Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle

Chapter 411 - I Fell In Love With His Daughter

Chapter 411: I Fell In Love With His Daughter

When Ji Fanchen went out, he realized what she meant by “there’s more”. The Third Master’s assistant had already packed the strawberries. There were 40 to 50 boxes of strawberries, each one weighing five pounds. He had mixed feelings about this. “Sheng Sheng, no matter how much you like them, you can’t eat them like rice. Strawberries can’t be brought along on a long journey. They’ll rot.”

Ling Sheng smiled. “Brother Chen, the Third Master said that we can take his private plane back in the afternoon, so there will be enough space. I’m not eating them by myself. I will give them to others.”

There were dozens of people in her uncle’s family, and each of them would get a box. She wanted to use this opportunity to visit the old folks in the Su Family. She would be joining the film crew of “My Wife” on the fifth day of the next month, so she did not have time.

Shi Lingyu would not go back. She wanted to watch the shop for two days so she had applied for leave from the film crew. This time, she was filming a period drama. She was sure that she would be able to appear in the entertainment circle. She was playing a very likable third female lead who was the female lead’s best friend.

At the airport, Ling Sheng bade Jun Shiyan farewell reluctantly and boarded the plane to return to the capital.

When she got off the plane, the car her grandpa had asked to fetch her had already arrived. The Huo Family’s chauffeur and two bodyguards helped her put the strawberries in the car.

After saying goodbye to Cheng Ye and Ji Fanchen, Ling Sheng got in the car and went home. However, when they reached the entrance of the district, the car drove straight past it. “Mr. Chauffeur, we’ve passed the district. Let’s go in through the main entrance.”

The chauffeur said, “Ms. Sheng Sheng, the Sixth Master won’t let you enter this place anymore. The Old Master has moved into the district next door with the Little Master.”

Ling Sheng was dumbfounded. When she reached her new house, she realized that her stingy father had changed the elevator card and the door card. Her grandparents could not enter, so they had only been able to move with Xiaoqi.

When she got home, Xiaoqi washed the strawberries with his great-grandmother and carried them over excitedly on his short legs. He gave Ling Sheng one first. “Mommy, have some.”

Huo Xiao was still scolding his son. “I’ll settle the score with that scumbag when he gets back. Why is he playing such tricks on me? If I go to his house, won’t I have a place to stay?”

Ling Sheng had no choice in the matter. After all, she had a father who did whatever he wanted. She fed her grandpa a strawberry. “Grandpa, don’t be angry. Let’s not go. We won’t go back in the future. We’ll stay here.”

Su Xiyin sighed helplessly. “Sheng Sheng, do you know what happened to your father?”

Ling Sheng thought to herself, I might know. He’s just petty. He doesn’t want to see me and wants to kick me out of the house. However, I can’t tell Grandma this. “My father is used to living alone. He doesn’t want us to live with him, right? It’s alright, Grandma. Xiaoqi and I can live anywhere. When he comes back, we’ll go and get our luggage.”

She and her son did not have much stuff to pack. They only had some new clothes, shoes, bags, and makeup products.

Actually, Ling Sheng did not like eating Snow White strawberries very much. The main reason she had brought them was because her son and her father liked them. Their tastes were very similar. She had brought them back so they could have their fill, but who could have known that they would not be able to enter the house?

In the evening, Ling Sheng took Xiaoqi out to play and took two boxes of strawberries to her biological father in the neighborhood next door.

The guard said that he was not at home and had left in the morning, so she left the strawberries with the guard.

“Aren’t the two of you staying here anymore?” the security guard asked.

Ling Sheng was a celebrity, and he was also following “Everyone’s Magical Power Emergence”. He liked her a lot.

Her child was obedient and sensible, and he spoke very sweetly. Every time he went out, he would greet him.

“Yes, Uncle. Sorry to trouble you. Don’t forget to give them to him.” After thanking him, Ling Sheng left with her son.

The sun was setting. Under the warm orange sunlight of the evening, Ling Sheng held Xiaoqi’s hand and walked back. The shadows behind the mother and son were very long.

Jun Shiyan stood in front of the French windows and looked at the setting sun not far away. Was she looking at the setting sun now? His lips curled up slightly in a gentle and loving way. “Second Brother, I fell in love with his daughter,” he said.

Beside him, a man was sitting in a wheelchair with an exquisite silver mask on his face. He tilted his head and gave him a look before saying in a low voice, “Okay.”

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