Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 299 - Don’t Move, Let Me Have A Hug

Chapter 299: Don’t Move, Let Me Have A Hug

There was a wastepaper basket by it, filled with crumpled papers.

His gaze darted over it and he rushed to it, picking up a crumpled piece of paper and re-opening it slowly.

‘I was born before you, yet when you arrived, I have never felt my age more…’ it read.

Zhao Qian shuddered as he read the phrase. His eyelids twitched with uncertainty.

Why would his Master write down such words?

Second Miss Lu, she…

Zhao Qian jumped in shock as the paper was snatched from his hand. Chu Yi had taken it away.

Zhao Qian thought of something and he quickly pulled out a few more crumpled papers from the wastepaper basket.

He opened them all. Every single piece of paper had the same phrase.

His hands trembled as he touched the writing on them.

His Master had beautiful handwriting, but these looked different from his usual grandiose, almost dancing strokes. These letters were well-written. Even though they were vigorously powerful strokes, for some reason, Zhao Qian felt the helplessness and hesitation of his Master as he read those repeated words over and over again.

The thought of the amount of loneliness his Master must have felt while hiding in the study room to write this made Zhao Qian’s eyes turn red and glassy. There was a sadness in his heart.

No wonder his Master was in a bad mood. The issue of his age troubled him. Did he think he was too old to be with Second Miss Lu?

Zhao Qian suddenly wanted to cry.

His Master did not have it easy. It was difficult for him to finally like a woman, but the lady he fell in love with was young enough to be his daughter. How could his Master not be bothered by that?

Master was the Emperor and had been raised to be noble from birth. He was the decision-maker for the entire Great Shang Kingdom. He could have remained seated in his high throne and have any woman he wanted just by declaring it in an imperial decree.

However, his Master gave his heart to the Second Miss Lu. He cared for her so much that he had even begun to worry about his own age.

‘I was born before you, yet when you arrived, I have never felt my age more…’

Sigh, how sad.

Chu Yi was also stunned when he read the paper he had taken from Zhao Qian’s hands. He moved closer to Zhao Qian, wanting to say something before noticing the other man’s reddish eyes. He was close to crying.

He was instantly shocked. “Zhao Qian, what’s wrong with you? Did someone steal your silver…?”

Zhao Qian turned around and held Chu Yi’s shoulders. His lips were trembling as he sobbed, “Don’t move, let me have a hug.”

With that, he enveloped Chu Yi in his arms in a big hug.

Chu Yi instantly felt like he had been struck by lightning, goosebumps appearing all over his body.

His teeth were chattering. Could this eunuch, Zhao Qian, have some perverted psychological issues and was now practicing a new filthy hobby of his to make up for not having anything down there?

Chu Yi was so scared, he stuffed his fist into his mouth to keep from blurting anything.

Why? Why did Zhao Qian want to hug him?

Just then, Chu Qi walked in.

He had come in for a look after the two had been inside the study room for long enough to raise concern.

A surprising scene appeared before his eyes as he entered.

His dark eyes widened slightly as he watched them hugging in astonishment. He paused for a while. “Sorry to disturb.”

With that, he quickly retreated and even quietly closed the room door behind him.

Chu Yi was silent.

What was that rascal, Chu Qi, thinking?

He even closed the door. What was that for?

It took Chu Yi all his strength to finally peel that stupid eunuch off himself. He pushed Zhao Qian away firmly.

“Zhao Qian, don’t think I won’t hit you just because you’re castrated. Start being handsy with me again and I’ll castrate you all over again on behalf of Master.”

Zhao Qian was so absorbed in his sadness that he failed to notice what was out of order with his actions. Zhao Qian flung his arms out and said unhappily, “You’re just bones anyway, not comfortable to hug at all.”

Chu Yi’s arm hairs stood up on end as he took a step back, glaring cautiously at Zhao Qian.

Zhao Qian took the paper back from Chu Yi’s hand, crumpling it up and throwing it back into the wastepaper basket. He forced himself to perk up as he spoke, “Don’t let Master find out. We’ll just pretend we don’t know anything.”

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