Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 512 - Not A Private Meeting

Chapter 512: Not A Private Meeting

Ling Sheng knew that she was anxious, so she only smiled kindly. “Sister Li, don’t be so anxious. Even if Zhou Zhou gave you the video, I wouldn’t give it to you.”

How hilarious!

Look at her anxious face. When that little b*tch had conned her biological father, she had not expected that such a day would come. Why had she not expected retribution when she had beaten and abused others?

Zhen Li’s face was ashen. She could only grit her teeth and swallow her blood. She remained calm as she looked at her and asked, “Ling Sheng, what do you want?”

Ling Sheng shrugged and shook her head with a sympathetic expression before sighing. “People like you waste air and land by being alive. Do you know that everyone wants to punish you? I don’t want anything. I’m just acting brave for a just cause.”

Then, her smile became even kinder and purer. Look, I’m a good person!

Shen Nian’s originally heavy heart was amused by her unconventional behavior. She was really interesting. She had angered Zhen Li to death with just a few words, making her anticipate her next move.

“Ling Sheng, if you dare release the video, I’ll sue your assistant for harassment. I’ll also release the video of your private meeting with Huo Ci!” Zhen Li threw caution to the wind, knowing very well that she was just messing with her.

She would not hand the video to her, so there was no need to waste her breath on her.

“Let me correct you.” Ling Sheng clapped her hands and said seriously, “Firstly, it was not a private meeting. When Boss Huo came to find me, Director Chen Mo was also there. He can testify to that. Secondly, Zhou Zhou is not my assistant. He has already resigned. Even if you sue him, it will have nothing to do with me.”

Zhen Li was so angry that she almost vomited blood. Her vision darkened as she growled angrily. “You’re lying. Huo Ci didn’t see Chen Mo at all.”

Ling Sheng said, “It’s fine if you don’t believe me. When he came over, Director Chen Mo happened to have diarrhea. Director Chen is such a man… How could he let others know that he wanted to poop? He was too embarrassed to come out and meet people.”

When Shen Nian heard this, she could not help but suppress her laughter. Could she not be so funny? She wanted her to forget what kind of occasion this was. This was obviously a very intense situation, but she had twisted it.

However, the simpler words she used and the more she joked, the angrier Zhen Li became. Zhen Li was so angry that her face was contorted. She looked at Shen Nian and ordered angrily, “Take her phone. I’ll give you a million!”

Ling Sheng smiled as she passed the phone to Shen Nian. “You don’t have to snatch it. I definitely can’t beat you. Hold it for me.”

Shen Nian’s attitude was very obvious. She would not stay on her side anymore. Was there something wrong with her eyes, or was there something wrong with her brain? Was she perhaps desperate?

Zhen Li watched as Ling Sheng walked toward her, not knowing what she wanted to do. The intense pain coming from her body made her unable to move. She opened her mouth to scream for help.

Ling Sheng reached out to grab a towel and covered her mouth. Then, she looked at Shen Nian. “Niannian, please bring me the clothes over there.”

The windbreaker had a very long belt that was torn directly in half. Under Zhen Li’s horrified gaze, she tied her limbs tightly with it.

Zhen Li did not know what she wanted to do. Fear and hatred filled her heart, and her eyes were like venomous daggers that wanted to kill her.

Zhou Zhou and Shen Nian did not know what she was up to based on her strange actions. Zhen Li was finished. She had beaten up her assistant. Even if she did not leave the entertainment circle, her future would be dark. There was no future for her.

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