Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 258 - Long Yang’s Germaphobia

Chapter 258: Long Yang’s Germaphobia

There was no way Long Yang would carry Lin Qingyuan back, so Lu Liangwei did not even bother asking him. Seeing that Housekeeper Chen had finished filling the grave with soil, she ordered him, “Carry her back and don’t let anyone see her. Take good care of her, and when she wakes up, let her go on her way.”

Housekeeper Chen did not dare to disobey and hurriedly hoisted Lin Qingyuan onto his back.

Lu Liangwei handed him a bottle. “This is the antidote for the next two times.”

Overjoyed, Housekeeper Chen gushed excitedly, “Thank you, Second Miss.”

If he could get two doses of the antidote at once, then all his efforts today were worth it.

Housekeeper Chen carried Lin Qingyuan back to the Lu family holiday home straight away.

As for Lu Liangwei, she returned to the imperial holiday home with Long Yang.

On the way back, Long Yang asked casually, “That person just now…is she the Minister of Revenue, Minister Lin’s daughter?”

Lu Liangwei was a little astonished to hear this, but she quickly remembered the fiasco Lin Qingyuan had created during the Dragon Boat Festival palace banquet.

Given that, it was not surprising that he would remember who she was.

“Yes.” She nodded and started explaining, “Lin Qingyuan did not want to marry Duke Chen’s heir, so she asked for my help. She took the fake death medicine and escaped the marriage by faking her death.”

She did not mention the fact that Chen Xuping and Lu Yunshuang had tried to kill Lin Qingyuan.

Long Yang was not surprised to learn that she knew how to decoct fake death medicine. After all, she even came up with a remedy for Frostbite despite how seemingly incurable it was.

However, he was aware of the friendship between Duke Chen and the Lin family.

Not only that, but he was also well aware of the family situation of every official in the entire court.

He knew everything about the personal relationships between these officials.

Therefore, he was also aware of the engagement between Duke Chen’s heir and Minister Lin’s daughter.

On top of that, he even knew that the tenth day of this month was supposed to be the joyous event when the two families became in-laws.

Unfortunately, what was supposed to be a happy occasion eventually turned into a funeral.

However, he never expected that there was a hidden story to it.

The person who was supposedly dead turned out to be very much alive.

If such news were leaked out, it would definitely cause an uproar.

He also did not fail to notice the attitude of the Lu family holiday home’s housekeeper toward Lu Liangwei just now.

What did this girl do to that person to make him so terrified of her?

He glanced at Lu Liangwei. Despite having so many doubts in his heart, he did not voice them.

No matter what this girl did, he thought that there was definitely a reason for it.

He said nothing else and took her soft hand into his palm. “Let’s go back; it’s getting late.”

Lu Liangwei was secretly relieved that he did not continue probing, and her attitude became more docile. “Alright.” She then allowed him to hold her hand and lead her back to the imperial holiday home.

Long Yang was satisfied to see her behaving so meekly.

After returning to the imperial holiday home, he sent her back to her wing room before going back to his bedroom.

Lu Liangwei knew that Long Yang was sleeping in the room next to hers.

Although Long Yang was the only person who would occasionally come here, there were quite a number of wing rooms in the holiday home. However, he still arranged for her to stay in the room next to his.

There was no way Lu Liangwei’s heart would not stir when faced with such attentive treatment.

She lay in bed, and for the first time, she began to take Long Yang’s attitude toward her seriously.

She just found out tonight that Long Yang had germaphobia. Very severe germaphobia, in fact.

In that case, why did he always…

She pursed her lips, recalling how he had kissed her that afternoon in the courtyard…

Since their first meeting, they had had close contact more than once.

If it were not for tonight, she would not have known that Long Yang was a germaphobe.

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