Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 291 - Lu Liangwei, You’re Such A Savage

Chapter 291: Lu Liangwei, You’re Such A Savage

When Lu Yunshuang heard them showering Lu Liangwei with compliments, she was almost unable to sit still.

Lu Liangwei this, Lu Liangwei that. Why was Lu Liangwei all they talked about? Was she—Lu Yunshuang—invisible?

After leaving Longevity Hall, Lu Liangwei decided to return to Dusklight Court.

However, she had only walked for a short while before she was stopped by someone.

“Lu Liangwei.”

Looking at the man who had suddenly come into view, Lu Liangwei frowned in disgust and glanced at Zhu Yu.

Zhu Yu immediately remonstrated, “Your Highness, how could you directly address Miss by her name like that? Miss is the future Empress after all.”

Long Chi’s brow furrowed. “What insolence! I’m talking to your mistress; who are you to interrupt?” As he spoke, he brushed Zhu Yu aside dismissively and reached out to grab Lu Liangwei’s arm.

Caught off guard, Zhu Yu stumbled and fell to the ground. When she saw what Long Chi was doing, she immediately scrambled to her feet. “Don’t touch my mistress.”


At the same time, Long Chi let out a sharp hiss. Lifting his wrist immediately, he stared—first at it, then in disbelief at Lu Liangwei.

Lu Liangwei put away the silver needle in her hand and took a few steps back, maintaining a safe distance between Long Chi and herself.

“Your Highness, please do have some self-respect!”

Long Chi glowered at her. “What did you do to me just now?”

Lu Liangwei blinked and said innocently, “What could I possibly do to you, Nephew?”

The moment she uttered the word nephew, Long Chi’s handsome face distorted slightly. He was so infuriated he felt as if he might cough up blood.

After a long while, he gritted his teeth and glared at her. “You enjoy being my aunt so much then?”

Lu Liangwei glanced coolly at him. “Who wouldn’t enjoy being the noblest woman in the world?”

Long Chi’s lips curled up in a sneer. “It never crossed my mind that even you would be so vain.”

“There are far too many things that haven’t crossed your mind.” Lu Liangwei remained unconcerned.

Long Chi stared at her unblinkingly, then suddenly took a few steps forward and clamped a hand onto her shoulder. “Lu Liangwei, you might want to be the noblest woman in the world, but you also need to see if that person can give you happiness—otherwise, you might well end up being a grass widow. You’re still so young; why waste your life?”

Shi Yi was standing in the shadows, dressed in inconspicuous servant garb.

Other people could not see him, but from this angle, he could see everything that was happening in the garden very clearly.

He had wanted to dash out when Long Chi grabbed Lu Liangwei’s arm, but then he saw Lu Liangwei prick Long Chi with something, forcing the Crown Prince to let go.

Only then did Shi Yi retreat. The next moment, he saw Long Chi approaching Lu Liangwei again, but Long Chi did not do anything suspicious, so he refrained from taking action.

What was the Crown Prince saying to Second Miss, though?

He pricked up his ears, hoping to eavesdrop, but he was too far from them. No matter how powerful his internal strength was, he could not hear what Long Chi was saying to Lu Liangwei.

Eying this cad of a Crown Prince who had suddenly approached her, Lu Liangwei sneered, “Even if the Emperor can’t give me happiness, do you think you can?” With that, her eyes flashed, and she suddenly raised her foot and kicked him with all her might.

Long Chi was gazing down at her.

It was his first time looking at her up close, and he realized that she was indeed extremely beautiful.

The skin of her small face was delicate and smooth like the finest white jade. Her dark, bright eyes seemed to harbor specks of light, and they shimmered with her every expression in the most alluring manner. Her rosy lips in particular were like open petals, arousing in one an uncontrollable desire to pluck them…

Long Chi swallowed, his Adam’s apple bobbing in his throat.

He was dazed at the sight of such a beautiful face so close at hand.

Therefore, when Lu Liangwei’s kick landed, he was utterly unprepared.

Although it was not enough to make him fall, Lu Liangwei had used her full strength, and he gasped in pain as his calf buckled.

Coming back to his senses, he frowned and glared at Lu Liangwei.

“Lu Liangwei, you’re such a savage!”

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