Chapter 516: A Familiar Person

“Yes.” Although Zuo Ming said that, he knew deep down that it would be impossible for him to find out. Ordinary people would not know where Third Master Jun had gotten the coffee.

However, the Sixth Master’s attitude seemed to have changed a little. He could even see a hint of complacency in it. To be able to suppress the Third Master and make him praise and respect him, he had gone from being in the same generation as him to being one generation his junior. Wasn’t he proud that he was inferior?

He could only give Third Master Jun a thumbs-up. How admirable. He was definitely ruthless. Look at him. He was an elite favored by the heavens. In the past, his attitude toward the Sixth Master had been very domineering. Now, his attitude toward the Sixth Master was as timid as a feather and as humble as dust.

In order to woo Miss Sheng Sheng and make the Sixth Master relent, he had accepted this huge psychological gap with a clear conscience. He was really a man. He was so impressive!

Before they could go to Chuanjiang Restaurant to eat, Xu Xi knocked on the door. Behind him was a group of waiters, each of them holding an exquisite plate. “The Third Master ordered these to be sent over.”

Huo Ci let out a cold laugh. “Scram! Who wants to eat his food? He must have poisoned me!”

Xu Xi smiled respectfully. “Sixth Master really knows how to joke.”

“Scram! I don’t need this small amount of food!” As soon as Huo Ci finished speaking, he saw a few stray dogs, some big and some small ones.

“Okay.” Xu Xi was still smiling. Since the Third Master had to provide for him, he had to serve him humbly. If he was pleasant, he would help the Third Master please his father-in-law and woo his wife.

“Come back.” Huo Ci stopped him casually and got Zuo Ming to call the stray dogs over. Then, he looked at the waiters and ordered them, “Leave them by the roadside!”

Xu Xi watched as a group of stray dogs surrounded the food Third Master had carefully selected to please him. Then, they finished it in no time.

That was too much!

The Sixth Master knew that he had a reputation for being cynical, but he was really too much. It was fine if he did not eat the food, but if he fed it directly to the dogs, wouldn’t that be a slap to the Third Master’s face?

The corners of Zuo Ming’s eyes twitched, and his forehead darkened. His master really knew how to handle things!

When Xu Xi returned to report this, he was extremely angry. However, he did not dare show it in front of the Third Master. The Third Master nodded and said casually, “I understand. The food might not be to his liking. I’ll switch restaurants tonight.”

Xu Xi was silent for a moment before he replied respectfully, “Okay.”

Oh no!

The Third Master had gone all out to woo his wife.

Didn’t he feel angry? Didn’t he feel like he had been slapped in the face?

At night, Huo Ci went to Yunjiang. The light show on the surface of the lake had already started, so it was quite lively. There were many tourists and many snack sellers on the street. They bought a stick of candied hawthorn and ate as they strolled forward.

Suddenly, a familiar figure appeared in the crowd. The woman was wearing a red windbreaker, and her hair was pulled back in a neat ponytail. Her pretty face, which was not covered in makeup, had a bright smile on it. She was also holding a huge piece of pink cotton candy.

The expression in his eyes turned cold. He threw away the candied hawthorn, pushed the crowd aside, and chased after her. However, she had already disappeared. It was as though she had suddenly appeared and disappeared on the spot.

As far as the eye could see, there were unfamiliar faces around him. Instantly, he got all flustered and punched the railing beside the river angrily. He was mad! He was simply crazy! Why would he see her?

Besides, why would he chase after her?

When Huo Ci looked over, Chen Mo also saw him. His expression changed to one of fright as he dragged Nangong Lengyu away and boarded a cruise ship with her.

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