Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 436 - He's My Father

Chapter 436: He’s My Father

“I’ll take it!” Ling Sheng made a decision immediately and went all out. “Even if you want me to film an advertisement with a flea and a cockroach, I’ll film it, let alone an advertisement with Gu Shen!”

Five million!

She had filmed a non-stick pan commercial last month and had been given 500,000 yuan.

After all, she was only a popular variety show guest now, so she did not have any actual results. Many advertisers only negotiated when they saw the actual work.

One might say they had potential, but there were many newbies in the entertainment circle. How could one guarantee that one would become popular in the future?

When she saw her money-grubbing look, Mei Xuelin’s eyes lit up with the glow of money. She could not help but laugh. If she had known this would happen, she would have told her the price directly. Why had she wasted her breath? “Aren’t you worried about Gu Shen?”

Ling Sheng made a bet with her confidently. “Let me tell you something… If he finds out that I accepted this commercial, he’ll definitely reject it. Do you believe me?”

Mei Xuelin asked, “What if he agrees?”

Ling Sheng thought for a while, her confidence bursting out of her. “I’ll give you half of the advertising fee.”

Mei Xuelin said, “Half of your advertising fee will be mine.”

Ling Sheng touched her heart. Sister, my heart hurts. It was bleeding as she looked at her pitifully. “When are we changing the contract?”

She was really ruthless. 50% of her income! 50%!

She was extremely rich and evil, and she scammed celebrities.

A newbie like her, who was at the lowest end of the food chain, was the most pitiful kind of person. After being exploited by the company, she had been given half of the money by her agent and had ended up in her hands.


Let’s not talk anymore. If we talk too much, I’ll end up crying.

“Do you believe me? Even if I asked for 80%, some people would try to get me to sign a contract.” Mei Xuelin smiled.

“That sounds like you.” Ling Sheng gave her a thumbs-up and sniffled.

Of course it did. She was a mass-producing machine that created Best Actors and Best Actresses. Even though she had been kidnapped for five years, she had won a big award in these five years and expanded her social circle. When her contract was terminated in the future, she could open her own studio and earn back the money in minutes!

“Sheng Sheng, how nice would it be to date someone your age?” Mei Xuelin did not finish her sentence, but the hint was already very strong.

Why would she be with an old man like Huo Ci?

“Sister Mei.” Ling Sheng looked at her, blinked, and smiled innocently. “If I told you that I’m Huo Ci’s daughter, would you believe me?”

Mei Xuelin was amused. “Alright, alright. Don’t mess with me. I’ll accept the commercial on your behalf. If Gu Shen accepts it too, don’t make a scene. Regrets are useless.”

Ling Sheng smiled. “I’m an actress with strong self-restraint. Don’t worry.”

Gu Shen would definitely not take on this advertisement. She just did not know who the male lead would be. Also, what would the person in charge of the chocolate company think? Would they pair her with Gu Shen?

Had they been brainwashed by variety shows? Or had they been brainwashed by a sacred CP fan club?

Mei Xuelin waited until Ling Sheng left before taking a look at a poster of her. Her expression changed instantly, and she felt terrible.

She had not realized it before she had spoken.

She did not know if she had been given a psychological hint, but the more she looked at them, the more she felt that they looked alike.


The more she looked at them, the more alike they looked!


Huo Ci’s daughter?


She quickly dismissed the messy thoughts in her mind. Impossible! Definitely impossible!

Ever since the Best Actor had debuted, she had been a fan of his. Any other things aside, his personal life was very disciplined. It was definitely impossible for him to have an affair.

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