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Chapter 62 - How Is Your Face So Big

Chapter 62: How Is Your Face So Big

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Lu Liangwei looked at her haggard face and asked calmly, “Auntie, I think you’ve come to the wrong person. How can I help you with anything?”

Aunt Zheng saw that she was holding a medical book in her hand, and a hint of disdain flashed through her eyes.

This little tramp learned how to put on an act now that she had almost died once.

She was even reading a medical book?

Stop being ridiculous!

She sat down next to Lu Liangwei and pressed her handkerchief to her forehead, looking anxious and sad.

“It’s about what happened at the palace banquet last night. Your father thinks that I wanted to get you into trouble on purpose. No matter how I explain, he won’t listen to me and is set on sending me to the temple…” She started sobbing halfway through her words.

Hearing this, Lu Liangwei raised her eyebrows in surprise.

However, how did Aunt Zheng have the gall to come and ask her for help?

Furthermore, she did want to get her into trouble on purpose, but now she was putting on an expression of being wronged.

“But Father didn’t wrong you. You really did it on purpose at that time,” Lu Liangwei said in a naive tone.

Aunt Zheng choked and chucked her handkerchief aside, saying unhappily, “Weiwei, how could you think of Auntie that way too? When we were in the carriage, I heard you mention it, or else I wouldn’t have said it out at the banquet.

Also, if I hadn’t mentioned that you wanted to present a gift at the banquet, you wouldn’t have been rewarded graciously by the Emperor. In fact, you owe Auntie a favor for that. It’s fine even if you don’t want to repay me, but you should go explain to your father and ask him to change his mind.”

Lu Liangwei sneered inwardly as she listened to her self-righteous and matter-of-fact tone.

She had really never seen such a shameless person before.

When did she mention it in front of her?

What did she mean by owing her a favor?

If she had not acted cleverly and come up with the idea of longevity noodles on the spot, not only would she have looked bad, but she would also probably have irritated the Emperor and gotten reprimanded. Then, she would truly become a laughing stock.

This was Aunt Zheng’s real intention.

As for the reward, she obtained it by her ability. What did that have anything to do with Aunt Zheng?

“In that case, does that mean I have to thank Auntie?”

Aunt Zheng did not feel uncomfortable at all and said instead, “You don’t have to thank me, you just have to go to your father and clarify for me.”

While Lu Liangwei sneered inside, the smile on her face widened. “Aunt Zheng, how is your face so big?”1

Aunt Zheng did not sense her sarcasm at first and touched her face. “How is my face…” Before finishing, she came to a realization and flared up. However, she could only suppress her anger as she still needed this lowly girl to help her.

“Weiwei, I know that you still haven’t given up on the Crown Prince. As long as you can persuade the Duke to cancel my punishment, I’ll ask the Prince to take you in on your behalf.”

Lu Liangwei said nonchalantly, “Oh? How is Auntie so sure that the Prince will listen to you?”

Aunt Zheng said triumphantly, “I can be regarded as his mother-in-law. There’s also Shuang’er; if we intercede for you together, the Prince might just agree. It’s still better than you trying on your own.”

She spoke very confidently, but in her heart, she did not think the same way. Even if the Crown Prince were to listen to her, she would definitely not allow him to accept this little b*tch as his concubine.

She only said that to coax Lu Liangwei into interceding for herself.

If she had another way, she would not have come to Lu Liangwei for help.

It was because Lu Hetian was really furious this time. Moreover, besides the Dowager Duchess, Lu Hetian would only listen to this little b*tch Lu Liangwei in the entire Grand Duke Mansion.

Lu Liangwei’s expression faded a little. “You can go back first, Auntie. I’ll go talk to Father about this.”

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