Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 293 - Would Master Be Cheated On

Chapter 293: Would Master Be Cheated On

Long Chi’s face was distorted with anger. Mockingly, he shot at her, “You really have no shame. Although you’re engaged to Uncle, you’re still not officially married. If you want to act like an elder, you’d better wait until you become the Empress for real.”

Lu Liangwei was not annoyed at all. “You’re right. We’re not officially married, but I’m already engaged to the Emperor—that’s a fact. As the future Empress, it’s my duty to instruct you since you’re my future nephew, after all. Of course, I don’t mind if you were to call me Aunt right now either.”

The veins on Long Chi’s forehead bulged. He glared at Lu Liangwei, suddenly sneering, “What a sharp tongue you have.”

“That’s better than that sharp ape-like face of yours!”

Long Chi was so infuriated he almost spat out a mouthful of blood. “You…”

Noticing that she had enraged him almost to where he was in danger of passing out, Lu Liangwei batted her lashes and said with earnest sincerity, “As the Heir Apparent, you must have the ability to tolerate others. You’ve barely been reprimanded by your elders, and you already look like you’re going to lose it. How are you going to rule the Great Shang Kingdom in the future if you can’t help being so petty? What are the court officials going to think of you?”

Shi Yi, posing as a gardener, was pruning flowers. When he heard this, the shears in his hands went snip-snap, and he nearly cut himself.


Did Second Miss Lu truly regard herself as the Crown Prince’s elder?

The corners of Shi Yi’s mouth twitched slightly, and he suddenly felt a modicum of sympathy for the Crown Prince.

Long Chi’s complexion turned first greenish, then red as he grew even more enraged. He glared at Lu Liangwei, completely bereft of speech.

He had never realized that Lu Liangwei was so good at pissing people off.

If he lingered around any longer, he would only end up humiliating himself further. Long Chi spat, “Lu Liangwei, don’t get ahead of yourself there; you’re going to weep with regret someday!” It was funny how she could still smile, even though she was marrying an old man.

Given her age, she could already be Uncle’s daughter. Moreover, Uncle was impotent. So what if she became the noblest woman in the world? She could never give birth to an heir, and the moment Uncle died, she would be nobody at all.

Once Uncle finally collapsed, Lu Liangwei would lose all her support. When the time came, Long Chi would definitely make her kneel at his feet and beg him to accept her!

Nursing these vicious thoughts, Long Chi gave Lu Liangwei one last intense glance before stalking off.

Lu Liangwei felt nothing but scorn. His parting shot aside, was that all his wretched mouth could come up with?

Besides, she might not be the one crying in the end!

This idiot had no idea that Long Yang’s poison had already been cured; he was still engrossed in his dreams of becoming Emperor.

It would be worth seeing when he finally realized all his hopes had gone to waste!

What Lu Liangwei did not know was that her encounter with Long Chi had reached Long Yang’s ears immediately after that.

The imperial study.

Long Yang was marking Palace Memorials.

After Shi Yi had made his report, the entire imperial study fell so utterly silent one could hear a pin drop.

Zhao Qian sneaked a peek at his master’s face. Seeing his master continuing to mark Palace Memorials indifferently after listening to Shi Yi’s report, he thought to himself, ‘How can Master be so calm? The Crown Prince and Second Miss have already met in private. Isn’t Master bothered at all?’

Second Miss Lu used to be besotted with the Crown Prince. Although the Prince was already married, and Second Miss Lu had not pestered him for a long time, who knew what she might be thinking?

What if Second Miss Lu still had lingering feelings for the Crown Prince?

The Crown Prince was young and handsome, and Second Miss Lu might just be tempted to cheat on Master.

Thinking of this, Zhao Qian instantly became as frantic as a cat on a hot tin roof and blurted out, “Shi Yi, what did the Crown Prince say to Second Miss Lu, and how did she respond?

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