Transmigrating as the Younger Sister of a Bigshot with Multiple Identities

Chapter 586 - Chapter 586: Your Guy

Chapter 586: Your Guy

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It happened a long time ago. At that time, she was still a little confused and didn’t pay much attention to the things around her.

What left a deep impression was the spiral staircase at home.

After all, she had just fallen down when she opened her eyes and saw Gu Jin standing on the stairs.

Perhaps it was because she had hit her head at that time, she felt the world spin as she looked at the stairs.

“Stairs…” Feng Jue narrowed his eyes.

He remembered that Gu Jin had once detected the magnetic field of the unidentified object on the day his older sister returned. It was on the stairs. However, it was never detected again.

The unidentified object existed in two states, dormant and activated.

Ryan had obtained the dormant unidentified object, and the light cone experiment had turned it into an activated state.

The dormant unidentified object was more stable than the activated state, but also more difficult to detect.

Could the stairs in the Gu family’s living room be the carrier of the dormant unidentified object?

Feng Jue felt that it was necessary to verify it.

The sky gradually darkened.

Before leaving the orphanage, Gu Yang and Feng Jue went to check on Sun Xi before bidding farewell to Director Liang.

It was already dark when they returned to the Gu residence.

At night.

Before Feng Jue could contact Gu Jin, Gu Jin had already looked for him.

Feng Jue was having a video conference with the higher-ups of the Dream

Chaser Technology Ltd in his room when a dialog box suddenly popped up. Gu Jin: [Did you bring her to Yunqi Orphanage today?]

Feng Jue glanced at the dialog box and continued the video conference. At the same time, he casually typed on the keyboard with one hand and replied to Gu Jin: [Yeah]

Feng Jue: [To be precise, it was Big Sister who brought me there.]

Gu Jin: [There are so many orphanages in Liang City, but it has to be Yunqi Orphanage. I don’t believe you didn’t do it on purpose. She is who she is. It’s enough that she’s back. Do you have to agitate her to remember those things?]

Feng Jue saw the disdain in her eyes: [Gu Jin, don’t you want your older sister to remember our past?]

Feng Jue: [Furthermore, this was arranged by your guy. You can ask him if I did it on purpose.]

After Feng Jue sent this message, he closed the dialog box and continued the meeting.

He leaned back in his computer chair and listened to the argument coming from the computer. He looked up and said lazily, “Tiansheng Media and Ruihua Media? There’s no need to argue. Work with Zhaofeng Entertainment.”

On the computer screen, the dozen or so faces at the conference table were stunned.

They looked at each other. “Which Zhaofeng Entertainment?”

Someone suddenly thought of something and guessed. “The one from the Gu family in Jin City?”

“But Director Feng, Tiansheng Media and Ruihua Media clearly have an advantage over Zhaofeng Entertainment. I’m afraid it will be difficult to achieve the expected benefits if we work with the Gu family.”

They said it tactfully, but they all meant the same thing. If they cooperated with Zhaofeng Entertainment, wouldn’t that be helping the poor?

Although Zhaofeng Entertainment was one of the four major entertainment companies in the country, it was still a rising star after all. It was far inferior to the veterans in the industry, Tiansheng Media and Ruihua Media.

The higher-ups, who had been arguing non-stop just now, had an unprecedented unanimous attitude.

They were all persuading Feng Jue.

They were capitalists who wanted to make money, not charity!

Last time, Director Feng went to the show and casually agreed to cooperate with the Gu family in Jin City. Now, he wanted to cooperate with the Gu family for such a huge project. What if he lost money?

Feng Jue lowered the volume to the minimum and allowed them to continue their conversation.

He was not a dictator. He was very democratic. Look, everyone had a say.

Only then did he notice that Gu Jin’s messages were about to flood the screen.

He could feel her irritation even through the screen.

Gu Jin: [?]

Gu Jin: [?]

Gu Jin: [Asshole, say that again?]

Gu Jin: [I have nothing to do with the Xiao family. Don’t talk nonsense.]

Gu Jin: [Are you itching for a fight?]

Feng Jue glanced at the dialog box that kept popping up and sneered: [Tsk. I didn’t say that I was talking about Xiao Yize..]

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