Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 50 - Framing And Cheating

Chapter 50: Framing And Cheating

Ling Sheng frowned strangely before she wriggled her wrist until it was free. “Sir, you have probably gotten it wrong. I didn’t touch you.”

Huo Xuanzhou smiled at her. Then, he threw all the different bracelets he was wearing into the river. “My Nine-Eye Dzi Bead bracelet is worth 25 million US dollars. How do you intend to pay me?”

“The way you initiate conversations is too old-fashioned.” Ling Sheng smiled coldly.

However, she saw an evil, playful light in the man’s orbs. It seemed as if he was eyeing a prey, which disgusted her.

It was clear to her in an instant that the man was not trying to initiate a conversation. He was trying to frame her!

“Why, shouldn’t you pay after dropping someone’s belongings?” The volume of Huo Xuanzhou’s voice suddenly increased. “Lady, I was planning to give that bracelet to my grandpa as a birthday present during his birthday feast!”

Ling Sheng, who knew this was a deliberate attempt to frame her, let out a cold laugh. “Then you dropped my Palpitate, which is worth 150 million US dollars, into the river. How do you intend to pay me?”

Was this not just framing and cheating?

Who could not do that?

Palpitate was a priceless pink diamond ring that was the dream of every woman in the world.

This was nonsense on her part, as no one would dive into the river to retrieve it.

Even if someone did dive into the river to find it, who would expose her lies?

She would definitely win this. After all, she had nothing to lose, while a lot was at stake for the accuser. They would see who was afraid of who!

The commotion caused by the duo soon became a spectacle.

“Who’s that woman?”

“I heard she’s a low-rated celebrity who’s here to seduce people.”

“So she’s using this method to attract Master Zhou’s attention. No wonder she declined when many men went up to initiate a conversation with her earlier!”

“Ha ha… What a shameless actress. She might have been eyeing Master Zhou for a long time!”

No affluent female aristocrat would reject an offer to become the Huo Family’s daughter-in-law.

Moreover, Master Zhou was the most handsome man of the younger generation of the Huo Family.

He was second only to his sixth uncle, Huo Ci.

Everyone reached a consensus that this was Ling Sheng’s tactic to seduce Huo Xuanzhou. She had intentionally hurled his pricey bracelet into the river to achieve her goal.

“Miss, if you insist on not paying, I will have to call the police.” Huo Xuanzhou stared at her as his lips curled up coldly. “As for Palpitate, did you see what it looked like?”

“How could I not have seen it? Palpitate is my family heirloom. Since you have thrown it into the river, I should be the one calling the police!” Ling Sheng was enraged.

“Does anyone believe that she has Palpitate? She’s a village girl who knows the kind of man she has seduced!” Huo Xuanzhou, who had not expected her to be this strong-headed, continued mocking her. “Don’t think you can become a phoenix just by flying high onto a branch. A chicken will always be a chicken.”

“You are right, sir. Don’t think that once a beast gets the crown, it will become the king. A monkey in a human outfit will show its beast-like nature even more.” Ling Sheng chastised him in her heart. He was the chicken, and his whole family was a bunch of chickens.

Huo Xuanzhou was so incensed that his face turned ashen and the expression in his eyes became diabolical.

That sharp-tongued little slut!

She had called him a beast!

“Palpitate? Are you joking? Palpitate is considered a high-end diamond in the whole world. Who does she think she is? How could she even mention Palpitate? This is hilarious!”

“Exactly! A family heirloom? I remember that Palpitate was auctioned off a month ago for 200 million US dollars.”

“Is this woman mentally sound? She dares to say anything she wants. This is indeed hilarious!”

“Right! She even dares to spurt nonsense here. She really treats us as ignorant, uncultured people. I think she said that on purpose just because of her inability to pay Master Zhou.”

The female spectators surrounded her, shooting mocking and belittling looks at Ling Sheng.

“Why is it so noisy?”

A magnetic, rich voice that invoked a cold, fearsome feeling in one spoke.

It was like a quiet, icy wind blowing down from a frosty mountain that had been sealed for 10,000 years, making one’s whole body shiver.

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