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Chapter 288 - She Wanted To Throw Up Blood In Her Heart

Chapter 288: She Wanted To Throw Up Blood In Her Heart

Lu Yunshuang must never have expected that her sister had taken the lead in becoming the Empress before Lu Yunshuang even had the chance.

Once her Miss gave birth to a child in the future, things would get even more interesting for the Crown Prince and Crown Princess.

Zhu Yu’s eyes glimmered. She could not wait for that day to come.

Lu Yunshuang took a deep breath and said softly, “I’ll head in to take a look.”

She looked at Long Chi when she said this.

Long Chi hesitated to take the first step into the Grand Duke Mansion.

Lu Yunshuang clenched her teeth angrily when she saw this.

He had yet to give her an explanation about frolicking with Chen Qiyu in bed yesterday.

Even though he had been drugged, he should still be feeling guilty about it, right?

She had been bothered with that situation when news of the Emperor heading to the Grand Duke Mansion to propose marriage and confer Lu Liangwei the title of the Empress had already reached her.

Her mood considerably worsened.

What was going on?

How did Lu Liangwei catch the eye of His Majesty?

Even though His Majesty did not have long to live, Lu Liangwei would still be her superior once becoming the Empress.

At the thought, she wished Lu Liangwei would just drop dead.

How could Lu Liangwei deserve to be Empress with such a character? Even if she was not fated to be the Empress for long, Lu Yunshuang still felt disgusted about it.

Zhu Yu was secretly observing Lu Yunshuang. She noticed Lu Yunshuang continued standing where she was after Long Chi left. There was a fiery expression on her face, she might be imagining something vicious.

Zhu Yu planned to remind her Miss to be wary of her sister.

She decided not to head out at the thought of this. She slipped away from the gates in a brisk walk and re-entered the mansion via a smaller gate.

Hong Xiu pulled on Lu Yunshuang’s sleeves and warned her. “Now is not the time to be angry. The Crown Prince is still waiting for you.”

Lu Yunshuang lifted her head and saw that Long Chi was still standing by the gate as if waiting for her.

She felt a slight warmth blossom in her heart. Long Chi was still concerned for her.

In reality, Long Chi was growing quite impatient now. He did not want to wait for her at all, but remembered why they were here and tried to tolerate it.

When she finally walked toward him, he flung his sleeves out and entered the mansion.

Zhu Yu was already one step ahead of them by the time they arrived at Longevity Hall.

She had informed the Dowager Duchess and Lu Liangwei about the mansion’s newest arrivals.

That was why ladies were not surprised when the visitors came in.

As they walked in together, Lu Liangwei did not stand. Instead, she casually asked, “Crown Prince, Crown Princess, why didn’t you send someone to inform us about your arrival? We would have welcomed you outside.”

When Lu Yunshuang heard the words and saw that Lu Liangwei had no intention of moving from her seat, she wanted to throw up blood in her heart.

Lu Liangwei was not even the Empress yet, and she was already acting this way.

Long Chi was the Heir Apparent and the future Emperor. How could Lu Liangwei even dare to not bother getting up to greet him? This was too much from her. Who had given her the right to have such a brazen attitude?

Regardless of how disgruntled Lu Yunshuang felt at this, she did not dare reveal it in front of the Dowager Duchess.

“Lil sis, what are you saying? We’ve returned to visit grandmother and to congratulate you as well. There’s no need for such grandeur,” Lu Yunshuang said as she approached Lu Liangwei. She grasped Lu Liangwei’s hands affectionately.

Lu Liangwei stood up and said, “Big Sis, take a seat. You haven’t been home for so long, grandmother has missed you quite a lot.”

With that, she took the opportunity to shake Lu Yunshuang’s hands off hers.

Lu Yunshuang was slightly unhappy about this, but grandmother was watching from the side. She could only take the seat offered and begin chatting affectionately with the Dowager Duchess.

Lu Liangwei did not even glance at Long Chi as she turned to take the other seat next to the Dowager Duchess. She ate the snacks prepared for her by Aunt Lan happily.

Her relaxed and carefree attitude did not seem to be affected by Long Chi and Lu Yunshuang’s arrival at all.

On the other hand, Long Chi’s gaze had landed straight on Lu Liangwei the moment he entered the hall.

He had not seen her for a while, and she seemed to have become even more beautiful in the time since. He could not take his eyes off the subtle aura of ravishing beauty about her.

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