Transmigrated as the Ex-Wife of a Heroic Man

Chapter 764 - Chapter 764: Running Away with Him

Chapter 764: Running Away with Him

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“It’s over if someone spots us in broad daylight,” Yao Fang urgently whispered. She and Yang Jiashan used to meet in secret at night, avoiding any daylight encounters. “Hurry up and leave! Su Xueqiang will be back any moment, and if he finds out, he’ll beat you to death.”

Unexpectedly, Yang Jiashan heard Yao Fang’s words and smiled proudly.

“Xiaofang, Su Xueqiang won’t be coming back. He won’t.”

“What did you say?” Yao Fang was shocked. Cold sweat broke out as she remembered Su Wen’s words.

“I said he won’t be back.” Yang Jiashan pulled Yao Fang onto his lap and exclaimed, “Let me tell you, I have great news. Su Xueqiang has been arrested. Gunshots from the mountains woke up the village this morning. When we went and had a look, all roads into the mountain were cut off. No one was allowed in. ”


“Explain clearly.”

“Don’t be anxious. Listen to me slowly.”

Yang Jiashan gripped Yao Fang’s arm and elaborated, “Our village, right at the base of the mountain, is in turmoil due to a significant incident preventing us from working in the mountains. Subsequently, officers from the police station arrived to clarify the situation. It appears a large criminal organization operating across provinces was dismantled last night, and they’re currently making arrests! Su Xueqiang is one of those apprehended, and it’s not just him; matchmaker Zhao and several other familiar faces are involved too.”

Things went beyond Yao Fang’s expectations. She couldn’t fathom how a small debt of 55 dollars could lead to this.

The more she thought about it, the more worried she became. The fear of being implicated in the investigation dispelled any idea of confiding in Yang Jiashan.

To clear her name, she decided not to say a word. Su Wen would not allow her to reveal anything.

Yao Fang contemplated how those who initially sought to sabotage Su Wen ended up entangled in the mess. Fear gripped her.

“I asked around. Su Xueqiang and matchmaker Zhao have committed a serious crime. They found a lot of money at the scene. All involved are sentenced based on their gambling capital.”

Yang Jiashan spat out and cursed, “Damn it, where did Su Xueqiang get the money? Didn’t you say he had none?”

He glanced at Yao Fang, confused.

If it weren’t for having to coax Yao Fang, he would have already ruthlessly beaten this woman, forcing her to confess where the money is.

“He’s poor,” Yao Fang insisted.

“Then where did he get the money?”

Yao Fang bit her lip, speechless. Suddenly, a chilling possibility crossed her mind.

Su Xueqiang had no money, but Su Wen did.

This thought made her shiver uncontrollably.

“Let’s not talk about this. Pack up, we’re leaving! I’ve arranged for a job in the big city,” Yang Jiashan urged impatiently.

“Not now. We have to wait until night. I’m running away with you. I can’t risk anyone finding out.”

“Alright, I’ll follow your lead.”

“Go back for now. Wait for me at the village entrance at 10 PM.”

“Got it! Clean up the house and don’t leave anything valuable,” Yang Jiashan reminded, eyeing Su Xueqiang’s possessions.

“I know.”

After sending Yang Jiashan away, Yao Fang stood at the door, her face gloomy and gaze dark. Reflecting on the past 26 years—betrayal, schemes, domestic violence, threats, coercion, and finally, self-degradation and shamelessness….

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