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Chapter 51 - This Was A Trap Laid For Her

Chapter 51: This Was A Trap Laid For Her

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Lu Liangwei felt Lu Yunshuang’s scrutiny and something stirred in her heart.

Even though in the book it was mentioned that Lu Yunshuang had helped the Crown Prince to come up with a plan during the Emperor’s birthday and that they had presented the Emperor with a folding fan inscribed by the great scholar Mo Chen as a birthday gift, it did not explain how Lu Yunshuang got her hands on that folding fan.

The book had only stated how incredible the great scholar Mo Chen was, and how different countries had desperately tried to win him over to their side.

However, If Mo Chen was truly so amazing and even the manpower of several countries was unable to track him down, how had Lu Yunshuang managed to get her hands on a folding fan that Mo Chen had personally calligraphed?

Upon further detailed consideration, this was truly a very strange matter!

Had Lu Yunshuang used some sort of underhanded tactic to steal it, or perhaps even rob it from somewhere?

Suspicion grew in Lu Liangwei’s mind.

As she thought about the house of assassins that Lu Yunshuang had secretly started, her beautiful eyes narrowed slightly.

As the main female character, Lu Yunshuang was not only well-versed in music, chess, reading, and painting, but she also had some knowledge of martial arts.

She could be considered a woman adept in the arts of both pen and sword.

This was why despite being a commoner, Lu Yunshuang had been able to get the Dowager Duchess to change her opinion of her.

Besides getting the support of the Dowager Duchess, Lu Yunshuang had also secretly nurtured assassins, establishing a house of assassins that focused on helping Long Chi eliminate powerful parties who opposed him.

Lu Yunshuang would send out assassins to secretly murder those who did not support the Crown Prince.

That was why all this while, there had been practically no opposition to Long Chi in the imperial court.

At this point in her ruminations, Lu Liangwei suddenly realized the hall was strangely silent.

She lifted her head, only to see everyone’s eyes turn toward her.

Her finely-drawn black brows furrowed slightly; she was not quite clear on what was happening.

She glanced at Lu Hetian and noticed he was looking a little disgruntled, while Aunt Zheng was gazing at her, looking rather pleased with herself.

Lu Liangwei hesitated a moment, then heard Aunt Zheng’s gentle voice needling her, “Weiwei, why are you still sitting here in a daze? Go quickly and present your birthday gift; His Majesty is still waiting on you.”

Lu Liangwei immediately turned her eyes toward Long Yang when she heard this.

As expected, Long Yang was looking at her.

She was still some distance from him, so she was not able to clearly make out the expression in the Emperor’s eyes.

Even so, she could still sense that he was looking at her as if waiting for her to present him with her gift.

Her heart sank. There was no doubt about it—she knew right away Aunt Zheng had laid a trap for her.

Lu Liangwei had come to the palace with Lu Hetian. Logically speaking, since Lu Hetian was head of the family and had presented his gift, as his daughter, she was not required to give anything else.

When Lu Hetian presented his gift, she knew that he had also gifted the Emperor with a piece of writing. Even though it was not as valuable as the one by the great scholar Mo Chen, but it was a gift that had involved considerable thought as well.

However, now Aunt Zheng was saying that she had a gift of her own to present?

Since Lu Liangwei knew she would be going to the palace with Lu Hetian, she had not prepared anything before coming.

Now that Aunt Zheng had said something like this, however, there was no way for her to avoid presenting a gift.

Aunt Zheng knew very well that Lu Liangwei had not prepared any birthday gift. When she saw Lu Liangwei sitting in silence, Aunt Zheng felt even more delighted.

“Weiwei, why haven’t you taken out your gift? Did something go wrong with it?” She looked concerned, but in fact, she was feeling thrilled over Lu Liangwei’s dilemma.

Lu Liangwei glanced at Aunt Zheng. However, before Lu Hetian could say anything to get her out of trouble, Lu Liangwei suddenly stood up and left her seat.

“Your Majesty, your humble servant has indeed prepared a gift for you. However, this gift of mine is far too unworthy compared to the ones presented by all the officials here today. Your humble servant was initially too embarrassed to give it to you, but since my aunt has mentioned it, I have no option but to present it anyway. I hope that Your Majesty will not condemn me for such presumption!”

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