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Chapter 57 - Worried That The Emperor Would Take A Fancy To Her

Chapter 57: Worried That The Emperor Would Take A Fancy To Her

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Lu Liangwei found the situation a bit strange because she had just eaten these dishes not long ago.

It was impossible for two similar dishes to be served in a row during an ordinary banquet, let alone the emperor’s birthday banquet.

She looked up only to meet Zhao Qian’s mischievous gaze.

“Second Miss Lu, the Emperor noticed that you enjoyed these two dishes very much, so His Majesty ordered me to bring these to you. Please take your time enjoying your meal.”

Even after Zhao Qian had walked away, Lu Liangwei was still unable to regain use of her senses.

At the sight of the fish lips soup and hemp venison on the table, Lu Liangwei’s mouth began to water.

However, no matter how delicious these two dishes were, she did not lose her rationality.

She was puzzled at how the Emperor knew she liked these two dishes.

The curiosity in her heart doubled as she pondered the emphasis Zhao Qian had placed on his words.

Could it be that the Emperor had been watching her the whole time?

Thinking of this chilling possibility, she suddenly felt as if she was walking on hot coals.

The dishes that she had found so delicious a while ago instantly became bland and tasteless.

She had not forgotten the Virtuous Consort’s cold and hostile gaze from earlier.

With the Emperor’s sudden actions, she might become a target of public censure.

However, since the Emperor had rewarded her with food, she could not refuse. All she could do was hang her head limply and eat without feeling much taste in her mouth.

A trace of surprise flashed through Lu Hetian’s eyes.

Naturally, he had seen Zhao Qian bring Weiwei the two dishes.

Not only him, but everyone in the hall had probably seen it.

First, the Emperor had rewarded Weiwei with the Southern Seas pearls, which had already aroused much jealousy. Now that he rewarded her with two more dishes, his act of grace would likely draw out even more hostility from schemers.

What was the Emperor trying to do?

Lu Hetian was a little displeased.

Aunt Zheng looked at Lu Liangwei enviously.

This little tramp not only received the Southern Seas pearls but also food from the Emperor. What sort of dumb luck was she blessed with?

It was already late when the palace banquet ended. Lu Liangwei followed Lu Hetian and Lu Tingchen back to the mansion.

After sending Lu Liangwei back to Dusklight Court, Lu Hetian summoned Lu Tingchen to his study room with a solemn expression.

“What’s going on with the Emperor?”

Lu Tingchen frowned. “What do you mean, Father?”

“During the banquet, the Emperor rewarded pearls then dishes. What exactly does he want to do?”

Lu Tingchen was also puzzled.

Logically speaking, if it were an ordinary bowl of longevity noodles, the Emperor would never have rewarded Weiwei so graciously.

As Lu Tingchen remembered what Weiwei had said to the Emperor in his study room the other day, his heart thumped and he immediately came to a realization.

Lu Hetian noticed that his son seemed to have thought of something and asked sternly, “What exactly is going on?”

Lu Tingchen glanced at the troubled expression on his father’s face and understood what the old man was worrying over.

After all, Weiwei possessed outstanding looks and her personality had changed drastically from before. He was worried that the Emperor would take a fancy to her.

Lu Tingchen quickly reassured him, “Don’t worry, Father. Nothing’s wrong at all.”

Lu Hetian was still suspicious after hearing this reply.

“A simple bowl of longevity noodles was enough in exchange for the Emperor’s gracious reward, and you tell me that nothing’s wrong?”

Lu Tingchen was exasperated. He knew that if the Emperor was harboring any intentions toward Weiwei, it was probably because proclaimed that she could cure his illness the other day.

Although he was regarded highly by the Emperor, there were some things that he could not disclose to Lu Hetian even if he had to take them to his grave.

This included the fact that the Emperor was seriously ill.

“There’s really nothing wrong at all. The reason His Majesty rewarded Weiwei so graciously is probably because of me and you. After all, the Grand Duke Family has contributed significantly to the court. His Majesty rewarding Weiwei is synonymous with rewarding the Grand Duke Family.”

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