Transmigrating as the Younger Sister of a Bigshot with Multiple Identities

Chapter 644 - Chapter 644: It’s Not Embarrassing to Stop Damage in Time

Chapter 644: It’s Not Embarrassing to Stop Damage in Time

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“Xiao, did something happen?” Ruan Xueling scrutinized Gu Pei’s injuries, her suspicion evident.

“No, Jin and Pei are both good kids,” Xiao Yize reassured her, having caught wind of the situation upon his arrival at the police station.

However, uncertain if Gu Jin wished to disclose the incident to her parents, he chose not to broach the topic. If Gu Jin found it burdensome and preferred to keep it quiet, he would respect her wishes.

After administering first aid, Gu Pei straightened up, displaying a sense of accountability before Ruan Xueling. “Mom, it’s not Gu Jin’s fault. It’s all on me.”

Ruan Xueling responded firmly, “We don’t hold Jin responsible.”

Gu Pei struggled to voice his defense for Gu Jin, the words catching in his throat.

Was he the true jester in this play?

Angrily, Ruan Xueling demanded, “Tell me, what’s happening between you and your girlfriend?”

Gu Pei sank back into the sofa, his demeanor crestfallen. “It’s nothing. Just… I’ve been betrayed.”

Gu Pei felt a surge of frustration, needing an outlet. He spilled everything about the incident at the Internet cafe and the subsequent visit to the police station.

Initially, Ruan Xueling had assumed that Gu Pei and Xu Niannian had simply split after a disagreement. Learning that Gu Pei had endured physical assault from his girlfriend without retaliating was a shock.

But the involvement of gangsters took her aback completely. She halted her show, her demeanor cooling considerably. “What kind of girl actively associates with gangsters and even cheats on them? Well done on ending things!”

Despite her usual disdain for Gu Pei, witnessing him being bullied by external forces stirred her protective instincts.

Observing Gu Pei, who typically exuded bravado, appearing so forlorn, Ruan Xueling softened her approach, adopting a gentler tone.

“I didn’t oppose your dating before because I assumed the girl was from a similar background. I thought girls with good grades were typically more sensible.

“But clearly, she’s just trash. A girl like her isn’t worth your anguish.”

Gu Pei nodded despondently, acknowledging her words.

While Gu Pei held affection for Xu Niannian, it wasn’t an obsession. Discovering her manipulative intentions left his heart icy.

The memory of shielding her, only for her to switch allegiances at the last moment and aid Brother Long and his cohorts, left a bitter taste akin to swallowing a fly.

Gu Yang tenderly smoothed his disheveled hair, her voice a soothing balm. “Mom’s right. Don’t mourn someone undeserving of your sorrow. Your actions stemmed from your own principles. That’s commendable. It’s just that Xu Niannian doesn’t merit your devotion.

“See, even after her betrayal, you still have us. Didn’t your sister rush to your aid without a second thought?”

Gu Pei lifted his gaze quietly, fixing it on Gu Jin. Recalling her solitary arrival and her swift defense against the blade, the frostiness in his heart thawed slightly, replaced by a growing warmth.

He nodded, inherently magnanimous. With Gu Yang’s guidance, he pushed aside negativity, focusing instead on the positive and heartening moments. His spirits lifted considerably.

Observing Gu Pei’s gaze, Gu Jin pocketed her phone, her tone frosty. “If you’re intent on gaming, devote your time to it. Love can wait. Sustaining relationships at this stage is arduous.”

“Mr. Xiao, you must have statistics on young couples from campus patrols,” she continued, her voice sharp.

Xiao Yize nodded in agreement. “Indeed. I’ve reviewed No.1 Middle School’s Academic Affairs Office records. Nine out of ten couples don’t make it to graduation. The few remaining often resort to long-distance relationships, which are prone to dissolution.”

Gu Pei blinked, taken aback, and cast a hesitant glance at Xiao Yize.

Frankly, he harbored suspicions that the Academic Affairs Office might have contributed to these breakups.

Glancing at Feng Jue, Gu Jin directed a meaningful gaze at Gu Pei. “Did you catch that? Cutting ties was the right move. There’s no shame in it.”

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