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Chapter 256 - The Emperor Was Not Old, Just Very Manly

Chapter 256: The Emperor Was Not Old, Just Very Manly

The memory of being hellishly tortured with poison that fateful night still vivid in his mind, Housekeeper Chen stared at Lu Liangwei in fear, his face deathly pale.

Unbothered, Lu Liangwei ordered him directly, “Go retrieve the tools for grave-digging and come with me.”

“Grave-digging?” Housekeeper Chen shuddered, a sense of dread filling him as he glanced at the darkness surrounding them.

Lu Liangwei ignored him and led Long Yang by the hand in another direction.

Housekeeper Chen came back to his senses. Despite the chills he was feeling, he did not dare to dawdle. He hurriedly fetched the tools and followed Lu Liangwei.

Long Yang looked at the girl walking in front of him thoughtfully.

Lu Liangwei sensed his scrutinizing gaze and turned her head, saying jokingly, “If you’re afraid, you can go back first.”

Long Yang was following her at a leisurely pace, and when he heard this, he raised his eyes and glanced at her, his footsteps not slowing down. He was calm and relaxed, like a lion hunting for food with utmost grace and poise.

Even when shrouded by the night’s darkness, his dignified and regal air did not diminish in the slightest.

He said lightly, “Whose grave are you going to dig?”

Lu Liangwei withdrew her gaze and said playfully, “Why don’t you guess?”

Long Yang did not say anything.

Lu Liangwei was a little triumphant. “No idea?”

“Mm-hmm,” Long Yang replied absent-mindedly.

Hearing this, Lu Liangwei shrugged, feeling bored.

Older men really could not compare with younger men.

If it were Lu Tingchen, he would never give such an indifferent reaction. He would be very interested and bombard her with questions, and if she refused to answer, he would undoubtedly think of a throat to make her speak.

Long Yang truthfully had no idea whose grave she wanted to dig, but he felt it did not matter as long as she was happy.

Housekeeper Chen followed behind them, staring at the man in front of him. Although he did not know who he was, he felt inexplicable fear in his heart.

After walking for a while, Lu Liangwei stopped and looked at the hillside in front of her. She was about to make her way up when Long Yang suddenly walked over and took her hand. “Walk behind me.” Without waiting for her reply, he began leading the way in front of her.

Lu Liangwei was stunned for some time. Looking at his broad and straight back, she thought to herself, ‘Since he’s such a considerate person, I should stop calling him old behind his back in the future.’

The Emperor was not old, just very manly.

She smiled secretly and followed him.

The hill was not too tall, but it was the Lin family’s cemetery, which made it eerie and terrifying to be here late at night.

Housekeeper Chen’s face went deathly pale. If his life were not in the hands of Second Miss, he would have fled right away, even if it meant being fired.

Lu Liangwei stood by the side and watched Housekeeper Chen work.

Wang He should have been the person to accompany her here today, but unfortunately, she was being watched by Long Yang and could not escape his view.

However, Lin Qingyuan had already been “dead” for two days. If they still did not dig her out, she would really be dead for good.

Long Yang’s gaze fell on the tombstone. When he saw the name engraved on it, he somehow understood the situation.

Despite his fear, Housekeeper Chen did his work deftly, and it was not long before he uncovered a corner of the coffin. A while later, all the dirt on the coffin had been removed.

Housekeeper Chen put down the tools in his hand and waited for Lu Liangwei’s further instructions.

Seeing this, Lu Liangwei immediately urged him, “Open the coffin lid, quickly.”

Housekeeper Chen trembled. Although he was greedy for petty gains and often picked on long-term workers in the holiday home, he had never done anything like digging graves and destroying coffins.

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