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Chapter 253 - We Can Talk About Having Children In Another Two Years

Chapter 253: We Can Talk About Having Children In Another Two Years

Although Long Yang only stared at her without doing anything, she felt like there was an immense pressure forced upon her, as if a majestic mountain were crushing her.

Amidst the tension, she thought she heard Long Yang chuckle.

She was puzzled; she had no idea why he would be laughing.

As she had already reached the edge of the bough, she grabbed onto it without hesitation and swung herself over the wall using its pliability.

However, she did not land on the ground as she had expected. Instead, she fell straight into a pair of strong arms.

When Lu Liangwei realized whose arms she had fallen into, she was utterly perplexed.

“Weren’t you on the inner side of the wall just now?” How did he come out without her noticing at all?

“Since you’ve already tested the bough, can we go back to sleep now?” Long Yang gazed at her dotingly, not pointing out that she had just tried to escape.

Feeling somewhat glum, Lu Liangwei fell silent.

Long Yang cradled her in his arms and with one bound, they were back in the courtyard.

As Long Yang gazed at the meek and quiet girl in his embrace, the corners of his mouth lifted cheerfully.

As he walked indoors while still carrying her, Lu Liangwei finally spoke up, “Your Majesty, I don’t feel like sleeping anymore. I can’t sleep.”

She did not even realize that her words sounded a little whiny.

Long Yang gazed at her tenderly. “Who was the one saying they were sleepy just a moment ago?”

Lu Liangwei blinked her alluring eyes. “I’m not sleepy anymore. Could you bring me to the imperial holiday home?”

“Huh?” Long Yang looked at her questioningly.

Lu Liangwei’s fingers unconsciously hooked onto his shirt, and she averted her gaze. “The fish at the imperial holiday home are delicious. Take me fishing, Your Majesty.”

Long Yang’s eyes took in her subtle movements. A faint smile surfaced in his deep eyes, and he tightened his embrace. “Okay.”

Hearing this, Lu Liangwei was secretly delighted.

“Then let’s go now.” She wrapped her arms around his neck and urged him.

Long Yang’s mouth curved upward and he lowered his head to plant a kiss on her snow-white forehead, muttering in a slightly husky voice, “Mm-hmm.”

Only when Lu Liangwei felt a cool and wet sensation on her forehead did she realize the situation she was in, and she pushed against his arms. “Let me down. I can walk by myself.”

Seeing her insistence, Long Yang finally put her down on the ground somewhat reluctantly.

Lu Liangwei breathed a sigh of relief. Just when she was about to take the first stride forward, she felt something gripping her fingers and saw that Long Yang’s palm had closed around them.

Lu Liangwei wanted to shake his hand away but gave up after meeting his irrefutable, stern gaze.

‘Never mind, it’s not a big deal. It’s not the first time he’s held my hand anyway.’

Lu Liangwei comforted herself.

However, she suddenly thought of something, and after a moment of internal conflict, she tentatively asked, “Your Majesty, are you very fond of children?”

Long Yang was a little confused, but a sudden thought struck him and his gaze landed on her abdomen. After hesitating briefly, he said softly, “Yes, but you’re still young. We can talk about having children in another two years.” Actually, he was not particularly fond of children, but…

His eyes fell on Lu Liangwei’s rosy, lovely face. If all his children could be as adorable, meek, and beautiful as her, he would not mind having a child.

Moreover, if Weiwei wanted one in the future, he would not object to it.


Hearing this, Lu Liangwei stumbled and almost fell. Fortunately, Long Yang reacted quickly enough to catch her.

“Are you unable to even walk properly?” Long Yang frowned. His tone was obviously reprimanding, but it sounded a little doting at the same time.

Lu Liangwei was still in shock and unable to collect herself. Her beautiful eyes stared at him in bewilderment.

What did he just say? Had he misunderstood something?

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