Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 251 - Be A Good Girl. Don’t Be Troublesome.

Chapter 251: Be A Good Girl. Don’t Be Troublesome.

Lu Liangwei gave a deep, aggravated sigh and lifted her head to look at Long Yang. “Your Majesty, why would you think that I still can’t forget the Crown Prince?”

Would he relinquish her if she were unable to forget the Crown Prince?

The young girl’s eyes were filled with confusion as she lifted her small face.

Her actions delighted Long Yang, and his dark eyes filled with the traces of a smile. “Since you have already let go of him, why can’t you accept me then?”

Lu Liangwei very much wanted to hurl some choice words at him. Setting aside the massive age gap between them for the time being, his position was the main reason she did not want to accept him.

“I don’t like being confined in the Palace,” Lu Liangwei said quietly. It was the first time she was being openly honest in front of him. “I enjoy my freedom, and I also have no interest in…” No interest in fighting with other women over a man—in the end, this last phrase remained unspoken.

This was because the original owner of her body was someone who had even been willing to be the Crown Prince’s concubine. If she had said those words to Long Yang, would that not be extremely pretentious and make him think she was a hypocrite?

Resentfully, she restrained herself from continuing.

“The Palace is sufficiently large. It’s even more spacious than the Eastern Palace,” Long Yang replied nonchalantly.

Lu Liangwei lowered her eyes. There it was—Long Yang had immediately brought up the Eastern Palace.

Previously, she had not minded the thought of being confined in the Eastern Palace and had even threatened everyone with her life so she could be inducted into that place. Why then would she be unwilling when it came to the Palace?

The Eastern Palace was only part of the Palace. If she did indeed marry into the Palace, the area within which she could carry out activities would merely be larger than in the Eastern Palace. Not only that, but she would also hold the position of Empress.

Lu Liangwei sighed. “What I desire is actually of no consequence here.”

No matter how unwilling she was, Long Yang would not relinquish her. Her own desires were not worth mentioning.

Long Yang tousled her hair. “Good girl. As long as you understand this, all will be well.”

Lu Liangwei shot him a glance, then sprawled onto the table rather dejectedly.

Long Yang pulled her up. “Are you tired?”

Lu Liangwei took the opportunity to yawn. “Yes.” Given that was the case, he could now send her home.

“I’ll take you to rest.” Long Yang took her hand and walked out.

Lu Liangwei was slightly confused.

Was he not sending her back to the Grand Duke Mansion to rest?

Where was he taking her then?

She followed behind him, slightly at a loss.

Long Yang pushed open the doors to one of the rooms. “You can sleep here.” He paused and added, “No one has slept here before.”

Lu Liangwei poked her head in to take a look. It was a side room in one of the wings, furnished in an elegant and tidy manner, but…

“Your Majesty, this is inappropriate,” she tactfully declined.

“What are you worried about?” There was a teasing look in Long Yang’s eyes.

Lu Liangwei replied seriously, “You brought me out of the mansion so suddenly; once my family discovers I’m gone, they’ll be worried.”

“I left a note.”

Lu Liangwei was somewhat dumbfounded.

“Rest assured, they won’t be worried.” Long Yang crooked his slender finger and flicked her lightly on the forehead.

Her snow-white skin turned red in an instant, like red plum blossoms in the snow, blooming in a pretty and coquettish manner.

Long Yang’s eyes narrowed slightly. He then lifted his hand and gently rubbed her forehead.

The strange sensation made Lu Liangwei flinch.

How could he behave so casually?

Did he think he could touch her when he wanted to, and rub her forehead when he felt like it?

Lu Liangwei bit her lip and suddenly stood on tip-toe. She wanted to try and flick him on the forehead, just like he had done to her earlier.

However, he was too tall. The moment she raised her hands, he caught her in his arms before she could even reach his forehead.

“Lu Liangwei, you have some nerve!”

The man’s voice sounded indignantly from above her head.

Lu Liangwei was equally indignant and struggled in his arms. However, when she felt his hand holding her tightly around her waist, she abruptly stopped moving.

His voice suddenly dropped, becoming lower and slightly husky. “Good girl. Don’t be troublesome.”

Lu Liangwei was furious. She was not the one being troublesome—rather, he was the one taking advantage of her.

She glared at him indignantly with wide eyes. “Let go of me and I’ll stop being troublesome.”

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