Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 503 - Too Much

Chapter 503: Too Much

When she went over, she saw that the food trucks had already arrived. Their outside was covered in a festive red cloth, as though they were shops ready to open for business. They had yet to be uncovered, so the atmosphere was full of mystery. They had attracted enough attention and created a gimmick.

Xiao Ye stood beside her, her eyes sparkling with excitement. “Sister Sheng Sheng, Big Boss must be here to support you! That’s great!”

It was good to have a Big Boss and a Best Actor as a father. He doted on Sister Sheng Sheng so much that she was envious!

The corners of Ling Sheng’s lips curled up happily as she stared at the two trucks opposite her in anticipation. Her heart was bubbling with happiness. Some workers had already gone over to remove the cloth.

Fang Hua moved closer to her ear and smiled as she asked, “How’s it going? Are you dancing from joy? Huo Ci treats you really well. I’ve known him for a long time, but I’ve never seen him make so much effort for anyone!”

Ling Sheng was overjoyed, but she remained calm on the surface. “Teacher Fang Hua, Senior Huo is not doing this for me.”

Before she could finish speaking, the cloth opposite them was suddenly pulled off.

Ling Sheng’s smile froze on her face. She was so embarrassed that she did not know what to do. Thankfully, she had not answered her. Otherwise, she would have been embarrassed!

There were two food trucks opposite them.

On one of the trucks was a poster of Fang Hua. It spelled the words: “I wish the filming of ‘My Wife’ will go smoothly. Fang Hua, you can do it!”

On the other truck was Sheng Xichen’s charming figure and the words: “I wish the filming of ‘My Wife’ a smooth start. I wish you all the best!”

Sheng Xichen and Fang Hua looked at each other, feeling dumbfounded. They did not know what was going on. Why was the support suddenly for them?

Shouldn’t he be supporting Sheng Sheng? What was Best Actor Huo up to?

Huo Ci had already walked over with an elegant smile on his face. He told the duo, “I wish the filming will go smoothly for the two of you. I wish you a big box office success for your new movie. Good luck.”

Then, he patted Sheng Xichen’s shoulder.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the complicated expression on the brat’s face. Did she think she was the only one who could anger others? He smiled gently at her and said, “You can do it too.”

When Ling Sheng heard that nonchalant “you can do it too”, she knew that he wasn’t sincere and was being very patronizing. Her heart ached secretly. She was imagining things. See? He’s not here to support you!

Sheng Xichen did not know how to express the shock in his heart at that moment. He was flattered that Huo Ci had come to his aid. His smile was as gentle as jade, and his thin lips moved slightly. “Thank you, Teacher Huo. You shouldn’t have spent all that money.”

Fang Hua was also shocked. What was Best Actor Huo doing? Why had he suddenly come to her rescue? How should she react now? She looked at him gratefully. “I’ll remember Teacher Huo’s gesture.”

It was really, really, really surprising. After all this time, they had actually had a food truck sent in their name. Presumably, besides the two people who had chanced upon this joyful matter, the internet had probably gone crazy as well!

Upon seeing that they were chatting happily, Ling Sheng greeted them and left to film.

It was impossible for her not to be disappointed. She had initially thought that he was there to support her, but he had ended up giving the trucks to someone else. Thankfully, she had not said much. Otherwise, she would have been utterly embarrassed.

Xiao Ye followed her and stole a look at the Best Actor behind her, her eyes full of doubt. Had Big Boss done this on purpose?

However, this was too much. To think that Sister Sheng Sheng had been so happy when she had found out that he had come. She had been looking forward to this for a long time, but in the end, he had come to support someone else. How could a father act like this? He was like a child throwing a tantrum! To think that she had thought the Big Boss was really nice!

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