Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 506 - Taking Advantage of the Opportunity to Rise Up

Chapter 506: Taking Advantage of the Opportunity to Rise Up

The identity of the female protagonist had also been revealed. It was Zhen Li. The Little Cis would not scold her. Huo Ci also had enemies and anti-fans. The anti-fans used this opportunity to go to Zhen Li’s Weibo account to settle the score.

Zhen Li only had two million fans on Weibo, and the number of fans who were active was unknown. Each post received less than 100 reposts and 1,000 likes on Weibo. This was the first time she experienced this on Weibo. The comments exceeded 10,000 in minutes.

What was outrageous was that the hottest topic on Weibo was actually that of a passer-by fan asking her how capable Huo Ci was in bed. Had she felt great when she’d faced his magnificent beauty?

Ling Sheng could not understand what was going on in the minds of these people. They were asking if she felt great to be in the center of such a big piece of news. Their tone was full of envy. Their actions today had confused her.

Huo Ci was preparing to have lunch with Sheng Xichen and Fang Hua. Before he left, a lot of paparazzi appeared out of nowhere and surrounded him and Zhen Li. The male and female protagonists of this incident were present, so the atmosphere was lively.

When Ling Sheng looked over, wrinkles appeared on her forehead. When she saw Zhen Li smiling at the camera and answering the paparazzi’s questions, she looked very experienced. She knew that this incident had definitely been planned by her because she wanted to use her father’s popularity.

It was hard to judge other people. A bigshot like her father was definitely the kind of person who would make someone else stand out in the entertainment circle after being involved in a scandal with him. It would not be an overstatement to say that her appearance in the entertainment circle back then had a lot to do with the frequent rumors about the two of them. She felt the effects starkly.

In the entertainment circle, one did not have to care about good or bad rumors. It was fine as long as one could stand out. Since this had been described as a scandal, both parties just needed to clarify things to settle this matter. If one was criticized or defamed, so be it. Anyway, popularity had been obtained, which was a victory.

However, there was something wrong with Zhen Li’s brain. Did she really think her father was a paper tiger that she could force to do her bidding? If he wanted to crush her, it would be as easy as moving his finger.

Opposite her, her father smiled lightly. He was a little far away, and their surroundings were noisy. She could not hear what the person in question was saying.

Fang Hua and Sheng Xichen were also by Huo Ci’s side, as they were having lunch with him. Who knew that such a big scandal would suddenly break out? They looked at each other and confirmed that the mastermind behind it was Zhen Li.

Fang Hua had always known that this woman was scheming. It would have been fine if she had not made a move, but she had caused a sensational scandal the moment she had done so. Upon seeing Huo Ci’s fake smile, she knew that he had been deceived.

Sheng Xichen took a look at Huo Ci. Even a wise man would eventually make a mistake. Although many female celebrities wanted to use him to climb up the social ladder, and there were also many rumors about him, no one had ever been able to deliver the killing blow. Most of the time, things fizzled out.

However, it was different this time. Zhen Li had gotten out of his car. Her expression and posture, as well as the slightly messy state of her clothes, made one’s imagination run wild.

“I was just asking Teacher Huo to explain the script to me.” Zhen Li smiled politely at the reporters and stole a look at Huo Ci. Her eyes were shy and seductive.

She had not been popular in years, as she had lacked an opportunity to become popular. With Huo Ci’s help, she would definitely make a comeback and become popular in China.

Huo Ci let out a cold laugh in his heart. He had not expected that after being in the entertainment circle for so long, he would be scammed by a woman. It would be embarrassing if he said this out loud. He smiled elegantly and said, “Ms. Zhen is very talented. I believe she will go further in her acting career in the future.”

In the morning, his car window had been smashed and his in-car camera recorder had been stolen. Zuo Ming’s wallet had also been stolen. He had thought that the local security was poor and this crime had been committed by a thief. He had not expected someone to be waiting for him there.

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