Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 295 - He Was Amused By Her

Chapter 295: He Was Amused By Her

Moreover, they were made by the imperial chef.

Lu Liangwei’s inner conflict did not last for long, and she quickly got out of bed and put on her shoes.

Long Yang smiled, then took a pink cloak down from the folding screen and draped it around her shoulders.

Lu Liangwei turned her head to glance at him. “Thank you, Your Majesty.”

Long Yang stroked her hair. “You’re welcome, my Empress.”

There was a pause in Lu Liangwei’s footsteps. Meeting his smiling eyes, she suddenly felt a little guilty.

She remembered what she had said in the garden during the day.

Long Chi said she was shameless for considering herself Empress before even marrying into the palace.

At that time, she did not mind his words, but now hearing Long Yang’s teasing tone, she could not help feeling called out.

Although there was no way he knew about her conversation with Long Chi, she felt a little uncomfortable because of her guilty conscience. “Your Majesty, I’m not officially married to you yet. It’s strange for you to call me like that.”

Long Yang did not expose what she had said to Long Chi, and the corners of his mouth lifted faintly. “It’s only a matter of time. I’m calling you that first so you can get used to it.”

Lu Liangwei, “…” Why would she need to get used to this kind of thing?

They walked to the outer room, and Long Yang opened the food box lying on the table.

The golden dumplings inside were still steaming hot.

He took them out and put them on the table, then gave her a pair of chopsticks. “Eat them while they’re hot.”

Lu Liangwei took the chopsticks from him. Looking at the steaming, dainty dumplings on the plate, she picked one up and took a bite.

When she looked up, she saw Long Yang watching her. Feeling a little awkward, she swallowed the food with much effort and said softly, “Your Majesty, why don’t you sit down and eat together with me?”

Long Yang placed a pot of osmanthus tea in front of her. “I’m not eating. Here’s some osmanthus tea to cleanse your palate, specially prepared by the imperial kitchen. You can drink it later.”

Lu Liangwei gripped the chopsticks in her hand, suddenly feeling very pressured.

She lowered her head and mumbled, “Why are you treating me so well, Your Majesty?”

In her opinion, Long Yang was a superior being who handled important state affairs every day. He should not be doing such trivial things, and he did not need to do them either.

However, he had always countered her expectations ever since she knew him.

While she was moved by the Emperor’s sense of common touch, she felt her pressure increasing day by day.

Gazing at her head of dark hair, Long Yang said dotingly, “Because you’re Lu Liangwei, my future Empress and wife.”

The affection and gentleness in his tone came crashing into her heart all of a sudden.

She seemed to hear a thud, it was the sound of her closed heart being knocked open. The next instant, her heart started beating like a drum, and she looked up at him in a confused daze.

Long Yang was amused by her adorkable expression, and a smile filled his deep, unfathomable eyes. His gaze fell on the grease on the corner of her mouth. With a handkerchief in hand, he took two steps forward, held her chin between his slender fingers, and wiped her mouth gently.

Lu Liangwei’s head remained lifted, her dark and bright eyes staring at him unblinkingly.

Under the light, his cold and chiseled facial features seemed to soften a lot, and there was a tenderness in his usually stern and intimidating eyes.

He was lowering his eyes, his expression focused and patient.

Lu Liangwei’s breath hitched in her throat, and she stared at him blankly. The Emperor was so gentle…

She stared at him so attentively that she only realized the situation when his shadow started enveloping her. Blushing, she hurriedly covered her mouth with her hand and said, “Your Majesty, I haven’t rinsed my mouth…”

Her mouth still had food that she had not swallowed in time. Moreover, her mouth was full of dumpling bits and grease. If the Emperor kissed her, she would stain his mouth.

Embarrassed, Lu Liangwei covered her mouth and shook her head desperately.

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