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Chapter 64 - It Would Mean For Him To Wait Until Death Comes For Him

Chapter 64: It Would Mean For Him To Wait Until Death Comes For Him

With the golden sword, it was not difficult to imagine the special status held by the Dowager Duchess within the Imperial Court.

Even Long Chi dared not snub her. Otherwise, he would not have anxiously accompanied Lu Yunshuang home when the Dowager Duchess returned previously.

If he was able to garner the support of the Dowager Duchess, Long Chi’s status as Crown Prince would be even more stable.

That was why Long Chi had attempted to get close to Lu Liangwei at the very beginning. He wanted to make use of Lu Liangwei to get close to the Dowager Duchess and obtain the support of the entire Grand Duke Family.

It was only later that he discovered that the Dowager Duchess was not fond of Lu Liangwei’s character. Instead, it was Lu Yunshuang, the daughter of a concubine, who was prioritized by the Dowager Duchess.

With that, Long Chi had dumped Lu Liangwei without hesitation and went for Lu Yunshuang.

Long Chi was an ambitious man and he was very clear about what he wanted. The original Lu Liangwei had stupidly given him everything he wanted and paid with her life at the very end.

As for Lu Yunshuang, she did not disappoint Long Chi either.

According to the original story of the book, Lu Yunshuang became the only young mistress of the Grand Duke Mansion after Lu Liangwei’s death. Naturally, the Dowager Duchess placed even more importance on her as she became the only granddaughter the Dowager Duchess had left.

The Dowager Duchess next got Lu Hetian to appoint Aunt Zheng as his principal wife, and Lu Yunshuang turned from the daughter of a concubine into the daughter of the principal wife, giving Long Chi even bigger support.

As for poor Lu Tingchen, he ended up dying a terrible death due to trying to get revenge on behalf of Lu Liangwei. Lu Hetian had also ended up insane because he had lost his beloved daughter and son one after the other.

The Dowager Duchess could not take the blow and later became bedridden from illness.

Those who died a terrible death were gone and whoever was left had gone crazy. Lu Yunshuang ended up being the biggest winner of all.

When Long Chi took the crown, he appointed her as the Queen and she spent the rest of her life with him enjoying luxury and prosperity.

A cold look appeared in Lu Liangwei’s eyes when she thought of this.

According to the storyline, Lu Yunshuang would one day become Queen while she would not have a happy ending.

Lu Yunshuang and Aunt Zheng were venomous and vicious by nature. They would make sure to annihilate her and Lu Tingchen.

That was why she could not allow Long Chi to get what he wanted, even if it was for selfish reasons.

As long as Long Yang did not die, it would mean for Long Chi to wait until death comes for him.

After all, Long Yang was still quite young. If his sickness was cured and he bore himself a descendent, it would place Long Chi at an awkward position as Crown Prince.

She swept away her gloominess and a smile appeared on her lips.

“Looks like those Southern Seas pearls bestowed to you by the Emperor were truly exquisite. Just look at how happy they are making my Weiwei. Your lips can’t stop smiling.”

The Dowager Duchess’ teasing voice was heard and it woke Lu Liangwei from her reverie.

She was done with her martial arts practice and was wiping sweat off with a handkerchief passed to her by Aunt Lan, her expression filled with a teasing look.

Lu Liangwei went forward to hold onto the Dowager Duchess’ arm and said with a smile on her face, “You’re absolutely right, Grandmother. I’m here especially to show off to you because I’ve gotten a gift from the Emperor.”

The Dowager Duchess poked her in the head and gave her a friendly scolding. “You little brat, don’t go acting so blunt with your intentions. What do you mean by showing off, you think that your grandmother has not seen a lot and is inexperienced.”

“Grandmother, you’ve got it backward. You’re the one with a broad range of experience, I’m the one without any,” Lu Liangwei stuck her tongue out, looking cheeky.

The Dowager Duchess became even more amiable and kind when she saw this. She tousled Lu Liangwei’s hair. “At least you are aware of this.”

While chatting, grandparent and grandchild entered the living room.

Aunt Lan had prepared two cups of tea.

She had attentively prepared a cup of health nurturing tea for the Dowager Duchess, while Lu Liangwei had a cup of flower-infused tea with dates.

“Thank you, Aunt Lan,” Lu Liangwei sipped some of the Red Dates Flower Tea and thanked her sincerely.

Aunt Lan shook her head while smiling. “You’re welcome, Second Miss.”

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